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Gumtree complaints 282

Gumtree - hyundai 2008 I posted for sale

I posted an ad for my car and cannot find it for sale on gumtree
I feel I am being forced to pay for the upgrade
This is bad!
It is for a 2008 Getz and my name is Margaret
I got 2 offers and then it stopped
I tried looking for the ad myself and couldn’t find it
You say free but you tempt people by making it seen by a few people and then the views drop off more or less prompting and trying to force us to upgrade
Don’t advertise it is free when this is the way you operate because it is not
It is false pretence

Gumtree - payment and no advert

I placed a Advert last week on Gumtree

Adminstrative assistant to Help in The Wood Shop

Money taken off my account from GENSOLFUELS First National Bank

The payment was taken off my account via SID Direct Internet Transfer on GUMTREE secure site

No advert appeared and still no reply after 4 E Mails send

I Demand Urgent reply and explanation

Duane Els
[protected] South Africa Cape Town

Gumtree - electra beckum chainsaw

I saw the above chain saw for sale this afternoon 16/10/2017 for £175, it had only been on sale for a couple of hours.
I phoned [protected] and spoke to the owner. It was agreed that I would travel to Port Talbot (45 miles) to view the saw ( the address was text to me). The seller assured me the saw would be reserved for me to view.
When I arrived at the sellers address (55 Sunnybank Road, Port Talbot SA12 6JE) there was a text on my phone informing me the saw had been sold.
The seller would not answer my phone calls and had deleted the add from Gumtree.

Gumtree - kitten for sale

I sent 30 pounds as a deposit to hold kitten.
Via PayPal.
As the kitten wasn't ready to leave mum, pick up date was 26/27 Sept.
Seller sent me several photos of kittenkittens and mum.
Also had several conversations.

Got sellers mobile no. Which I phoned around pick up time, she said date had been changed due to a bereavement, was going on a weeks holiday.would phone me when she returned.
No call and I have tried to phone several times, left my phone number.

Phone keeps stating caller on other line!.

Ad has been pulled a while ago, due to kittens being sold?.
So have no other way of contacting the seller.
Stacey was the seller, email address is [protected]
Tel [protected].
Please can you help!
Thanks! Sam Morley.

Gumtree - macbook pro

I registered with yourself to sell a new mac book pro with some accessories and my add was taken down and then banned from selling anything i can not see anything in the terms snd conditions that i have done anything wrong and not a explination to if untowards of doing anything wrong id like this looking into why it was taken down and why ive been banned as your service that your providing to doesnt match up to your sister company ebay

Gumtree - playstation 4

I recently bought a Playstaion 4 at the start of September I sent over the £120 he asked for and I still have not received it. I have got the account details which I sent the money to, I gave my address aswell so he would know exactly where to send it. I would like to find out how I can be refunded and if the seller can have his account terminated.

Gumtree - paid item never received

I brought some jewellery about 4 weeks ago and never received all the items I contacted the seller who said they would post it which i still havent received The distance btween me and the seller is only 1 hour so the post does not take all this time I have rung several times with no response It was $60 for the paid item that i have not received and i paid for all items 4 weeks ago

Gumtree - car brought on here

about a week and half ago we brought a car advertise on here from a Michael Johnathan ling, off merton farm barn dallinghoo woodbridge ip13 0le, The dad was selling on behalf for 550.00 we did test drive it, we picked it up on Friday morning, but test drived it Thursday, but sat night the clutch had burnt out, which I was not happy oe bit, text the dad of course no there was no problem, just had a quote to repair it for 695.00 now I had to buy a another car as I can not afford to repair it and a lovely reply back from him, saying get a another quote, and good luck what the hell, how can people do that, now its being scraped tomorrow, My name is mrs cara baker 20 the green, saxtead, woodbridge [protected]

Gumtree - live chat /general

I'm so mad I spent almost 2 hrs just now on live chat I went from 3rd In the queue to your next it took almost 2 hour to get to that only to be told it was not your finest hour it's disgraceful. Obviously what's behind this Huge wait is to make people that sick of waiting they just give up I didn't but that's what I got no way you treat clients on Gumtree you have got so big but so disgraceful to customers

Update by Thomas baird
Sep 19, 2017

Looking at all the bad reports and taking money off people fraudulently I actually can believe those reports because of the dealing I have had with gumtree
Get your act together your always talking about warning re scams well you seem to be the biggest of them all from conning people with live chat to taking there money and deliberately canceling there ads and people find it hard to get there money back of gumyree it's a disgrace biggest scaling site ever

Gumtree - fraudulent purchase

Warning! Be aware of bogus buyers. Who want to buy your goods, then make arrangement for a courier to pick up the goods.
Then make the excuse the courier needs the payment first, so the buyer Says: I'll forward the money through Pay Pal, and you send the courier money via MoneyGram -
If it smells like a rat then it surely is one - IT SCREEMS FRAUD
Not to mention the threatening emails I received from this keithaiden
The vulnerable need be aware and cautious.

