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Complaints & Reviews

Cheated and lied

Greentree is a predatory lender. They add fees and interest and add charges to the end of the loan. They harass and threaten and intimate and bully. They are not in any way shape or form a company with integrity. They are not cooperative about given written information and documentation. They will only work with you unless they can cheat you. They call repeatedly even after a payment has been made and another is not due for as much as 20 days. They belittle, twist your words and refuse to listen to reason. They know that they are dealing with people with less power and they take full advantage of them.

  • Pr
    PressuredToDeath Feb 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been behind on my loan several times. I don't dispte the debt. I explained my husband lost his job and we have had a financial setback. Lathan did not care, he lectures and is very hateful. he hangs up on the calls HE makes. If you don't tell him what he wants to hear, he is nasty to you on the phone. He is unwilling to work with me on anything. I have wrote a letter to the company and gotten a response from them that they would talk to Lathan, however, it did not work. He sometime calls me 10 times a day. Look Lathan, if i had it I would pay you, even though you are a mean person. But i don't have it, your money will come when i get it to give you. BACK OFF.

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  • Ih
    I_hate_Greentree Jan 24, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My mortgage was transferred from BoA last summer. Since then it's been one pain-in-the-drain after another! Our mortgage payments are current...we're not one minute behind. Unfortunately, GT continues to amaze me with their total lack of competence. The website incorrectly shows the type of mortgage we have, and recently our statements have begun showing an incorrect direct draft amount. GT just says their programmers are working on it...seriously? Also, they won't do anything without a letter or a fax...ridiculous! They're very rude on the phone, and genuinely seem to want to make it as hard as possible to deal with them. I did not choose GT...I HATE it that I have to deal with such a horrible company. Heaven forbid we should ever need their help!!!

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  • Jo
    jobno56 Jan 24, 2012

    can't wait til they stop applying your payments altogether and foreclose on you

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  • Gr
    Greentreesucksbigtime Feb 23, 2012

    They are totally incompetent. For some reason the refuse to pay my taxes even though I pay monthly to my escrow account. I'm absolutely livid.

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  • Ca
    caroljean54 Mar 17, 2012

    My husband is unemployed but diligently seeking employment, I am on disability. Our payment is due on the 1st of the month but not late until the 15th of the month. Last Saturday on the 10th, a representative from Greentree phoned our home at 8:15am & wanted to do a payment over the phone. When my husband explained to her we wouldn't do that until the money is in the account, she said "we play hardball & force people like you out of your home". He told her the last time we did payment before we had the money in our account, they removed the money from our account causing an overdraft which GreenTree of course, is unwilling to pay. They don't have a problem charging us late fees we can't afford though.
    So now we're paying overdraft & late fees. GREAT!
    We have kept every promise in the past & have paid every payment we were behind on. Green Tree phones our home several times a day & when we answer the phone, they hang up wothout saying anything. Very annoying.

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  • Wj
    W.JOHNSON Apr 25, 2012

    Totally agree with what you are saying. On the website, they show my account as a "home equity' loan which is not. I called and got a different answer about the HE in the account # the next day. The website has "principle" for "principal". And, for just laughs I called and asked if they did not know the difference in the two. The lady got really ugly and said what difference does it make. I said it makes a whole lot, it shows you all do not what you doing. I have been waiting for copies of particular documents for two months now. At first, they were in the mail. Then, JWH hadn't sent them over. And, now the standard answer is your request is being processed. What if we paid our mortgage as inefficiently as they run their offices.

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  • Ph
    Phil mayne Jun 09, 2013

    I was dealing with bank of America and had worked out a split payment . Green tree took over and before my monthly payment was due they Called and not one time I am not exaggerating I had 4 calls to my work 8 calls to my house . even after I called them hung up with them they called right back and even made the comment they will keep calling until they get full payment . I explained that after my bankruptcy. I had worked this out with bank of America so I can try to keep my house . They flat out said they could care less and bankruptcy means nothing to them . For eight months they called un relentlessly each month until the whole bill was paid. They called my work 4 to 5 times a day. they called my family members and the last couple months when my boss was threatening to let me go if i could not get the calls stopped. They called my neighbors YES MY NEIGHBORS AND TOLD THEM I WAS BEHIND ON MY MORTGAGE AND NEED TO CONTACT THEM> . I tried to talk to lawyers but they wanted to much money to take this on. If there is ever a class action law suit against these #@!$#$%%^^& IM all in. They almost cost me my job, theymade my neighbors think I was a freeloader and all my fellow workers thought they had to pitch in to work on something to save my house. OH YES THEY EVEN CALLED MY WIFES JOB SEVERAL TIMES A DAY AND ALMOST COST HER . HER JOB> That would be great both of us out of work so we cant even try to keep the house that we got screwed with on a second mortgage . I still live here but if anything happens were we fall on some hard ship for awhile they will cut their dogs loose.

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  • Ha
    hattie b Jul 04, 2013

    all I have to say its a bad business to deal with .anybody from anywhere . please please don't deal with green tree.they will worry you six feet under. also will put out all your business. to people they contact lookin for you. I think that's not right. 2 weeks ago I was at work .and they couldnot get a hold of me so they call my neice house and told her that if I don't send in A PAYMENT that they will come and put a padlock on my home.which they coulded waitded until I get home . something have to be done about them demon people. I believe they are working with satan and his family. because they dot some bad attuide.

