Harvey Normandyson vacuum cleaner - unethical behaviour

B Jul 20, 2019

Dear Complaints. I went into the store above after hearing the radio add relating to Dyson Vacuum cleaners at excellent prices as I wanted to upgrade mine here at my office. I went into buy a V7 advertised for just under $298 which sounded great. Sandy was my sales lady. She then advised that the V8 would probably be better for me as it had an extra 10 minutes of power and came with a case of wine for my wife as I don't drink at all. She went out the back to grab one and while I was waiting, the Dyson rep came up to me advising that for an extra $50, I could get the 4 brushes with it for cleaning Crimsafe screens, tight spots, and the car. He was good at his job and convinced me to upgrade and buy one for the advertised signed $448.00 . Sandy came back and we advised her of the successful upselling that this young gentleman had just done which I was happy with. She then went out the back again to then get the correct one. In the meantime, the Dyson rep came out from his ally way with a box with my name on it claiming that he had found one. All Good. I was then advised that because I upgraded, it didn't come with a case of wine which I disagreed with as the add on the radio clearly states that it comes with all V8 models, period. They would not accept that !. I was disgusted on principal and just accepted it advising that I would take my wife out for dinner to make up for it. I was taken to the general front service counter an paid for the product. While I was at the front counter, the Dyson rep came up to me and advised that he spoke to the supervisor who agreed to supply me with a case of wine. Excellent as the Ombudsman would have had fun with that. Anyway, I then left the store very happy that customer satisfaction had been achieved . I then received an email this morning when I hit the office showing that I had paid $648.00 for the unit. Unbelievable !. I then went back to the Store this morning and was greeted by both Sandy and the Dyson rep who remembered me as my face is a mess from Cancer removals last week. (Not a pretty sight) Anyway, I advised of the receipt I had just received with the Dyson rep advising Sandy to simply fix the Tax Invoice to the correct amount. They requested they see the unit which was still in the back of my car. I grabbed it, showed them, and they advised it was not the one the Dyson rep had sold me as that one only comes with two extra brushes. It had my name on it that he had written ???. How could it be wrong. Anyway, I advised him the he purposely advised me on the extra four brushes for $50 which he advised that I could not purchase separately unless I went on Facebook and bought them off the Black Market. Sandy was shocked he told me this. So was I. Anyway, he kept denying it and just left the conversation to serve other customers. Disgusting. It is not my fault that they sold/gave me something I had no control over as it came out onto the floor with my name on it. I left the store with the unit I was given to contemplate my next move. Contacting you is the first step before going to the Ombudsman. I'm simply requesting I pay for what I was what I was sold which was a V8 Dyson Vacuum cleaner for $448.00, not invoiced $648.00, therefore receiving a refund of $200.00 please. I look forward to your reply. My details are Barry Switzer, [protected], [protected] thanks.

dyson vacuum cleaner - unethical behaviour
dyson vacuum cleaner - unethical behaviour

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