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To whom it may concern:

I am writing to complain about the worse customer service I got in one of H&M stores. It is located at Concord Mall, Wilmington, Delaware.

The name of the cashier is Malik. I went yesterday to return some clothes. He made wait until he hanged up all the clothes. When he started putting the security things I asked him to do that later because I was in a rush, his answer was: "When you came to buy these clothes they were hanged and secured, and I've gotta leave them the same way. If you want I unhanged the clothes and you come back later." -His coworkers were laughing at his attitude towards me-. I told him I am already here, and I guess I have to wait until you do whatever you want. When he finished and I said to him thank you, he even did not say your welcome, or bye. He just was the most unprofessional person I have ever seen.

I have never had to wait anywhere for a cashier to do this.

The store was not packed, so he could have done that later, and I was a customer asking him a favor, please do that later!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


  • He
    Hess Apr 04, 2009

    I am disgusted with the fact that if you are a United States citizen you cannot buy online at the H&M website. Madonna is from the United States as far as I know. This online shopping is only allowed in certain other countries of her picking.

    Thank You for being loyal to your country Madonna!!!

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  • Ya
    yazzy Mar 02, 2010

    After what took me forever to finally get inspired to but new clothes after recent weight gain, I went into an H & M store. The goal was to try on everything and find what looked good. After about 2 hours of trying on clothes, I'd found the perfect spring wardrobe (about 600.00 worth of stuff). I was so excited that I'd actually found stuff thatfit amazing! I go for my wallet, and it's not there!!! I realized I'd left it ay work. I asked them to hold it until the following evening. I let the guy know that I got off afte 8. He told me no problem, and promised to hold it until 11pm. I spent the next full day dreaming of how cute I was going to look in my new clothes. I rush to H&M, making it there by 9:30. I give them my name and let them know I was there to pick up my new wardrobe that was on hold! I'd even picked up a few more things that I had found on the way in. The sales person gives me the blankest of stares, and says we put all the holds away at 9. I know that it didn't matter at that point, but I told her what I had gone through the previous day. She just gave me that same blank stare and says yea, we put the holds back at 9. She didn't even offer to help me find my stuff again. I just left almost in tears. I know it sounds petty, but I'm very busy and don't know when I'll have 2 hours to devote to clothes shopping. I know it won't be at H&M though.

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  • Na
    nataliebohemian Mar 20, 2010

    while he may have been rude about it, it is company policy to re-sensor and re-hang the clothing while processing a return. just as other customers must wait to have hangers and sensors removed when making a purpose. the point of this is to be fair to everyone. it is necessary to return those items to the floor as promptly as possible. it's regrettable that you had such an unfortunate experience, however, h&m requires all employees to be efficient at all times. it isn't as easy as you think.

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  • Na
    nataliebohemian Mar 20, 2010

    i meant to say "purchase", not "purpose"

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  • Na
    nataliebohemian Mar 20, 2010

    unfortunately, it is h&m's policy to return holds to the floor after 24 hours. however, if you returned to the store within that period, you should contact customer service. they can usually give you a gift card as an apology.

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  • Sg
    SgoldenG May 01, 2010

    H&M Store 91 Sterling Heights Michigan. The managers just dick around and talk about how big each others boyfriends dicks are. Seriously, while on the floor, eating crisps and just relaxing. Then they proceed to yell at all the workers when they had done no wrong. They yelled loudly then went to the back of the store and proceeded to make fun of both customers and employers.
    I will tell you this, I will never shop at that H&M Again.

    And YES I got their names.
    Jessica Eastman, and (Chri)Stina Yurgil

    I hope you both get what you deserve.

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  • Se
    Seva N Dec 29, 2010

    The customer services at H & M is the worst I have ever experienced. I have ordered a parcel 2 weeks before Christmas, as a present to someone. I understood that it will take few days longer because it was nearly Christmas but defiantly got told the parcel would be here before Christmas. When it come more nearly to Christmas I rang the H & M about 4 times who have all told me it would be here on Christmas eve. Non of the customer service team down the phone gave me any relevant information about the parcel or where it was, all of the four people I spoke to down the phone have said it be here before Christmas or Christmas eve. As a customer I was so annoyed because this was a Christmas present and it still wasn’t here, come to Christmas day it didn’t arrive. I gave it extra 2 days after Christmas and the order still hasn’t come, I rang them up again for the 5th time and they said the order has been lost before Christmas. This shows that the previous people I have spoken to didn’t have an idea of what they where telling me and didn’t care. I will never use the company again and I will advise everyone else not to use the company because they are rude and the most useless people I have ever spoken too, who don’t know their heads from their own [censor].

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  • Ro
    rosie55 Jan 09, 2011

    It is the store policy to re-censor and hang all returns. It is not the employees fault. Everyone that works there is constantly being yelled at by impatient customers that always think that they are the center of the world. Although they could have maybe said your welcome, they didn't do anything else wrong. Just following company orders.

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  • Yl
    yla Jan 19, 2011

    I have also experienced terrible customer service from H&M. I ordered a parcel at the end of November with the view to wearing it to a party in the New Year. A week after the date it was expected to arrive, I sent numerous emails to customer services. They notified me that the parcel was being delieved by a differnt company to which I was first told, and that it would be here within the week. It wasnt, so I called again and was told there was 'nothing they could do'. I went into the store and found the very last dress there, it was a szie 14 (two sizes too big) and slightly marked, however, to ensure I wouldn't be stuck for an outfit I bought it. That evening, my dress arrived (delievered by a different company to which I was told even the SECOND time). Two days later I went to return the size 14 dress I planned to use a replacement, and the girl on the till, who was extremely sullen and rude might I add, refused to refund me as the dress was 'not in saleable condition' (bearing in mind this was the condition I bought it in). She accused me of wearing it infront of a queue, saying she could see it was not the correct size but this wouldn't stop me wearing it, and refused to refund my money. I am now stuck with two dresses, one which took a month to arrive, and another which is marked and doesn't fit, at a cost of £70. ridiculous.