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  • Ti
    Timothy M. Stull Sep 12, 2013

    Battling Green Tree solo is not an easy task. They have started to buy alot of second mortgage debt and collect aggressively. It certainly sounds like they violated the FDCPA on your case...calling work repeatedly, your neighbors, ect. You can definitely use that as leverage when negotiating terms. You need to file the necessary Federal and State level complaints in order to force Green Tree to cooperate. Feel free to call my office at 877.297.7011 for more info or visit www.Fresh-Start.co

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  • Ti
    Timothy Moody Mar 11, 2015

    I agree with you completely. They just bought out my mortgage. I've been paying on my home for 118 years never been late or missed a payment. Four other companies have acquired my mortgage over the years and i have never had any problems. I usually have one payment at the first of every year to adjust escrow, probably $15 or $20 . They just raised my payment about $30 a month for 12 months..They claim to have done an escrow analysis since taking over mortgage. There is no way my escrow could have gotten that low. . They are very rude, unprofessional, and incompetent. They are not a member of BBB and have received over thousands of complaints to BBB and Consumer

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Cori A Brow

call United Recovery Services to find out what do i need to do with the account and they toll me that the account was back in the hands of Gree Tree. call Gree Tree and ask about the account but they say that URS have the acount. don't know whats going on and i don't no what to do . NEED help

  • Ki
    Kierlanar Dec 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Cori,

    I am a retired professional collector, and this type of situation does happen from time to time. Usually, it occurs when the collection agency has deemed the debt to be uncollectable. Without knowing what your exact situation is, my advice is the following. Call the collection agency again and explain to them that Green Tree says they have the account and you need a letter sent to you stating they the agency sent it back to them. Then do the same with Green Tree. Then follow each call up with a letter stating the same to each and that you need correct information in order to pay the debt. Send it certified mail, return receipt requested. Then if you get no action, watch your credit report to see if it is there. When/if it does show up on your credit report, challenge it through the credit reporting agency. At that point, you will either be contacted or the hit to your credit will be removed.

    Good luck!

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Insurance scam/bad records keeping

Occasionally (every 2-3 yrs) they have been demanding proof of insurance even though we have never been late (automatic debit) on a payment to them or to our insurance (also automatic). From all the horror stories I hear, its only a matter of time they decide they've never received proof (even though insurance automatically sends such each renewal, and upon receipt of such letters, I fax proof 2x a week for 2 months, never getting a confirmation) and sign us up w/ their insurance. I am seeing potential scam here. Their records keeping must be abysmal. I always advise people, stay away from Green Tree. They should be audited

  • Sh
    sh3345 Apr 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree. 3 times I had to request a form to cancel Greentree's purchased insurance - even though I and my insurance company sent them proof of insurance. They were charging $3, 300 a year and added to our principle without even telling us the insurance had been purchased. I found out when I noticed a spike in my principle balance. They did not even send me a form to sign, stating I agreed to the insurance and the charges. They just did it.

    Isn't that illegal? If they are going to purchase & charge you for something - shouldn't you have to sign for it? To me that falls under fraud and identity theft as I never agreed or signed to get the insurance. $3, 300 a year for limited coverage that barely covers the market value of the dwelling (not even what you owe or your personal belongings?) Come on, my home owners insurance is only $800 a year and covers everything in my home.

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  • Py
    pyle/ganz estates Apr 10, 2011

    Green Tree servicing llc contracted out to five brothers which sub contracted to a unlicenses unbonded company by the name of Webb closure and cleanout, all papers were in order, signed by us for one acre of land with a doublewide on it. we wired the money to the closing agent and at this time Webb closure and cleanout dumped in the garage 250 containers of old paint, 5 gal., and 1 gal. papers are signed, received, taxes, irrigation paid and we went out to see our new purchase. You can still hear me screeming about this. It starts with First American field service 800-772-7600 then it goes to green tree, which goes to Five brothers and ends up with Webb closure and cleanout
    Allan W. Webb cell number 509-713-5860.

    We contacted Allan W. Webb, he admitted the fracture, but has of yet removed the paint

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  • Mo
    moneypenni Oct 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I hate this company! They call me at least 20 times a day, never follow the fair credit act and never want to work with me...they just don't give a damn!

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  • Jj
    jjdcally Jul 20, 2013

    I am a Contractor for Five Brothers, and I have seen this kind of thing before. I service over a hundred properties for five brothers, in Illinois, the problem is five brothers awards work to the lowest bidder, and I have seen contractors remove garbage and debris from one property and dump it on another vacant property, then bid to remove it from there, so they can double-up and not have to pay dump fees. I'm sorry to hear about what happened. I am licensed contractor and have had other contractors dump on properties that I maintain, only to have five brothers tell me that I'm responsible for removing the junk a my own cost, so I kind of know how you feel.

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Unethical /illegal practices

After months and months of trying to get my short sale to go through, my property is going to foreclosure on the 26th of this month. Green Tree continues to insist that I give them almost $5, 000 outisde of the HUD settlement agreement for a partial release of the lein. Even if I give them this money, I have NO guarantee that the short sale will go through AND they said they will come after me for the remainder of the balance on the loan. I talked to a representative from Freddie Mac, my local Congressman's office, my realtor, and an attorney; they have all told me that what Green Tree is doing is illegal and unethical. Green Tree does not care. They told me that they will not accept what the first lein holder is offering in the short sale, want me to give them money on the side, and will come after me and get their money either "voluntarily" or "involuntarily". I told them that it is a purchase-money loan and I am protected under Civil Code 580B; they don't care.

After my first post, I received many responses from people who are facing the same road block that I am with Green Tree. Although what I have done didn't help me, if enough people do the same thing, action will be taken against them. PLEASE...contact your local Congressman's office via letter and phone call, write to and call Freddie Mac, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, contact your local media.
After I filed a complaint with the FTC, I received the following response...

"Thank you for your recent correspondence. The Federal Trade Commission acts in the public interest to stop business practices that violate the laws it enforces. Letters from consumers and businesses are very important to the work of the Commission. They are often the first indication of a problem in the marketplace and may provide the initial evidence to begin an investigation. The Commission does not resolve individual complaints. The Commission can, however, act when it sees a pattern of possible violations developing.
The information you have provided will be recorded in our complaint retention system. Theis computerized system enables us to identify questionable business practices that are generating numereous complaints and may be in violation of the law"

Short Sale

http://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2010/aug/04/city-lights-1-foreclosure-fee-feast/#comments Green Tree...

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I would tell everyone never to do business with Greentree or Bank of America

Our mortgage was held by Bank of America and transferred to Greentree. We received a letter from Bank of Amer. re this, but no bill for the March payment from Greentree. INSTEAD Bank of Amer sent their bill for March 1st, so of course we paid to them. Greentree began their calls--They refused to call Bank of America tostraighten this out. They said Bank of Amer had to transfer the March payment to them. When this did not happen in March, I had to spend 45 minutes at the Bank of Amer branch and they told me I had to send aq fax with copy of the March check payment to Bank of America, so Bank of America could transfer the payment to Greentree. Now I'm dealing with TWO lending companies that do not know how to conduct business or transfer a mortgage. Bank of America could not find my March payment and Greentree was calling me every day in regard to a late payment. Bank of America transferred the March payment to Greentree in April, finally after my fax, but sent the wrong amount (20 cents short), so then Greentree said they could not process the payment until I sent the 20 cents to them.

