HanesBrandsrude behavior

J Jul 06, 2018

I am regular customer of Hanes. I went to the outlet store on July 4 at 17.30pm. There were only two cashiers at that time. One was not wearing spectacles she was very rude to me. I asked her about stuffs which I was looking for and also about promotions. She said you help yourself she can not help. At the end when I went to the counter, she didn't give me promotional price of the ones they have buy one get one 50% off. When I came home I noticed that I payed full price for both the intem which I supposed to pay 50%.
After payment when I told that lady that you are so rude so she said please get off from the shop.
Now I am very disappointed and discouraged to go back again to the shop. From now me, my family and my friends will never buy stuffs from the Hanes store. I think all employees who are working with customers should have proper training. Also there should be some action against them if they are rude to any customers.

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