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I loved Haband's microfiber sheets the very first time I tried them, but like the other purchaser who complained, the elastic gave out the very first time I used them, in one pair after the first (warm) washing, and on the second (believe it or not) before I even washed them once! It's too bad, because the sheets are attractive and comfortable, but with the elastic gone, they no longer are "fitted sheets" !!! CJS


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    Samantha May 26, 2009

    I too love microfiber sheets! I buy the Comphy Co brand because they are guaranteed for 300 washes against pilling, shrinking, fading, thinning and loss of elastisity. They will take them back for years due to any defects. What you are describing is a defect for sure.
    You can buy them online at www.ruvalonline.com. The Comphy Co doesn't do retail sales.

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