HanesBrandsreturns policy and customer service.


I originally ordered 7 shirts on 9/30/2017. When the first shipment of 5 arrived i found out the sizing was not on par with mainstream sizes and needed to return them. With 8 dollars in original shipping fees and 7 in return fees, that's 15 dollars to return clothing that doesn't fit. That in itself is ridiculous for a business trying to do online product sales. At this point it has been 2 week and the other 2 products are still on back order. I called to verify that and asked to cancel my order but they said the products were technically in processing even though they were backordered so they couldn't cancel them and o would just have to wait until they eventually arrive to send those back as well. That's another 7 dollar shipping charge. So to get my original 55 dollars back it's going to cost me nearly half of that after all the shipping charges. I am usually a fan of hanes clothing but this experience has definitely turned me and my family off your brand.

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