Hair Cutteryvery unethical behavior by hairdresser


I had such bad experience at Hair cuttery at Winter Garden Village, 3317 Daniels Rd, FL .
I went there on Saturday 14th 2017 around 1:00 o clock to get my hair shampooed and blow dry. As the Hair dresser started shampooing my hair, she said I have very heavy and long hair, she seemed concerned about blow drying so heavy and long hair.
As she started blow drying, only after doing small portion of my hair, she took out white dandruff from my hair and said that I have lice, I was shocked by listening what she is saying as I never had no itch or lice in my hair and she started searching my hair for lice right there in front of other customers and hair dresser and called her manager and she also looked in my hair but could not find anything, I was so embarrassed, I just told them to stop it right there and she said oh you can leave, I wont be able to do it, she just left my hair half wet half done and said I wont charge you for that.
She did all this drama because she didn't want to deal with my heavy long hair as they are use to work on very light and short hair.
She gave me such mental trauma and made me feel like disgusting person and I had gone to get my hair done and feel good and look good for the party I was going to go in the evening but instead she gave me mental stress and embarrassment.

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