Hamad International Airport / unethical behaviour of royal jordanian airlines

on wednesday june 26 2019, i was traveling from Hamad international airport to Aman jordan . the flight was scheduled to take off at 9pm. we were at the gate till 11pm when we finally got to know that there is a technial issue in the plane. we kept receiving false and misleading infromation from the airline
i was left waiting in the airport till the next day where they promised that the flight was rescheduled till 6am which was later as well rescheduled to take off at 11am witth the airport security promise and commitment and where again we were told there were technical issues and finally i canceled my ticket and bought another ticket
i was for 16 hours in the airport delayed with no place to sleep and no food . this is completely unaccetable to start for the airline and as well for Hamad international airport one of the top 10 in the world
i urge hamad international ariport to shut off the services of Royal Jordanin airlines or hold them responsible for all delays and reimburse all passengers for the lost time and money


Jul 01, 2019

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