I would tell everyone never to do business with Greentree or Bank of America. Greentree should have sent a bill for the March payment and after not doing so, refused to contact Bank of Amer to resolve the situation. It is like dealing with incompetent idiots!! They are making tons of money off consumers, but I had to make all the phone calls, go to the bank, Fax, etc to facilitate this transfer. In past years we have had mortgages transferred between banks and never had a problem.

The bank did all the work in a timely manner. If this goes on our credit rating, we then have more work to straighten that out.

  • Jh
    jharington Jun 22, 2010

    We had a loan with that company for 20 years- when it was paid off- we were told we owed an additional 5, 000- we went through hell with them- finally we went to the Attorney General Office and the list of complaints against this company is overwhelming- somebody should do something about the henous people who work for them that call and harrass people day and night and even at their work! The worst company ever!!

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  • To
    Toms Complaints May 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Our loan was just transferred to GreenTree and it has already been a fiasco. Their customer service stinks and their website is a complete joke. I tried to submit a simple customer service form and it was obviously programmed wrong as it throws an error no matter what I enter. I've received one letter from Green Tree with the wrong zip (thank you USP for getting it to me). How can they get my fricken zip wrong, is someone actually entering data by hand at Green Tree? Nothing would surprise me with this company. The real kicker is I NEVER chose either BOA or Green Tree. My mortgage got sold and there was nothing I could do about it.

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  • An
    Anthem Critic Sep 22, 2011

    We had our loan transferred from BoA to Green Tree this month. I just got off the phone with a very nice representative of Green Tree. I was concerned because their monthly billing statement has the following in the "Important Messages" section: "This communication is from a debt collector. It is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose." The lady at Green Tree explained to me that the message is put on every statement, even if you're not behind on a payment. I wanted to make sure whatever was going on did not affect my credit rating which is currently "excellent". She assured me that all was fine. When I asked her about why our loan was transferred, she explained that Green Tree was "just servicing" the loan and that the note was still held by BoA. I think BoA is trying to get stuff off their books to make their profits look better.

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  • Gr
    GreenTree Sucks Sep 17, 2012

    I am having lots of issues with Greentree as well. I would love to have a clause in my next loan that doesn't allow these ###s to ever get my loan again. It has gotten so bad that I am going to go to the office of the company that owns them and ask for their assistance. They are in Tampa, FL and are called the Walter Investment Management Corp. Their phone number is (813) 421-7600.

    The first comment does sound like one of the worthless people at Greentree. I was never late on my loan, but was constantly harrassed and was so happy to pay off my loan. No, it was not a foreclosure or short sale, it was a traditional sale.

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  • Te
    TeeGEE May 03, 2013

    I too had my loan transferred from BofA to Green tree with no real notification except a letter from BofA. It wasn't until I went to pay the mortgage that I realized the account didn't exist. I called Green Tree and was told that the account had not been setup yet and to try back at a later date. They seemed nice enough and setup my account and password over the phone. Two weeks later I tried to gain access and was denied. Green-Tree told me the reason was that the account was past due! and couldn't get into my Green-Tree account to pay. "Catch22"!!! So, I called and was told that I would have 60 days of grace to pay the amount due so I decided to pay over the phone. The fee of $12.00 was to be waived for the 1st time, and I made the payment. They still charged my bank account the $12.00... I called them back and was told me to file a written request to have it reimbursed even though it wasn't my mistake. They also demanded a copy of my bank statement to verify non-overdraft for proof of payment. I have a real bad feeling about dealing with this company going forward...

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Insurance Fraud and Harrasment

Green tree is a scam and they are frauds we payed insurance on our mobile home for 13 years and all of the sudden they send us a letter saying the company has gone bankrupt so that entire time we paid insurance which was $15, 000 is gone where is it this is a total fraud, and now that we dont want to pay insurance on the mobile home they are threating to reposses it when we have paid full payments for 13 years now just because we dont want insurance and pay for it they are threating to take away are home its RIDICULOUS!!! they keep threatning me and my wife calling her at work and me to at my job calling neighbors and friends this is HARASSMENT people. this isnt even a company its people trying to suk u dry out of ur money. i dont know what to do someone HELP...

thinking of filing a class action lawsuit this is just to much there not gona get away with this
someone has to do sometihng about this fraudelant company.

  • Kh
    khloee04 Jun 01, 2010

    you have to insure anything you have a loan on. period. you dont get a choice

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  • Er
    Ernesto Perez Dec 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am also a victim of Green Tree's unethical practices. I am late with a payment of $40.00 with a home loan I have with green tree. I've gotten 3 calls from the company threating to forecolse on my home in one day. This is not the first time and I am sure it won't be the last. I will start recording phone calls from green tree to keep a record of their continual harrassment. I will also create a BLOG in the hopes that enough people with similar problems will read and post similar problems with green tree. Someone has to look into Green Tree's unethical business practices. If anyone who reads this please advise as to how myself and others like me can get the government involved to see if thousands of us home owners who have been dupped into high interest loans with Green Tree can get help. The two big giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were investigated, Green Tree also needs to be investigated to see if they dupped homeowners into high interest rates loans. My interest rate with Green Tree is 12%.

    [email protected]

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I feel sorry for the front line staff that has to respond to customer complaints due to poor management directive / decisions

Green Tree customer service is run on the basis of: "if we provide unrealistic response times then no one will bother us". Of course I gest in this statement, but read the following email response, from Green Tree, after I sent an email inquiry:

"Thank you for contacting Green Tree Customer Service. This message is to confirm the receipt of your email request. You will receive a response from our Customer Service department within three to five business days. Please do not reply to this message as this is an outgoing mailbox only.


