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Hello my fellow abused citizens of these great U.S. of America, I have been, threatened, degraded, humiliated, demoralized, and abused just like so many obviously. I can not figure why in this world a company as unstable as Greentree/ Conseco/ Greenpoint and how many other names it has had, can be so NASTY to people and not lose all of their business.

I also do not know why these people, (yes, 'these people', not 'this Co.'), are allowed to be so MEAN to others and get away with it. Who do we 'the people' need to contact? Where does this VICIOUS cycle end? HELP, someone, please!

I have been given 5 days to 'GET OUT', with 3 kids and nowhere to go. I work full-time, go to college full-time and try to do the best I can. Times are tough, but they don't care! They call me 'LAZY', that BI#@* does not know what she's talking about. She also says that I 'don't care about my kids, because you can't provide them with a roof over their head'. I am 2 months behind and have no other options according to Greentree representatives. I hope that Karma kicks her a**!!


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    Martha W Jul 25, 2012
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    Verified customer

    Everyone who has a complaint needs to send in a consumer complaint to the FTC and their states Attorney General. I just sent in my complaint. The more of us who show the pattern this company has the better chance that someone might finally take notice and do something about it. And you debt collectors who are posting on here blaming the home owners you need to go look in the mirror and honestly ask yourself if you would want to be treated the way you treat others?!! My story is below and its a nightmare. I will be contacting a lawyer about it soon unless I get answers.
    My husband was in the Navy and due to retire in 1998 so we decided to purchase a mobile home and the lender on the home was Green tree Servicing LLC. We purchased land through a separate lender (SilexII). After my husband retired from the Navy and was searching for new employment we fell behind on our payments. Green tree was calling constantly telling us they were going to foreclose if we didn't make payment by phone right then. They kept adding fees and we could not catch up and a man named Benjamin Henry sent us mail (in 2000) one day and said he could get us a refinance and lower our payment if we combined the home and land. I called him and he said he was with a company called Conseco and said he would take care of everything and not to worry. A few days later I decided to call him and see what was going on and if he was able to do the refinance and he said yes he just needed some time to get all the paper work completed and would call when it was time to sign. Time passed and he called around 9:00pm in the evening and said we could come to his office and sign. We went into his office and signed the papers and while sitting there I mentioned I was so happy to be getting the mortgage out of Green trees hands. He laughed and said yes I get a lot of complaints about them. He informed us he had 2 appraisals done on the property and would show it to us once we signed the papers and that he was not obligated to show us since he paid for them. One appraisal came in at 110, 000.00 the other at 109, 000.00. I'm sure the appraisal was false since its a mobile home and they depreciate and the home was originally only 58, 000.00 and land was 19, 500.00. I recalled seeing the name Green tree on the paper work we signed but figured it was because they were the other lender so it would be on the papers. Well my husband and I were devastated to say the least when we realized what happened the papers we signed was a modification with the same lender under a different name. Conseco went bankrupt in 2002 and we started getting our bill statements from Green tree again. We ended up going bankrupt because they will not in no way work with customers. We feel they targeted us because the lender silexII (owned the note to our land) was heading into bankruptcy at the time Conseco came into the picture (Green tree in disguised) and wanted the land and home. We kept the home in the bankruptcy and have been on time since and have excellent credit and want to refinance our loan and ended up running into a problem. We searched all records in the county here and the records are so messed up even the people who worr at the county clerks office couldn't understand what happened. We can't find anywhere on any paperwork where Green Tree holds any paperwork on the land itself. They only come up on the DMV as the lender on the home back in 1997 (the original purchase). We have done a lot of research on this company and its many aliases and there seems to be a pattern with them that seems predatory. When we were in the county clerks office we found where the city here sued them back in 2003 for allowing so many foreclosures and leaving the property empty and turning neighborhoods into less then desirable.I read all the complaints about them and its really sad that they are allowed to treat customers as if they are less then human at times. We worked hard to do the right thing and pay what we owe but at this point we still owe 76, 000.00 ( 12, 000.00 was for closing cost when we signed the papers for the refinance) on the home and its 1, 000.00 over the original cost brand new what we owed when we bought it 15 yrs ago. Our interest rate is over 10% and we asked last year if they would refinance and I was told no they do not offer that service at this time. I would like to know who has the note on my home. I do not want to pay it off and never know if I will have the documents saying its mine free and clear. I want to keep the home but this lender/servicer makes it difficult.
    I'm not trying to get out of paying my bill but I don't like being taken advantage of. If anyone has any advice on what our options are please feel free to comment. thank you for reading my comment and if it helps one person to avoid doing business with Green Tree or any of their aliases it will be worth it!