Gumtree - washing machines

Hi I purchased 2 washing machines plus fridge/freezer from Edward Chalmers on your Glasgow ads one washing machine did not work at all and flooded floor first time it was switched on. The second machine which did work initially has stopped spinning.
These machines were delivered and paid for £280 on 10th Aug since then I have been trying to contact Edward who is either on golf weekend or at work elsewhere.
I feel I have been more than patient and as a pensioner cannot afford to replace these without my money being refunded.
I am totally shattered as I have been using Gumtree for years and this is my first bad experience.
I would greatly appreciate your help. Kind Regards Anne McLean

Gumtree - seller

I am making a complaint about a seller, his name is Martyn Swarbrick, his seller number is seller.234i98c14xsf8, his ad id is [protected], he was advertising a gardening ad.I hired him to do my garden he got paid full and we made a deal 4 a fence, again he got paid for the fence.He did half of the garden and we havent recieved the fence.I have now reported him to Action Fraud, and will hopefully making more steps in getting my money back, if theres anything that you can do would be greatly recieved,
Thank you,

Gumtree - my ad being deleted

I have had an add removed due to me offering 'dissertation and essay writing services' which 'are not allowed.' I can categorically say this is not a service that I was offering and I am offended that this has even been suggested. I teach academic writing skills at a college (structure, referencing, spelling, punctuation, grammar etc.) and this is the service I was offering.

I am a reputable tutor of English and offering a writing service is something that goes against my profession.

I would appreciate my add being reposted or I would like a refund.

Gumtree - uploading my photos

I have homeswop add on Gumtree and my photos arnt uploading property I have no trouble with the photos uploading on other sites and i'v put photos of my home on Gumtree in the past but now when I take photos then upload there not showing correctly so no one can see what I'm offering yet there uploading fine on face book ect I know many users use gumtree and this is why I whant to place my home swop on the site but I'm not going to get many views if people cannot see my photos properly that I take and upload

Gumtree - defective product sale

I bought a Samsung S7 from this site. The person said she had the receipt and that the phone was still under warranty. Late that night when I was setting up the phone I discovered that it had a dea pixel, small dot showing at the edge of the screen. I had not seen the dot earlier because I did not have my reading glasses.
I took the phone to Samsung., they want a receipt and the person who bought it to be available at the shop for them to continue with the repairs.
The lady could not find the receipt when I collected the phone. Now she flatly refuses to help me with the repairs. The phone is still under warranty. She won't give me my money back either. She wants to give another handset, same as what I have.
I need to have tjisnphone repaired. She won't budge. Bought the phone from her two days ago.
Please help

Gumtree - about an ad i've put up

I put an add up to sell my car a Ford Focus reg wp15vxh but you keep removing it and you haven't told me why please let me know what I'm doing wrong. I would like to resolve this issue as soon a...

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Gumtree - featured ads

I have paid for my ad to be featured but is not there
As I'd is [protected]
This is the second time this has happened
I am not happy with the service and would like to know what is happening with it
Why is my ad not live and showing on the listings as it should on top of the list front page.
I demand a full refund and my ad to be put up
I am very unhappy with your service

Gumtree - failure to supply services paid for and restricting my rights as an individual

I have been successfully advertising on gumtree for about 3 1/2 months. On 23rd July, without any communication, gumtree removed my adverts. When I contacted their support staff to find out why, they told me I had broken their posting rules, but would not tell me why or how.

I attempted twice to create new adverts, and their site allowed me to do this, and they took payment for both adverts. Neither advert was ever published, as its status went immediately to "removed", despite them having taken my money.

I have formally complained to them, however they still refuse to tell me how or why I have broken their posting rules, and now they refuse to communicate with me at all.

My bank have agreed to refund me the money as, in their opinion, it was taken from me fraudulently, as they took my money but never had any intention of providing the service I had paid for.

Sadly, my bank are unable to pursue this matter with Visa, to recover the money from Gumtree, as the amounts fall below Visa's minimum transaction limit.

I have contacted my local CAB and they have referred the matter to Trading standards for investigation, as in their words, Gumtree are "restricting my rights as an individual", and are in "breach of contract by not providing the services I had paid for, or instead issuing a refund."

I have read various other people's complaints about gumtree and it would seem that them removing adverts and not explaining why, or taking money from individuals but never providing the service that was paid for is fairly common place.

What is most annoying is their lack of desire to resolve this matter and their rudeness in refusing to respond to me.

I have never experienced such shocking customer service, or had a complaint so badly handled in my entire life.

Gumtree - your clients stole my wallet from my car during a purchase at my house

Can you please get back to me asap. Your client Vicky came and purchased a furniture piece from my piece earlier today and stole my wallet from my car whilst carrying the bed frame into her trailer.

Who do I speak to regarding this matter as they are doggy and we should let others know about them and they safety. This couple arrive at your place intending to steal whilst pretending to purchase items from my home, this is not on!!!

Gumtree - gumtree emails did not arrive

I want to report a problem with Gumtree. I answered an ad for a Spanish family to come and stay in my house to arrive yesterday. After some discussion I was paid for a 6 week stay. We had not exchanged our proper emails at that stage (as advised by Gumtree). I had sent them the Street name but not the number and at that point I did not have their flight details. After I was paid I was sent a number of emails from the Spanish family which I did not receive. At the same time I also sent a number of emails which they did not receive (which included full address in London, phone numbers etc). Both sets of emails were sent using the Gumtree addresses. The Spanish family were a 14 year old and her mother. They had air tickets to London and had paid me for accommodation but their emails were unanswered and you can imagine how distressed they were not to hear from me. They thought they might end up with nowhere to sleep last night. I too was not happy with the situation. The pair actually spent most of yesterday trying to find me and it was just sheer luck that they did. I don't know why our communications were cut off - it cause all parties a lot of stress.

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