Green Tree Customer Service Department"

This is sad... probably a good way to keep labor costs down and margins up...sad to see! I wish they could set there sights to emulate companies like USAA or Schwab...but then only results oriented companies would do that and this is where I think Green Tree differs. Just my two cents; I feel sorry for the front line staff that has to respond to customer complaints due to poor management directive / decisions.

  • Gr
    grpadave Dec 14, 2014

    OMG ! I have great credit and income and I just hit my last two years of payments on my house, I only owe $6K total to the loan. After reading this page I am going to sign for a 10K credit card and pay this wacked out company off, screw the interest difference ! I will be treated as a customer, who pays your ### to be there for me, if your not there, I'll damn sure pay somebody else !!! This company better treat me right or I'll smoke the little loan with a lawyer backing me up no matter what it costs me, it sounds like they prey on low income people and need to be run out of business !.

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Scams, Unprofessional behavior

I am starting a Class Action Lawsuit against Greentree Servicing. Anyone willing to participate, please send...

Harassing Phone Calls

The mortgage has a grace period of 15 days before a payment is considered late and accrues late fees. Every month, I pay my mortgage on the 10th of the month via my personal bill payment schedule. Every month I receive at least 6- 8 calls per day from the 3rd of the month until the payment is cashed by Green Tree on the 12th or 13th of the month depending on the weekend. Every month I explain to rude, pushy collection agents explaining this scenario and that I've never incurred a late fee in the life of the loan. I've spoken with at least 20 representatives from this company including managers and none of them claim to have access to my account history proving this fact. They talk over you when you're speaking, they don't acknowledge any questions that I ask and they are poor communicators. I wish they would sell my mortgage, so I don't have to deal with them ever again.

This is a horrible company to be associated with and I would like to sue them for harassment via the phone. They don't acknowledge the grace period that is set up in the mortgage conditions and add stress to my day. When I'm using my handsfree device while driving, I absolutely detest speaking to anyone associated with their company. How do I get legal protection from harassing companies like Green Tree Servicing? Why should I receive up to 60 phone calls in a 10 day period EVERY MONTH when I've never missed a payment or incurred $1 of late fees?

  • Al
    Alleyoop Mar 26, 2010

    AAAH-YES--GREENTREE! In the past when we would fall behind they would call our house, apparently all day long. My daughter would get home from school about an hour before my husband and I would get home from work. The answering machine looked like a light show--My daughter answered the phone after playing back all the messages and an account manager by the name of Carol Gosser asked her if she was capable of writing down a message or was she ###ed. At that point my daughter was told to never answer the phone in our absence again. They left messages telling us to be out by 6 p.m. or we'd be pad-locked out of the home. They've left messages telling us that they had called the police on us and we were being arrested for fraud. On one occassion some guy said he was calling the sheriff's department and when I told him he was my cousin and gave him the number and when he spoke with him tell him to pick up an extra dozen eggs on his way--he called me a free-loading whore. One time a woman called here pretending to be a mistress of my husbands, whining that Greentree had gotten her number and to make the payment or she would tell his wife about about the two of them. Oh-no-you-don't!! My husband's name can also be a female's name so I called them back and told them I was a lesbian and wanted to hook up with the collection agent who called here.

    After that I learned to have some fun with it! I set my answering machine to pick upon the first ring with my voice instead of the automated voice. I say "hello" and they reply "hello-this is so-and-so from"---then my machine says "hello" again--and they begin again--this goes on 3 or 4 times before they realized I wasn't on the phone and they'd gotten the machine--their colleauges were in the background roaring. Whoa-- the name I got called then! One fellow said he was on his cell on his way up to my house and said "I wouldn't want to be you when I get there"! I gave the State Police that phone number and message--charges were to be filed, despite the fact that I had said to him, "Buddy--My St. Bernards are 170 lbs. and 230 lbs.--if you can run your ### back to your car and not loose a limb--you can have the house and the dogs. I don't do this when I seriously delinquent--nor do I recommend it if you are--but if you're just a little late--have some fun with it!!!

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  • Gu
    guest818 May 04, 2010

    Green Tree took over my mortgage from National City and they never sent a welcome letter or payment instructions. I received a letter from them dated on the 9th of Feb saying my payment was 9 days overdue and also began getting harassing phone calls. I tried to pay online the week before the 1st but in addition to having no account number from them to register, I refused to pay the 12 dollar fee. When i contacted my bank, the check to them had cleared on the 3rd and they were still hounding me. Our relationship started out poorly and has not improved.

    I have payed my mortgage by the 7th of each month for the history of the mortgage and it has never been a problem with any other company until now. I too receive harassing phone calls starting on the 3rd of each month. My contract states that I have until the 15th before any late fees are charged and I have never had any fees for the life of the loan.

    I will be contacting the better business bureau, the state attorney general, and the FTC to file complaints against these people.

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  • Ka
    kayomrl Jun 01, 2011

    I had the same problems with this company. They bought my loan from another company three years ago. My payment is "due" on the 25th of each month and has always paid on the first of the month. Every once in awhile, they'd call saying my payment was late.

    Today, I got a new one...they claim my payment is due on the 25th and asked that I change my autopay to be on the 25th. The agent told me it was to my benefit to pay by the due date. I asked how and he said there is interested accrued on the upaid balance. I asked about the grace period and he just replied saying that the money accrues interest because it's a compound interest, not a simple interest.

    The guy was blatantly lying and I called him on that. There never has been any additional interest accrued beyond the amount that was supposed to be. That's why they call it a grace period!

    Most of the people in the past that called me from Green Tree were at least respectful. Not this jerk. He kept talking over me and insisting on a lie.

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  • St
    str8stuf Jul 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company has the rudest customer service people I have ever encountered. I, too, get the calls starting on the 3rd of every month. I will regret forever having taken a mortgage with this company. In all my years and all my experiences with mortgages and creditors, I have never been so harassed or abused. I have had this loan for 5 years and never been late beyond the grace period. Yet, I am still harassed each month they don't receive my payment before the 3rd.