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  • Da
    Dawniep Feb 20, 2012

    Order items over 2 weeks ago, phoned them to ask where items are, been told I have to wait a further 3-5 days for my order. When initially I was told up to 5 days. This will end up being over 3 weeks?!! I am never ordering from them again or even going in to their high street shops either!! A letter to Watchdog is on the way!!

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  • Al
    aleena Apr 28, 2012

    I am writing to complain about the worse customer service I got in one of H&M stores. It is located at Romford mall.i hav shopped few items for my 2 yr old.when i went home i checked them, one of the items i paid was not in the bag.It was not accepted. by me i could not go back to the store as i was working following days.i went to report to the staff at the till where i paid. on following monday.she called manager and reported to him.He made me wait about half an hour .he said he has to go and check camera that whether staff have put the items in the carry bag before she or he gave to me.Later he returned and said he could not find it.and he took my phone no and said he will give me a ring...WHICH HE DIDNT.where is my RIGHT?????????ITS NOT MY MISTAKE THAT I DIDNT GET THE ITEM THAT I BAUGHT AND I PAID.

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  • On
    Onewall May 30, 2012

    We hired this company to construct a 1300 sq. ft. modular home. They required a lot of money upfront $46, 000. mostly to purchase the wall panels. Months after the start date stated in the contract, Mr Martel finally got started. He got the drawings (incorrect) and the building permits and put in the pilings that WE HAD BOUGHT previously, and the subfloor. After that Mr. Martel came up with one excuse after another as to why he couldn't work on the house: death in family, spring break with his daughter, other jobs to finish. Finally he stated in an email that he did not intend to finish the house. He never ordered or paid for the wall panels, he never paid the engineer, he never paid the lumber company and we found that the subfloor did not pass the engineering inspection. Although he said that he would send an itemized list with the refund, he never did. We requested this in writing 6 additional times and finally through a lawyer. To avoid or delay our lawsuit, he agreed to arbitration but he canceled all three meetings that were arranged for him. He basically took our money and ran.

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  • Sh
    SHAWN_K03 Jun 17, 2012

    Total agree with you, its the most stupid thing ever, it happened to me too. I understand they have to check the cloth first and they did, but they still had to hang the cloth up before they can give you the money back. People there dont know to be efficient and respect their customers. I got treated very badly in the califronia LA CITADEL OUTLET STORE. Making the price very low, doesnt mean that they can treat their customers without respect. The policies they make are just stupid, never heard of, any one with a bit of common sense will not agree. The day i went many cloth were on the floor, and a lot cloth were not folded, sales person were running around doing nothing, how about those cloth why dont you put them neatly, lazy, cant bothered or what. Isnt it the same thing. HELLO!!! SO I SUGGEST SHOP AT OTHER STORES, if you dont wanna have a bad experience.

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  • Br
    Brittania Electric Aug 21, 2013

    We did electrical work at a Rent-A-Center in Naples for Heinz in January 2013, I have emailed, called, faxed the bill many times with no payment or response. CONTRACTORS BEWARE

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  • Na
    Nancy Pagan Nov 11, 2014

    I had the worst experience today around 5:30 in the H & M in queens mall the cashier decided to ask the line to split into two, and the barrier that was next to those of us waiting on line prevented us from being able to slide over causing all the customers that were in the back to be in front of the line. When I tried to explain to the young man that what he did was unfair he got so upset and rude and started yelling for the supervisor as if it wasn't clear what mistake he just caused. The pregnant supervisor took care of me but I feel like he doesn't have a clue on how to do his job. a situation like that it's better that he just waits until the line gets shorter and then moves the line apart. I would like for the store manager to reconsider having someone that doesn't appreciate his job dismissed.

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  • Sa
    Saeedeh Moayedi Nia Jun 03, 2016

    To whom it may concern
    In June First ( Last Wednesday) around 6:15 PM, We went to H&M store which is located in Saint Catherine street, Montreal, Canada for exchanging a pants with a smaller size. We got help from one of staff. She took the pants and disappeared. After 10 minutes, we became worried and asked around but unfortunately we forgot her face and could not recognize her among staffs and also she was there but she did not tell anything. The manager told that they are not responsible for anything and we gave the pants to a wrong person. I insisted that she was one of your staffs with walkie talkie and neck Card Holder. The manager acted in a way that it was our fault. We asked for video check and after a while she accepted and after another half an hour suddenly the staff that I was 60 % sure that was the person who took the pants came to us and gave us the pant and disappeared again. I do not want to come to conclusion that she has stolen the pants but how a person after 10 mins can forgot our faces and also forgot the task that she took on! After that manager came back from checking a video and told us " one of our staff took your pants and she forgot it!!!" and after 1 hour wasting our time she just mocked us that do not give your pants to anyone and hold on to it!!! and also we could not find the right size. I just disgusted their behaviors and I think I will never go there again.I think because we are not native english speakers they just made this bizarre happening like nothing happened and if we did not ask for video check and also did not threaten to go to the police I think we would not have the pants now!!
    I have never had such an experience anywhere.
    I hope it will not happen to anyone .

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