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The KBA program, offered by GrowthCave, is a scam that doesn’t deliver what it’s guaranteed.

It has– by far– the worst service delivery I have experienced from any coaching program that I have purchased or participated in.

I committed a staggering $9,800 USD to this program hoping for a transformational journey, but from the moment Growth Cave charged my account and took my money, I have experienced nothing but disappointment and broken promises.

What has happened in the time since could only be described as an abject failure by the Growth Cave team to fulfill upon the results, services, and content listed in our signed Agreement.

I haven’t received my done-for-you ads system, my automated client acquisition system, and my scale-ready offer?

And recently, my direct access to my coach (who was already barely replying to my messages) disappeared as the company switched to a chat system that requires students to go through a chat bot. And I never received any messages from my coach from this flawed and faulty system.

I invested $9800 USD (roughly $13,000 CAD), and 3 months into the course I haven’t received my $10K revenue and not one thing that I was promised.

I paid Growth Cave for these results and contents, along with expert one-on-one guidance from my coach.

And yet, for the last several days, I have been unable to contact my coach. When I have been able to speak with a coach, I have gotten little value.

The betrayal cut deeper when I discovered the content I paid for was held hostage until I navigated through the 'beta sales' maze.

I, along with many others, have been marooned in this 'beta sales' limbo for months.

The notion of looking for prospects in Facebook groups - a tactic notorious to anyone with seasoned marketing experience for being a one-way ticket to account restriction - was never part of the deal.

Yet I’m on my own, while the 'done-for-you' ads system and the rest of the revenue-generating content that I was promised remains off-limits to me.

When I did eventually voice my concerns to the Growth Cave team, I was ignored. This is far below the standard one would expect from a program that asked for $9,800 USD of my hard-earned money and countless hours of my time.

My (now multiple) attempts to seek remedy with Jordan, Lucas, and Mason, were met with silence.

They have yet to produce the results that were guaranteed to me within a reasonable timeframe (or at all) in accordance with industry standards, and are failing to perform the work that I paid for.

I paid for a service, I signed an agreement, and I was betrayed by the Growth Cave team.

Desired outcome: A full refund and cancellation of my contract and subscription

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