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Non-consolidation loan consolidation

Let us borrow 173, 000.00 on my $2000. to $4000. of self-employment income, but would not put it in the mortgage. put $8000. on their Ditech mastercard with introductory rate of 7.99%. 12 months later exploded to 34.99%. Also have two contracts, the one we fell for and the one we were stuck with. Almost 2 % more than advertised rate
Should have told them to go FICA themselves. When we realized what they did it was past the 72 hr. cancellation period. We were screwed. We had perfect credit history and that how we were treated. In three yrs. We have paid so much interest we could have paid down 1/3 of our debt, instead we've paid off nothing.
Then came the crash. Income dropped to half. Called that we were in trouble. Guided us to "Making Homes Affordable" scam. Got a counselor that advised s to stop paying mortgage because they could not help us if we were current. So we did that. 90 days later we served foreclosure summons.

Misapplied Payments, Lost Payments and other Problems

This is a very difficult company to deal with. My mortgage was sold to them beginning 10/1/09. The first problem was that they were not posting the payments properly. I have always rounded my payment up to the nearest dollar and the extra was posted to the principal. They decided on their own the extra would go to the next payment. I was required to send them a letter detailing where I wanted the money to go. Then they decided that my home owners insurance deductible was too high at $2000.00 and they made me lower it to $1000.00. If I did not they threatened me with billing me for their insurance. They have lost payments and demanded that I give them an additional payment while they were in contact with my bank to get proof they cashed my check. They constantly threaten me with late fees. This month they received my payment on 1/6/2010 and posted in in entirety to the principal while leaving my 2/2010 payment due. When I called to question them, they insisted that I still need to pay 2/2010 payment and they would not accept the payment they posted on 1/6/2010 toward my payment because I paid them too early. They refused to correct the problem due to "my inability to manage my bills". After that phone call, I quickly phoned the FTC, Attorney General and the Office of Financial Regulations for my state. They all urged me to encourage others to do the same. This company likes to screw with people and scam them out of their money. I told them I was not happy with the customer service and was them told "well, what are you going to do about it". If you have a loan with this company, you must watch your account very closely. I check my account on the website weekly and call monthly. I get everyone's name and take notes on conversations. Don't let this company take advantage of you. Stand up to them.

  • Lo
    LOSER777 Feb 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These people continually call my son 5 or more times in one day when i am not even 30 days late. they can have their mobile home back i have paid this off allready once. they still say i owe $25, 000 the home is not even worth that sick and tired of this rip-off company.

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  • Bt
    B. Thetee Jun 02, 2014

    I have had SERIOUS problems with Green Tree. My mortgage was bough from by them from GMAC. Since then it's been a train wreck. They have LOST payments. I have had to get letters from my bank with cleared check copies and send them via CERTIFIED letter demanding they apply the payments to my account. This takes 60 days, according to them, AND, in the mean time, they will start foreclosure. Thus, you are forced to DOUBLE PAY certain months that they lose your payments in. Their Customer Service is horrific. They bully and demand payment by phone REGARDLESS of if you owe them anything at present or not. I'm not joking. You may have paid your mortgage current, and have PROOF via cleared check, but they still insist you must pay again via them on the phone immediately. I will not give these slimy rats access to my bank account.

    They have threatened to foreclose my home (I only have 5 years left to pay) on six different occasions. Three because of the above situation where they mysteriously "Lost" my payment. And twice because they said there was a penalty fee that was applied because I did not pay my account on the FIRST of the month. My loan clearly states I have until the 15th, but they do not honor this, and charge you variable amounts of penalties that they never post to your statements. Statements come blank. I usually pay $100 more than I owe, but sometimes that is not enough, especially if they lost a payment. Once they charged me $420 for not paying a month - where I had PROOF that I paid, but they misapplied the payment somehow. It took 60 days to straighten out, and in the mean time I had to send them $420 PLUS my payment AGAIN to avoid foreclosure.

    I have sent complaints to the FTC, and my State Attorney General.

    These people are CROOKS plain and simple. Someone in that comapny needs to go to JAIL, and FAST.

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I received a phone call on my cell phone from someone representing Green Tree. They said they were calling about my mortgage payment due on the 1st. It was the 7th of the month so the payment is 6 days late, but still within the grace period and not even subject to a last fee until the 15th. The woman demanded that I make a payment over the phone with her immediately. I refused stating that I would make the payment with a check by the mail as I always have to avoid the pay-by-phone fee. I also informed her that I have always paid between the 10th and 15th because that is when I get paid. She began yelling at me, telling me my account was going into collections and that I had no choice but to pay immediately by the phone. I asked for her name which she refused to give me. I told her the conversation was over and I hung up the phone while she was yelling into in that she would be seeing me in court. This was the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I mean, really...6 days late?

  • Jo
    Jody Day Oct 11, 2010

    Sounds just like something Green Tree would do to me. I told them that I sent a check in the mail, gave them my check number per their request and still got a call two days later from them by a harrasing agent asking about my payment. If you are just going to ignore the notes on your system, why waste your time calling your customer and bothering them about it. This is typical Green Tree!!! They need to remove the word service from their name and replace it with harrasment!

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  • So
    Sobeidy Aug 16, 2011

    My home loan is only 1 month behind and I have received over 6 call a day from Green Tree, they called my job to the point that my supervisor had to come to the phone and let them know that it is a business and to stop harassment. We all should report this...

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  • Dp
    dpkeog Aug 12, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When Bank of America sold my mortgage to Green Tree 1-1/2 years ago, they foreclosed on me despite the fact that I had sent the payment in to Bank of America This ignorant agent, Jolanda, calls me if my payment is a day late, and is constantly calling afterwards. She has called my place of work, and constantly is calling someone who has no connection to me other than I had house sat for her and used her phone to call them 1x- Jolanda calls her house much more frequently than mine, and according to the woman, is extremely abusive on the phone. I do believe that this is illegal activity.

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Mortgage was sold to them, problems arise!

Hello -

Our mortgage was recently sold from National City Mortgage to Green Tree. Most of the National City mortgages went to PNC, but a handful were sent to Green Tree, as in our case. A quick note, we have had this mortgage since 11/2007 and have never had a payment late or any issues. We are located in Maryland. Here is our problem now….

