CB Fitness Centers and Gyms Gym Company Gym membership came to an end but money still being debited.
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Gym Company review: Gym membership came to an end but money still being debited.

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I do believe that the consumer protection act has been violated by the GYM COMPANY.

I have to elaborate on how many enquiries I have made thus far regarding the status of my gym membership which came to an end 28 February 2023. Legally when someone’s gym contract comes to an end, the consumer must be notified between 40 and 80 days before the contract ends. It is the service providers’ obligation to inform the consumer personally to give them the option of continuing the contract and explain the new terms and conditions should they wish to continue. The GYM COMPANY has failed to do so, instead I have been debited month after month.

The contract can’t automatically roll over at the end of that ‘initial” period. The gym company must notify myself between 40 and 80 days before expiry and explain my options. What I need to do to cancel or what the new terms will be if I don’t. I did not get that notification from your gym and the debit order remained active, I demand proof that you sent this notification. If you can’t provide it, or the notification didn’t spell out when and how I had to cancel, the GYM COMPANY is obliged to refund monies taken after the contract expiry date.

If the GYM COMPANY refuses everyone should lodge a complaint with the Consumer Goods and Services Ombudsman.