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K Nov 19, 2018
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I gave my phone to the store in Little Island, Cork almost 3 weeks ago to replace a battery. They told me the phone would be sent to Rathfarnam in Dublin and would be back in 5 working days. Since then I have rang the store numerous times only to be told it had left Dublin and was en route. When it still hadn't arrived I was then told that the shop in Dublin were waiting on payment before they shipped the phone. The store in Little Island had already charged me for the replacement and didn't say anything about paying the store in Dublin. So I had to ring Dublin and pay for a second time last Wednesday and was promised that my phone would be shipped the next day. I then had to go back to the store in Little Island to have my card refunded because I had been charged by the local store in error.
I have just rang the shop in Dublin that is replacing my battery as my phone still hasn't arrived and I have just been informed that they missed shipping last week and my phone is still with them.

Apparently I will now receive my phone this Wednesday, exactly 3 weeks after I dropped it to Harvey Norman in Little Island. I was told the service took 5 days.

The inconvenience of firstly having to wait that long for my phone to be returned, along with having to ring the store every day to be told something different by each employee who answered the phone and being charged twice for the same service while still not actually having my phone returned yet is just absolutely ridiculous.

For such a large store the service provided is beyond terrible and I would never rely on or trust the services of Harvey Norman again. My experience with the store has been one of my worst experiences with any store to date. The customer service is an absolute disgrace.

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