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    BIGMOMMA66 May 17, 2011

    Well to dear bernice you and Green tree/green point are full of crap! I have paid my mortgage Faithfully and on time for 14 yrs and they not only "sold" my mortgage to these group of collective idiots but ever since they are ringing all day and calling people they think are related to me and threatening me on the 15th of each month when its due on the 13th while it sits on someones desk waiting to be cashed... again are you just as stupid as they are?? these people are crooked! they are STILL after 14 yrs taking 90% interest as the principal sits there un-changed. There is hope a law is in effect if by a certain allotted time they do not produce the original agreement then you don't owe them ANYTHING ad they must send you the title soooooooo i'll let you know when i get it :)

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    unhappy w/greentree Apr 26, 2011

    Yeah Greentree people are not smart. They charge for misc fees for no reason and send a repo man after 2 or 3 months. which is not fair. Everybody else gets a scare and we get the actual thing. They add fees on top of our payment and dont explain what the fees are. Can't believe they can do this and no one can really do anything about them. its the worst company ever with bad customer service. they also keep your payments and put it aside and still claim they didnt receive a payment.

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    teddy 1 Apr 20, 2011

    We also have a our second mortgage with Green Tree, we are self employed, and due to the economy, we are late on our monthly payments with them, not quit 30 days late, but late so we do have some late fees that have been added on, but anyways, they call both the home, and husbands phone every 20 min. of the day, and evening, we don't answer because of how rude. nasty, and how they lie. I just got off the phone with our rep (that's what they call her) Rebecca is her name, and she said if I don't get up to date today she was not accepting my monthly payment (which is all I can afford right now) and she kindly hung up on me, I called back, and told the receptionist I want to make a payment but not with our rep. she sends me through to our rep again, and the rep said we need to get update and get our crap together !!! I could not believe she talked to me that way!! We have many bills, and a first mortgage that needs to be paid, we do the best we can. I just feel bad for all the many customers, that Green Tree has belittled, and talked nasty too. A question though can they legally say our loan is going into default even though we haven't been 30 days late?

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  • Jf
    jfsikorski Apr 18, 2011

    If being foreclosed seems to be your only option, you can email me directly, and I will see if I can find an investor in your area to help you out (take possession of the home subject to the existing notes). There are some caveats and qualifers, so be sure to touch base with me first. [email protected] BTW, there is no cost or obligation. I just get some satisfaction helping to right a wrong.
    Ski at [protected].

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  • Be
    Bernadine West Mar 13, 2011

    Green Tree has 800, 000 customers. Repossessions & Voluntary Surrenders don't cost the company anything. Thats chump change just like the $450 monthly payment your paying. By law Green Tree cannot over-charge you on escrow. You signed a legal and binding contract to have an escrow account, otherwise you wouldn't have it. 100% of escrow is property taxes & PMI (private mortgage insurance). You must pay PMI until your loan balance is less than 30%. This protects the lender. Green Tree didn't come knocking on your door asking you if you wanna buy a home. Any loan that was transferred to Green Tree was transferred for a reason. Green Tree specializes in LOW DELINQUENCY & GMAC, Country Wide, Irwin Home Equity, Bank of America, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, GTA, Green Point, Conseco and HELOC hired Green Tree Servicing company to "service" your loan. Your loan is classified as "high risk" and the whole entire reason it was transferred is because it's constantly PAST DUE. Green Tree doesn't own 1/2 the loans they service, the original lenders do. Not much of a liability to Green Tree. I suggest you make you payments & if you can't, then call and make arrangements. You can't live in a home for free, even if you are going through financial difficulties. & If your loan is more than 10 days past due, I suggest you don't mail it. US POSTAL SERVICE takes an additional 10 days to send your payment making your loan an additional 10 days past due. Most loans have a per diem charge, per day. If you go more than 30 days between your payments you will be charged this daily per diem, every day your late & that's not Green Tree, that's YOUR loan.

