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I'm posting this after having finally received satisfaction. I only got to this point after having filed a Better Business Bureau complaint.

On 12/6/07 I ordered some merchandise from Haband's website. I never received a confirmation about my order being shipped, so I called again on ~12/12 and spoke with a customer service representative who said that my order was in a sorting center in Atlanta and it would be 6-8 days to receive.

A few days later, I used a tracking number they provided in my first call and found the package. The package was in Atlanta on 12/12, and afterward had gone to Charlotte, NC, then to Orlando, FL. It was on it's way here.

When I checked again on 12/18, it had gone *back* to Charlotte from Orlando. As of 12/21, it was back in Atlanta, GA. Since I live in Florida, the package was clearly going the wrong way.

To be clear, Haband said in their BBB complaint response that their typical shipping time is 7-10 days. I didn't file a BBB complaint until 12/25 (largely due to the poor customer service, really).

Anyway, once it looked like my package was headed the wrong way, I immediately called Haband and twice spoke with a supervisor named Eli. We verified my address on the order was correct. I was told that the package probably ended up on the wrong truck and that this happens all the time. He said that their policy is to not provide a refund until the package has been missing for 30 days. He said this was a government policy, rambled on a bit, and indicated that it was out of his hands.

He recommended that I call FedEx SmartPost with my tracking number to find out where my package might be. After pushing more for a full refund, he finally offered to refund my shipping costs, which I got an email about later that evening.

During that same conversation, I asked why the products hadn't shipped before 12/12, considering they had billed my credit card immediately. He said that it looked like my items were out of stock. When I asked why the website didn't indicate the products were out of stock, and why I didn't receive an email or phone call about that, he said that their website had no connection to the warehouse so the website isn't always up to date with their inventory.

The very last thing Eli recommended I do call FedEx SmartPost. I called them immediately, verified that they had my correct address, and was told that my package was not going to arrive and that I should call Haband and tell them it was confirmed (strange, but that's what they told me to do). Assuming the shipping company knew whether or not I'd receive a package, I then called Eli and explained the situation. He said that Haband would require that FedEx SmartPost fax him proof, something tangible. I called FedEx SmartPost again, and they faxed what they considered proof to Eli. The lady from FedEx SmartPost indicated that their word had always been enough for any other company and that she had never had to fax anyone anything before. Nonetheless, she agreed to do it anyway since it was her company that must have made the mistake.

I called Eli, who received the fax but he said that the fax did not explicitly say that my package was lost and therefore they would not issue a refund. I then called FedEx SmartPost, hoping for some better, more "official" proof, and was told that FedEx admitting the package was lost and would not be delivered, plus the fax, should be enough for a to ship a replacement or provide a refund. Certainly, the group at fault for the shipping problem is definitely FedEx SmartPost, but they did everything they could have done to provide proof to Haband. So, at least they were flexible and tried to assist me.

That all ended on 12/21. I'm writing this post on 1/25/2008 and I still have no package. My refund, thanks to the BBB, arrived on 1/16.

Everyone, please take note of the other complaints you might find against this company. I can attest to them being true. I'm certain some folks are perfectly happy with Haband, however I see just as many complaints that I can echo.

To wrap this up -

How many reputable companies do not track inventory along with their sales if they do business online? Most companies can do this in real time so as to keep their status indicators up to date.

How many would require a customer to fax proof that a package was going the wrong way when the company could plainly see it for themselves using the same tracking number they gave me?

The fact that the package went in the wrong direction, as evidenced on the same FedEx website Haband uses to track packages, is a pretty good indication that I wasn't lying and that something had gone wrong.

The fact that the shipping company themselves said I wouldn't receive my package was yet another clue.

The fact that the shipping company took the time to FAX that proof over to Haband is an even bigger clue.

Coupled with a complaining first time (and last time)customer, what more could I have done to prove that I was due a refund?

The best part? I jumped through all of these hoops for less than $30 because I don't have very much money and I really, really, wanted this gift for my mother to arrive in time for Christmas. Thanks to Haband, their policies, and poor customer service, that never happened.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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May 19, 2011 6:04 pm

Mi nombre es: Miguel Deler - direccion: 1409 Grambling Ave. - McAllen, Tx. 78504
Ordene un 18 volt Drill (V74) y lo he recibido incompleto, en la caja solamente hay el Drill, la bateria y la lampara
Faltan : el cargador y la base del cargador.
He tratado de comunicarme por telefono en diferentes ocasiones y me dicen que deje el nombre y telefono,
automaticamente sale una en ingles que estan completos y marque quien sabe que, mi ingles por telefono no
es muy bueno porque ademas no oigo muy bien.
Espero se sirvan remitirme las dos piezas que faltan, para su aclaracion la caja vino muy estropeada a pesar de
que venia dentro de una bolsa de plastico.
Agradecido de antemano le saluda atentamente. Miguel Deler


A horrible company to do business with. An XL jacket was ordered, they shipped a L and charged us for the shipping on the exchange. The jacket cost about 20.00 and to exchange it cost an additional 8.99. What a rip off. The best part is that on their label it says you will be charged a shipping cost which is displayed on the reverse side of the document and then you flip it over and there is no information. This has to be breaking some kind of law regarding proper disclosures. I will be writing this on every page I get my hands on regarding this company. No one should do business with this company ever.