The amount that they are attempting to collect for our November payment is wrong (a couple hundred dollars more than what we should be paying). A gentleman called at the beginning of Novemer app. November 10-12 and asked how we were. He verified the payment and said he had not yet received our November payment. He told me the amount and I told him that that was the wrong amount. That amount was what it will be in January when our buydown expires. He then said to wait about 10 days and that by that time all of our paperwork would be in. If I did not hear from someone in 10 days, I should call back. When we first noticed this, we called immediately to speak with someone at Green Tree to explain why they were showing this amount. They told us that all of the documentation hasn't been transferred from National City and that they were waiting on more paperwork to come through. This paperwork inludes all of our loan information including escrow and previous payments made.We explained to them that we had a 2:1 buydown mortgage (our rate started at 5.35% for the first year, went to 6.35% for the second year, and then the third year through the life of the loan it would be 7.35%). We waited the week as we were advised by Green Tree to allow all the paperwork to come through, and called them back. They received all the paperwork but had no information on our mortgage being a 2:1 buydown, hence the reason they were showing the inflated payment. No one directly stated this until November 24 when someone finally pulled up the contract. Kayla, who I spoke to, looked at the information and compared it with the contract I had. Our contracts did not match. This is when she then said to fax the information. Previous people that I had talked to said that there MAY be a time when I would have to fax in proof of a buydown. Also, at this phone call and a previous one, Kayla and Rob were able to look at our payment coupons from National City and said Wow, you were paying a lower amount. They checked to make sure it was not an escrow increase and realized the escrow had stayed the same. In addition, our November payment was due at the beginning of the month, but the transfer of all our information wasn't in, so we weren't going to make the payment for the wrong amount, so we decided to wait, knowing our payment wouldn't be marked late yet….

Today is now 11/ 25 and they are still not budging, actually being quite miserable to deal with. We have spoken to about 8 different people and we have heard about 8 different things. I faxed them over documents from our contract showing proof of our buydown mortgage. The woman I spoke to today, Debbie, assured me that there is no way Kayla or Rob could have looked up my previous payment information. I assured her I was not l y ing and that they both had access to the information. She continued to tell me there was no way and I asked her to talk to Kayla or Rob to corroborate my story. She then said that I was in fact right and found the information under miscellaneuous. She did not realize we had used coupon books at National City. She said there was no way we could expedite loan processing and that we should make the payment if we could. I told her that we could not so her answer was that we would be reported and that I should call back next week at this time. Our #1 concern right now is we do not want our November payment to show as delinquent or reported on our credit as such, since we haven't made the payment yet, as it is the wrong payment. However, our faxed documents that I mentioned above, are now in Green Tree's loan processing department and that requires a 3 day turn around to make an adjustment if a discrepancy is found. This puts the decision coming through next week after 11/30, and thus our payment will show as delinquent, which we can't afford! We have asked, and asked, and asked, if this can be expedited to show the proper payment amount so we can make the payment before 11/30.

Another wrench in this whole ordeal is the fact that we have recently applied for the Home Modification program. Since our rate will jump to 7.35 in January, we tried to go the refinancing route, but our home didn't appraise for what we needed it to so we had to go the modification route. All the paperwork is in and all information is being analyzed, however, we will not get a decision for this until at LEAST the first week of December because they do not have our escrow amount from National City yet. If we are approved our payment will be adjusted immediately. One of the reps at Green Tree, who has been extremely helpful the only one who has been pleasent and direct to deal with, off the record, told us it would be smart to wait to send our payment through for Nov and wait and see if we got the mod, b/c if we did, our November payment would be adjusted. If this is the case, we do not have a lot to worry about but we will not know if we qualify until they receive our escrow information.

So we are left with a few options.

1) keep fighting and hope to get them to confirm the proper payment and send it in prior to 11/30.

2) send the wrong amount and hope to be compensated the proper amount
3) don't send a payment and see if they can reverse the delinquent account statement in which they will apply after 11/30 when they find out they are wrong (one of the reps said this can HAS been done, but I don't have much confidence in what they say).

4)Wait for the mod..if that goes through, we will be ok. But like I said, we may not qualify.

Is there any recourse or action that can be taken for all of this trouble that we being put through in this ordeal? We, feel like we have done nothing but have our mortgage transferred and are dealing with this for bad communication between the new/old lender. Any chance PNC/National City could help? Any suggestions/recommendations?

  • Mr
    MrsJessop Jan 25, 2010

    Our loan was also transfered from National City Mortgage to Green Tree and they have been a pain in the butt. Everyone has something different to say they claim we owe them money. Our mortgage was set up with the Equity Accelerator payments that are automaticly withdrawn from our checking and paid to our mortgage. They keep sending us bills for two payments and are now saying we owe them over 2000.00 that is mor than double our regular payment. Now our mortgage is so screwed up we are not sure what is happening. I belive we will refinance with someone else just so that we can start over and know exactly what is happening on it all. Hopefully we can get our payment to come down as well. Scrap Green Tree they suck.

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  • Mr
    Mrufe Jan 27, 2010

    My Moms account was sold from National City to Green Tree in the middle of a modification process! Green tree claims to have no idea about this modification and is now trying to collect the entire delinquency. it took Me almost a year to get National City to modify our morgage and now we are back at sqare 1. Something about it does not seem legal! I understand they can sell at any time but arent the accounts an "as is purchase"? Its like they are trying to find a way to kick out a 62 year old woman out of her home!

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  • Bn
    Bnick24 Jan 27, 2010

    They bought my mortgage from National City as well. What a nightmare! Three months and 15+ phone calls and my payment is still screwed up and still waiting for my escrow payment to be sent to me for my taxes I paid out of pocket. I dont know what to do.

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  • Ch
    christine frisbie Feb 16, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am still having very similar problems. When they transferred us to Greentree, they raised our payment. Our taxes went down by $1200.00, so our payment should have also go down. Greentree is a nightmare. Greentree says that they keep a buffer of 2 months payment in the escrow account. That is not what I agreed to with National City mortgage.
    I still do not know what is what and am on the verge of getting a lawyer. I would never have agreed to Greentree as a lender because they have a very bad reputation for screwing people over. I have yet to get my tax statement and today is February 17th., 2010. On Monday, a customer service agent told me that my January 09 interest payment was applied to 2008 taxes because I made it on December 30th. I made November 09 payment to National City because Greentree didn't have my records either.
    National City collected 13 PMI payment in 09 and Greentree added more. These are certainly just scams to bring the escrow balance up to the 2 months worth that they want
    to have extra in escrow account. Is this even legal? Can they change the terms of my mortgage without my signature? They are flat out crooks!

