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Hallmark Complaints & Reviews

Hallmark / bogo card sale

Robert051017 on May 11, 2017
Below is a cut and paste of what I shared with Publix. All this because of your directives for a BOGO card sale? Yesterday 05/10/2017 I had a very awkward situation at Publix. In fact practically a fist fight. I went into Publix to purchase a Mother's Day card and milk. I approached the...

Hallmark / Hallmark/valentine's day add

Ryan Emmons on Feb 8, 2017
This is not a complaint about any products. I love Hallmark and have for years, especially their Christmas movies. However, yesterday there was a Valentines add that had one man hugging another man and then one man proposing to another. I was not only appalled by this repugnant action but...

Hallmark / Christians tree ornament

flybyu3d on Dec 3, 2016
Let me say i love hallmark products and just wanted to let you know of a packaging problem. I purchased a new star wars r2d3 ornament, and as i pull the plasict holder out of the top of the box, it catches and ejects the ornament out the front, which causes it to brake. This slight mi...

Hallmark / Hallmark Mystery & Movie Channel

Color34 on Jul 29, 2016
I really enjoy watching movies on the Hallmark Mystery & Movie Channel however, when you go to advertisements they are so loud that I have to mute all of the commercials. I'm actually considering not watching your programming anymore because I find this to be so disturbing.

Hallmark / Keepsake defective motion ornament not covered by warranty

Louis Chiacchere on Nov 29, 2015
I purchased from Hallmark in 2011 the Peanuts/Snoopy wireless battery operated synchronized sound and motion 4 piece ornaments. The following year in 2012 I added an additional piece (Linus with a trumpet). The unique feature of this set is that when one piece is activated, the others join...

Hallmark Channel / programming

Reviewer75175 on Oct 31, 2015
Why are you starting Christmas movies on Oct. 31st. Ridiculous!! And they run 24 hrs a day. WHY. This is way too early. I refuse to watch these movies this early. Most are reruns you have been showing for years!!! Home Alone is on today. How many other channels show this as well. Why would...

Hallmark Store / 5/14/15 discriminatory customer service

Dr. A Robinson on May 15, 2015
Went to Hallmark store for a greeting card for an event that just passed. Asked employee about getting them from the backroom, when I was told they would do when I called earlier that day. Employee immediately offers me the "Mahogany" card collection. When I asked what that was, "Jan" told...

Hallmark Channel / Music too loud!

divaofsongs on Nov 11, 2014
I just went to hallmark channel website to complain about the loud music and it looks like they are now aware of this. I hit the feedback button on the bottom of the screen and was taken to this page with the following message: Http: / / www. Hallmarkchannel.com / faq Q. Why is the...

Hallmark / Employees Suffer Harassment Yet Get Fired

Rlynmc on Mar 2, 2013
My Co-Worker and I were RM's for Hallmark, which is a vendor for Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is the biggest account that HallMark has. I had been employed for a year and a half and my co-work 10+ years. Never in any of our employment have either of us every been disciplined, written up...

Hallmark / Get well card

L Neilson on Feb 22, 2013
I am emailing you in disgust at a hallmark card I purchased! A very close family friend was diagnosed with aggressive cancer. So on the way to see him I poped into a shop to purchase a get well card. I picked the only get well card that was suitable for a male wrote in quickly and went to...


CRYSTALLL on May 14, 2012
Its not a question but more of a complaint. This past mothers day was one of the worst days i could of had because my son was sick with a stomach virus i was sick with one, my fiance was sick with one and so was my older brother. Despite how sick my Fiance was he went to the store and got...

Hallmark / defective paint on glass, stones like broken sharp glass

joan2207 on Dec 31, 2011
I bought Yankee Candle from Hallmark store in Sangertown Mall. I got some oil on the outside, tried to wipe it off and the painted decoration came off. Then the wost part when I tried to put the ornamental stones in there was very sharp and like slivers of glass that was in there...

Hallmark / unfairly fired

I hate Hallmark on Nov 21, 2011
I used to work at Hallmark. I was a vender at Hallmark. One of the companies I was a vender for was CVS. At CVS there were two female employees, one about 17 who looked and dressed like she was in her twenties, another who was elderly. I was fired because these ladys accused me of sexually...

Hallmark Channel On T.v. / Little House time change

Irene Gillette on Mar 8, 2011
Little house on the Prarie has been on (our channel # 58) The Hallmark channel for a while now. I am disabled and look forward to the show that ran from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. I don't watch much more. Please bring it back at those times. They are so good for me. Irene Gillette (gangarene@socantel.net)

Hallmark / Beware of the letters that you are receiving

missie on Feb 28, 2011
if you receive love letter from a guy and after several times of communications, he will pretend to send you stuff with such msgs: I bought One set of Gold, and Two sets of shoes, One camera, and One Hp laptop, with the Two sets of night wears. Honey, please manage it like that untill when...

Hallmark Software / Defective card studio

Card Studio 2010 did not work on computer; tech did not respond to emails despite their booklet indicating response within 24 hours; tech I spoke to who sent fix that failed to work did not respond as promised to subsequent email. Refund department did not answer, cut off phone call...

Hallmark / internet fraud

I tried to send a card to my Granddaughter. It was a "free" card and would not go through. This is the last time I will use them!

Hallmark Store / service refused 'Because'

First, I loved hallmark and never had any problems. Im a gold member and had many items before they were lost. second, excuse my anger, but hell with it. Today, I went to hallmark to find last minute keepsakes. After looking at the 'hotdog' display i found a cute peppermint hotdog that...

Hallmark - Lifetime Movie Channels / Movies repeated over and over and over again!

The hallmark channel and lifetime are my favorite channels, but I have a complaint; Lifetime channel movies are repeated over and over and over again!! Also the hallmark movies are wonderful but there is not enough. That stupid Walker Texas Ranger and Murder she Wrote takes over the...

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