Feb 24, 2011 2:03 pm
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I've placed an order since december, part of the order came and the rest was place on a B O. the item was a fleece cape size misses the price $ 17.49 I 've called and was told the item was discontinue and I would like get my money back. I am still waiting for my money. [email protected] . thank you

Dec 28, 2010 1:23 pm
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I ordered two pair of flanel lined jeans for my 86 year old father-in-law for Christmas. I was told they would ship them in 6 to 8 business days. I received e-mail confirmation, that the product was shipped. When the package arrived, I immediately opened it, and much to my schigirin, found only one pair of jeans in the package. I called Haband and reported the incident of the shortage and they said "SORRY" but two pair had been shipped. I asked for the supervisor and he said someone would get back to us on the matter. The same person, Jeff, called us back the next day, and spoke to my wife and said that there could possibly be an error and they would give us a complimentary pair of pants. My wife said, that were not getting anything complimentary, as we paid the full $29.95 plus the $8.00 shipping. so when will I get the other pair of pants due us, as this is a Christmas gift for my dad. Jeff, at Haband, assured us we will get the pants as they will be shipped in the next 6 to 8 business days. It's now Dec. 28, 2010 and the other pants still have not arrived. I did get to give my father-in law the one pair that we received, and he was very happy as he is "alwasy cold" and being flannel lined he thought they were a great gift till he went to try them on in his bed room. He called Pat in and showed her that the pants closer snap, did not match up with the hole in the fabric, and were unuseable, so at this point "POP" has not received his Christmas gift-or a usable one.
We feel that Haband is a company thet thrives on people giving up on promised goods, and selling inferior merchandise, and will NEVER purchase from them again. We are calling them today, to see if we can send the pants back that he received with an inproperly attached closer, misalligned to the button hole- and then hopefully we'll get the pair of pants owed us plus the pair that came to us defective. If we don't get a positive answer today from them, we will send a notice to our "States Consumer Protection Department" and see if they can fix the problem. Robert Gidosh, Whitehall, Penna.

Dec 07, 2010 6:02 am
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I ordered E5B15 comfort slip-on black shoes on 8/12/10. The order #1677062 was never sent to me. I have been billed for the shoes that were never sent. I was advised by Haband customer service representatives on three occasions not to pay the charge because it was being taken care of and would be credited to my account. Yesterday, I received another bill for the shoes with a late fee attached. Now I am unable to reach customer service no matter what time I call. The account is [protected] and the ticket number is [protected]. My name is Margaret Lingo and I am waiting for my account to be credited for the cost of the shoes and the late fees.


I* need someone to get back to mr regarding item LampVo403 and my account [protected] and please read complaint I wrote on this page. Item misrepresented. Did not say assembly req or I would not have bought. Came with wires exposed, am not an electrician and this must be put together safely. I hope I will not be ignored because trhis assembly requires a knowledeble person assembling the wirem and the instruction are the pits. You need to help me PLEASE and scratch this item or put NEEDS AQSSEMBLY IN THE AD tHANK yOU rICHAERD mASILLO #[protected]


I* received desk lamp with wires exposed and instructions that were horrible.n The ad did not say needs assembly thats why I bought. I am senior citizen who is not handy at all and who values my money. I live on SS and now I have to pay 8.00 and change to return something that was misrepresented on ad small desklamp #Vo403 in the first place. I either would likem not to be charged to send back or put this lamp together SAFELY and send it back. I am a new Habband customer #[protected] Richard Masillo. Rightm niow I am trying to avoid all the negative feedback from customers on this page and I have faith someone will care enough to call and tell me where to send this lamp because going back to warehouse with a letter is fruitless no one reads those letters. PLEASE I WILL BE WAITING FOR A REPLY FROM YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT.

Jan 09, 2010 7:20 pm


Apr 20, 2009 7:22 pm

I, ve been waiting for over a week to get a response from haban on an order which was placed over a week and. . a half ago. I still can't access the internet to find out anything. I'm getting upset because I would like to know where and if my order is being sent out . I can't even get through on the phone to a service represenative to answer my questions. I like the merchandise they have, I just have trouble getting it sent to me. Whats their problem? I'm posting this comment on 4/20/09 Sincerely Kitty Blood

Feb 01, 2008 8:37 pm

I recieved my order on 01/28/08. MY oder was two sets of King size sheets. I was suppose to recieve a 10 pc. set of covered storage bowels. When I recieved them they were all bent and the porcelion was chipped and I'm still sweeping my floors. I wish you would send me a new set that wasn't banged up. If you don't I want purchase another item from Haband.

Patricia Batt


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