Harvey Normanmisplaced product

C Jul 29, 2019

I was advised on 24th July that the ottoman, that I had paid a deposit on to have made up, was now ready to be collected at the Cambridge site where I had ordered it. I was informed it could not be transferred to the city store closer to my home and would cost $100 if I wanted it delivered. I decided instead on the 26th July to drive to Cambridge and pick it up myself. I paid the balance at the furniture desk in the store and was given directions to the warehouse. When I arrived an employee took my receipt and returned some time later to return it and tell me it would just take a few more minutes to locate my ottoman. When neither he nor a workmate could find it after 20 minutes I called the store and a woman called Cindy, who had helped me on previous occasions with purchases, said that she would come and see what she could do. She was good enough to quickly appear and over the next 40 minutes a number of employees attempted to find my furniture while I waited in the carpark. It could not be found and finally Cindy said to go and she would phone when it was located. Some hours later Cindy called and said that she would bring it to my house when I had someone there to carry it for us. This was possible a couple of days later thanks to Cindy's kindness. I am angry that I wasted petrol and 2 hours of my time on a fruitless trip to your warehouse where there is obviously no automated or reliable tracking system that works regardless of what machinery or person is there at the time. Surely, a company as large as Harvey Norman's can improve on this or offer free delivery for every purchase over e.g. $500 every time without customers having to pick it up themselves.

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