    Bernadine West
    [email protected]

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    Brad33 Oct 11, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have read a great deal of Green Tree Servicing complaints. I could believe what is being said about them. I am a business owner and recently done a flood damage for them. It took forever to get my money from these people and on top of that I got allot of run a rounds. Also on they paying thing, I sent out an invoice balance stating what was owed to me. They sent a check to me and it was $800.00 dollars short of what was owed. Then I sent another invoice of the remaining balance plus late fees they sent my money but not the late fees. You are all right about them I believe so keep up with your paper work and make sure you really understand the agreements.

    Business Owner,
    Goodman's Handyman Service

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  • Ri
    riyanah1 Sep 14, 2010

    Here's a good one for you guys! They are suing me for a mortgage I never took out! Yes, you heard me right. Don't even have a signature on one paper yet they maintain I am responsible. Here's how I got involved in this mess. A man, who coincidentally shares the same first and last name as my ex-husband, took out a loan on a property that he has since defaulted on and the property is currently in foreclosure. Yep, that's it. They are suing me for a mortgage taken out by a man I don't know. When I called them to explain things they were so rude, wouldn't listen and even said they would see m e in "mortgage Hell." ALL FOR A LOAN THAT MY NAME IS NOT ON! I am contacting an attorney tomorrow and plan on filing suit.

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  • Ge
    Geoffrey Pappas Mar 12, 2010

    I just paid off my loan about two months ago after I refinaced and they have not returned my money! If it was the other way around they would be calling me daily and reporting me to the all credit companies. You can file a complaint with the dept of corperations in each state. I did!

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    jennbishop Nov 17, 2009

    For all those people who are behind on mortgage payments and are facing foreclosure don't let your lender scare you into leaving your property earlier than you have to. Most foreclosures are taking over 2 years or longer from the time that you missed your first payment. So if you are only 2-3 months behind you still should have plenty of time. These lenders are so overwhelmed with the number of foreclosues that they are not moving quickly. Again don't let them make you move until you know the foreclosure sale is coming. You can find the sale date of your property at the Clerk of the Court, the County Commissioner or other governemnt office that handles foreclosures.

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  • Xi
    XinaWalker Nov 05, 2009

    Is that true? Has anyone been evicted by Greentree. They bought my mortgage from Origen, then messed up my escrow so bad that I'm being overcharged by atleast $80 a month. So now I'm 3 months behind and I can't get caught up because of the overcharge but they won't fix it because I can't get caught up. Plus I'm in a bankruptcy so They won't send me a bill and yet they call and threaten me at work.

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  • Fo
    FOURB Mar 20, 2009

    You still have plenty of time. Your only 2 months behind, after your 3rd month, make a payment. Even if they start sending you the eviction letters from their office, you still have time, these are just scare tactics they use to the people that dont know otherwise. Ive been 7 months late and always got the letters to get out but I just blew them off. I paid when I had the money. They'd rather accept your money than pay out to have a repo. When they call dont answer the phone(if you have caller ID). They used to call me from all different numbers. I would save their numbers on my cell so I knew it was them. They also try and trick you by calling from local numbers but they're just calling from the rep's cell phones. Yeah they are very unprofessional some can barely speak english. Just hang in there...Dont answer your phone and just pay a month before the 3rd or 4th month.

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