Harvey Normanservice and wrong information given complaint

A month ago I applied and was approved for the Go Master card. I went into Harvey Norman as stated on my email to give ID to finalise and confirm my card. Everyone at the computer section all said that I didn't have to do anything until I wanted to purchase and then it would automatically activate. I am a student who's study is all online and my laptop died. Went into JB Hi-Fi Bathurst today to use my go master card to purchase a new laptop only to be told my Go Master card didn't exist. Ringing the company behind the card JB and I were told that Harvey Norman gave the wrong information and should have taken my ID and set up my Master card then and there. Due to the wrong thing done by Harvey Norman Bathurst my Go Master Card was deleted as it wasn't actived. So now I am an online student with no laptop or way to access my classes or assignments thanks to the computer section giving me false information. I am VERY unhappy with Bathurst Harvey Norman and will not be returning nor recommending. I was given a $1, 500 limit and I would really appreciate it back.

Yours Sincerely,
A very frustrated customer.

Oct 11, 2019

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