HanesBrandstee shirts purchased at walmart

K Aug 02, 2019

This is about a store purchase of Hans products
I when to Walmart and purchased two different packages of Hans Tee Shirts. The first package of 9 shirts came with 1 shirt that had a whole in it. The second pack was your A shirt line. None of these shirts were sewn together at the shoulders. I sent 30 dollars for items that were properly inspected before they were packaged for sale to the public. Tell me what has happened to the company that was known for years by its quality of product? These is the saddest company change. I love the Hans brand for over 30 years. Now after this I will never purchase these products again. You are the maker of this brand and now you stopped caring about the people that buy you products. I hope this email will make it to the right persons so that the company can make a change for the better.

Karen Keith
A very disappointed customer

tee shirts purchased at walmart

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