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I have sent this email to them 3 times and not received a reply.

they have now stopped sending me copies and stopped taking money but i want to return two issues for a refund
Hello There,

subscription number [protected]

i am sorry to say that i am not very happy with the customer service i have received and today was the final straw.

I have been subscribing to the ultimate marvel novel collection since the beginning
i stayed with you when the total increased from 100 to 150 and then again to 200
however at 200 i decided due to a significant change in my financial situation to stop collecting
i phoned after issues 198 and 199 arrived and explained that i wanted to stop after issue 200
the lady on phone took my details and said that was fine.

when issue 200 arrived with issue 201 i gave you some leeway and thought well they are sent out in twos
then on friday issues 202 and 203 arrived with money being taken for my account. I was not pleased so this morning phoned through and spoke to a gentleman who told me he would stop the account and gave me the address to send back issues 202 and 203 for a refund

then came the final straw i have gone to the postoffice to drop it off only to be informed that i need a label from you to be able to send it back

i am now wondering if i will ever be able to stop this collection and that my financial situation is being made more difficult by you

i look forward to your response

Nic Hoskins

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