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  • Ca
    Californiasecond Mar 19, 2011

    We had a second with Bank of America that originated with Country Wide. In the first week of Feb 2011 we were advised that "Green Tree" would be servicing the account, but Bank of America would still own it? Since our payment was due on the 1st of March and late after the 15th we anticipated a communication from the new loan servicing company "Green Tree" prior to the 1st. We did not, in fact we did not receive any communication until the 14th which left us less than 24 hours to make the payment before our credit was affected by a late payment. To add insult to injury, we went to the "Green Tree" web site hoping to make a payment, and we were surprised we had to pay an additional 12.00 to do so. With no other alternative, and feeling exploited under the circumstances we paid using the service and sent a EM requesting the 12.00 fee be waived. We have not heard back, but did notice the amount debited from our checking account. (makes me wonder how many others were duped into paying this fee) Today is March 18th and we just received a statement from "Green Tree" dated Feb 28th and demanding payment by March 1st, kinda late don't you think? Based upon other complaints seen and our own first impression, there has to be some truth to these complaints and hope everyone will follow suit and file complaints with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) the local State Attorney Generals Office, and your local Congressman. These corrupt [censor] have to be put in their place, and an end has to come from this kind of profiteering at the expense of the consumer.

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  • Wi
    Windowprops Dec 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We were transferred from BOA to Greentree in Aug 2011, We have been in our house since 1998 our countrywide loan never changed but was turned over to BOA about a year ago after we were notified that Countrywide had sold account info. BOA was great!!! Then came Greentree. Their practices are bent to their favor. I find that the statements are always wrong. Everything supposedly automated so they can't stop the phone calls (even after arrangements have been made), or stop home visits (never had one before Greentree.) I have spoken with one rep who is working with me now (we have had our moments but refuse to talk to any one else. But, I don't feel secure, I feel that they an apply or not apply payments, approve or delay modification and short sales and force default. Honestly, I would be afraid to try to get out of this mortgage, after what I have read in the posts online. I am caught up with my loan (2 wks late) but not on time yet. Has anyone been helped by

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Liars and thiefs

Greentre Servicing lies to customers.They bought Conseco loans and did not even put both of our names on the loan, even though that was the way it was on the Conseco loan.They call and call and are rude and try to bully us into paying more.Loan amount has changed only 3000.00 in 8 yrs. since financing with Conseco.Has not changed at all since Greentree took over Conseco.These people will not work with customers and are constantly threatening foreclosure.We got behind on loan last year, made some of it up and this year have paid almost 2 payments ahead.They call and say we have not made a payment since May!They are Thieves!Why can we, the consumers, not do somthing about this?Pissed in Mississippi!

unprofessional behavior

I am renting a moblie home that is financed in another ladie's name (no relation to me) and for the rent, I make the payments to Greentree Servicing as a rent to own deal with the lady mentioned above. I got behind once and Greentree served ME papers to go to court. I called them and told them they can't do that, because my name is no where on any paperwork they have. They tried to tell me yes, they CAN do it so I told them I would contact my lawyer (I don't have one but they don't know that) and suddenly they dropped the whole thing. A few years later, I got behind again because my husban'ds work hours were drastically cut. One of the gals that work there told me she could have me kicked out of the home in 10 days and I told her no, she couldn't, the loan is set up on a monthly basis and they would have to give me more that 10 days. Her reply was "watch me do it!". Then she told me to have a yard sale and sell off my possessions to get the rest of the payment (I had already sent a partial payment) I laughed and incredulous type of laugh because that was so ludicrous and she told me, "oh, you think that's funny? It won't be when I have you kicked out!" I started to tell her something else and she hung up on me. VERY professional. I called her right back and she wouldn't answer but had the call sent straight to CS, who switched me to the lady's supervisor. The supervisor told me that the first woman had NO right telling me they could have me kicked out in 10 days, and that from what I told her, the woman's behavior was unacceptable and would be spoken to about it. THIS is the type of people they have working at Greentree. The supervisor was respectful, but the first one I talked to was rude and condesending (AND uninformed) beyond belief.

  • Ca
    caroljean54 Mar 17, 2012

    I am a homeowner in Wisconsin, my husband is unemployed but diligently seeking employment, I am disabled due to a seizure disorder & a broken back. My husband receives $363/week unemployment & I receive my disability payment on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. Our mortgage payment is due on the 1st but not late until the 15th of the month. Last Saturday, on the 10th of March, a representative phoned our home at 8:15 am & spoke with my husband to remind him our payment had not been received yet (we knew this) She wanted to do a check over the phone & he told her "no" because the last time we did that they took the money out of our bank account before they said they were going to causing an overdraft. She told him they play hardball & force people like us out of our home. We have kept every promise & have caught up on all past due payments plus late fees. We receive hang up phone calls from Green Tree multiple times a day. When they create overdraft fees on our checking account, they're not wiling to pay the overdraft fees they incur. but they don't mind charging late fees to someone in financial duress. I have worked in credit & collections for a large utility company before & would never dream of treating a consumer like they do.

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I've been paying on a single wide trailer for 10yrs. My start off was 48, 522.00 in June of 1999, with Greentree financial. My payoff as of today Sept 19, 2009 is 47, 265.80. I have paid over 48, 000 in interest alone. By the time this is paid off it will have been $151, 130.00. I have complained to the BBB and filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. BBB has had 360 complaints in the last 36 months with only 120 closed...not resolved. I call to complain and a man name Kelly states that there are singlewides worth $151, 000---are they outlined in GOLD? They say that everytime we make a payment that's over the requested amount it's not going towards the principal...it's going towards the next month's payment! We pay online...they say the only way for it to go towards the principal is if we call each time and tell them!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COMPANY? HAVE THEY NO MORALS?

