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J Sep 15, 2018

I find myself writing to you today to share an experience my wife and I recently had at your Harvey Norman store Cannington, WA. Unfortunately, it was not an entirely pleasant experience, nor did it leave the customer, in this case my wife and I, satisfied.
We bought a Tefal Anti Cal iron from your store couple of months ago but lost the receipt. We are not happy with the product as it doesn't do the job as expected. We took it back to your store believing that the details will be on your system. The staff couldn't find our details but was willing to help and investigating to see what can be done. Then this particular female staff member (I think name was "Rusmi") walked in and said nothing can be done and the issue was a descaling issue and said we need to use filtered water. Then the customer member who was trying to help us said as Rusmi is her superior she can't do anything about it. Then I remembered Rusmi (Think I got the name correct) was the cashier before at your store and when I purchased the product she never asked for my details. Some of the products I have purchased under my phone [protected] and some products under [protected]. I have been shopping at Cannington Harvey Norman for more than 20 years. Most my purchases will be on my old phone numbers. I went there to purchase a smart watch as well and after this disgusting incident I crossed the road and did my purchase at JB-HI.
Thank You,

Janaka [protected] ([protected]

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