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Five weeks ago I brought my laptop in to be fixed. A week ago, I called them to check up on it because they said it would take 2-4 weeks. Apparently they've been 'waiting on parts' and they told me then that they didn't know what was going on and would get back to me on Monday (yesterday). After not receiving a call from them, I called them today and apparently the part is meant to arrive "sometime this week". It won't be done until the middle of next week at the very earliest, putting their repair time at 6 weeks. I find this absolutely ridiculous.


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      Nov 16, 2009

    repairs can take 6 weeks or more it is not a problem with harvey norman directly it is the extended warranty authorised repair centre. Notebook depot as they are very slow at receiving parts admittedly most of the time the delay is the supply of the parts from hp as most parts are not immediately availiable and have to come from singapore. in saying this toshiba can be difficult to get parts from to.
    All i can say is at least it is being repaired try buying from wow or dick smith wow will tell you sorry not our problem call so and so dick smith will say sorry take it to a repairer and get us a qoute.
    at least harvey's deal with the warranty on your behalf.

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      Dec 09, 2011

    On Friday 9/12/11 at approximately 3.30pm My Daughter and myself went to our local Harvey Norman store to purchase an Emachine, after entering the store we procceding to the computer section to the item we were interested in purchasing.

    After looking at the item we intended to purchase for about ten (10 ) minutes we were ready to buy! We both looked around for sales staff there was one (1) beside us and one (1) about two (2) Isle away and not one (1) of them offered any sort of assistance?
    After a further ten (10) minutes or so had passed we both were getting rather annoyed until my Daughter approached the nearest sales staff and was told he was busy with another customer then my Daughter approach the other sales staff that was two (2) Isle away for assistance before anything happened.

    It was so bloody annoying that we had to chase after staff that just weren't interested in us at all???

    It took us nearly one (1) hour to purchase one (1) item.

    Come on Harvey Norman get your bloody act together.

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