Grubhuborder not received, payment not refunded and poor customer service

I ordered food from grubhub on 2nd October 2019 (#[protected]-7705036) at around 5:00 PM EST, the rider who got the order first of all did not knock on the door or ring the bell, he tried calling me but due to network issue i could not get the call, and when i tried calling back he did not pick up the call neither replied to my messages, i even went out of the house but he ignored me and kept doing something on his phone and left after 5 minutes, my grubhub app shows order delivered, this is insane, the food was not delivered to me and i was starving guys have spent a lot of money in making this business grow but why dont you spend little on your feature to show food taken back if not delivered rather showing false status . Also food does not go back to restaurant, so that i can pick it from there, so where does it go does the rider take that ? I paid for the food and i did not even get it . Riders name was shane ( 317-626-3923), very poor service, on top of that i called grubhub customer care he refused to refund my money and said i can offer you 50% on next offer, i dont need your discount, this was the worst experience, you have lost a customer and i will ask 10 others to avoid ordering from you guys .

Oct 04, 2019

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