Hamad International Airport / departure staff bad attitudes and nonsense request require

On 14/8/2019 around 0020, When I go to the counter of departure with my hand holding my phone, the staff suddenly require me to unlock my phone, while my phone is keep locked. So I ask the reason and she said I take photos. But as my phone is keep locked, there are no supporting evidence that I take pictures. But still I unlock my phone, open my photo gallery and show it to the staff. The staff found nothing, no photo in the departure check area. But the she keep require me to give my phone to her. I denied as I think it is nonsense.
Later they call a security guard here, the guard also canny find any restricted photo. The guard just told me not to take photo and I reclaim that I didn't. Then they finally let me pass.

I'm very disappointed to the nonsense request and rude attitude of the staff. They want to take my phone without evidence, and after found nothing, keep don't let me pass.

Please let the staff to keep good manner and not doing the same rude actions to passengers. Please apologise.

Wong Ji Yuet
ETKT [protected]

Hamad International Airport

Aug 13, 2019

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