Bad service

This company (Green Tree Serv) has been calling our house repeatedly for the last three months, starting in July. They ask to speak to a person called Emilio Hernandez, usually via a pre-recorded message. When I finally got a live person, and said who we are, they were very rude and would not tell me their company name. I have told them repeatedly that they have a wrong number, to no avail. So finally, when those calls exceeded 3 per day, I bought a phone with caller ID. Before this purchase, I also did repeatedly ask them (Green Tree) to stop their calls and check their information. This did not work. I have never had any business with this company, nor do I intend to. Lately, 2 days ago, I got bombarded with "toll free calls", again with pre-recorded messages and the odd comment on the answering machine that Hernandez is supposed to return this call. I have also received messages on my answering machine from Conn's. They are also asking for Hernandez. It is very tiresome to answer the phone and hear that you are supposed to have this person in your house when you do not.

Fraud alert

With the current economic crisis hitting so many Americans across the nation, this company lacks sensitivity when dealing with its customers and their issues. Unlike other mortgage lenders this bank is unwilling to work with the customer to assist in meeting the customer's need and ensuring a good business relationship. For a payment made on the 30th day this bank refused to not report to the credit agencies although the reason for the delay was explained and the payment history has never reflected a late payment. In times like these companies like Green Tree make consumers feel even more miserable about their situations and zaps away any good faith efforts made or motivation to making things work. This company only cares about the money they collect and not the people they serve!

  • Fl
    flybynight191 Dec 03, 2009

    My mother and I moved to Oregon in 98' and went to a mobile home dealer in the area called BUY-RITE and it was because we we two women desperate to find a place because we were staying with my mom's best friend at the time and we had a dog and the apartment complex's around all had issue's with a large dog we had a thousand dollars to put down on a place and it was late afternoon on a friday when the two men running BUY-RITE mobile home sales started to assist us they looked over a list of repo's and decided to show us one that was in a park now it was already getting dusk out and the power inside the mobile was shut off so we couldn't take a close look but it didn't seem to be to bad, we had be approved by the park which we had only just peeked in the park's office and asked for the application which was going to take atleast a week to be processed and approved the woman told us. We left and went back to BUY- RITE to discuss the place since it was late we couldn't look at any more places and asked if the gentelman could show us around more the following day but he made an excuse and offered to see if the lending agent they used could even grant us approval on the amount of the repo since we didn't have great credit and just moved there so neither of us were working yet. He asked for a good faith payment to hold the place and he would submit some paperwork to GREENTREE LENDING and we would know something come monday well I was to be a co-signer for my mother and they were asking $19, 000 for the repo mobile home. On that saterday morning we stopped in at another mobile home sales office and talked with their sales manager and ended up talking about the repo we had barely got to look at the night before he said he knew the place and asked if we wanted to get a look in daylight at it so we did and saw that the electric wires were hanging out of the outlets there was bad mold damage in the walls and the roof was caving in thru the kitchen cabinets and I about fell thru the bathroom floor I assumed water damage there too. Well first thing after seeing how bad the place was and that it was not even liveable my mother canceled the $500 good faith check and the $1, 000 check to GREENTREE LENDING as well, That monday morning the salesmen from BUY-RITE were harassing us screaming at my mother until she was in tears for canceling the check even after trying to explain and even ask both BUY-RITE and GREENTREE if the lemon law or 72hr law applied? exspecially since we never had park approval and never steped in the place other than to see how bad of shape it was really in. GREENTREE was just as rude and didn't care they might have if I would of got a laywer at the time. Now my mother has filed bankrupsy back in 99' because they wouldn't let her out of it and now it's been almost twelve years and they are still after me relentlesly to collect since I was the co-signer on the repo I can't afford a lawyer or to file bankrupsy myself how can this insane place stay in business I am sure we are not the only ones they have swendled! is there anything I can do now? Lorin Las Vegas

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  • Ga
    Gary J. Palys Apr 04, 2010

    On February 26th. 2010 my mobile home was destroyed in a wind storm when two trees fell on it. I notified Statefarm, my insurance company. Three days later, the adjuster came. He totaled the home saying it hit 80% of the NADA value. I asked him about removing the home from the mobile home park so that I wasn't going to be charged the park rent of $465 a month. He said that they would take care of removing the home. Well it turned out that the NADA value was only around $29, 000 for my home that I still owed $50, 000 on. I couldn't believe that they could have depreciated my mobile home by half. About 2 weeks later, the adjuster said that he was mistaken and that I would have to remove the home from the property as there were no titling issues in New Hampshire. I am not sure what he meant by that. If he had told me that 2 weeks earlier I could have gotten a estimate. I got a estimate finally of $8, 500 to have it demolished and removed from the park. He gave me a check for $27, 767.34 I looked at it and said I thought you said the NADA value was $29, 000 and also, I have to use $8, 500 out of this to have the home removed? There was also $1, 500 that was being paid to me and my friends for removing the trees from the mobile home and hauling away the debris. That would leave only $17, 767.34 going to Green Tree to be applied to the mortgage. I was very angry and went to the New Hampshire Insurance Department and filed a complaint against Statefarm. A few days later, the adjuster called me and said he misunderstood his supervisor on how this claim was to be paid. I met with him the next day and he gave me a revised settlement and a check for another $11, 705.70 leaving me with two checks totaling $39, 473.04 which was better, but still not what I had in mind. I sent the settlement paperwork and the checks to Green Tree. A few days later, I called Green Tree to find out how to go about getting the $8, 500 to have the home removed. Green Tree said that the settlement says nothing about the home being totaled, and that they would not release the $8, 500 when there was still a balance on the mortgage. I said, so you are not going to honor the settlement with my insurance company when it is written right there in the settlement? He said they would not do that and that my insurance company should be covering me for the full $68, 800 that was on my insurance declaration page. I told him I was not replacing the home so they pay it as actual cash value minus depreciation. He said it doesn't matter, a lot of people don't replace the home and that I should still get the full $68, 800. Well if things worked that way, I would have been a lot better off, but unfortunately that is not the way it works. Well just to keep things straight, I called Statefarm in Jacksonville FL. and talked with a gentleman named Fred. I told him that Green Tree was not going to honor the settlement and pay to have the home removed, and that Green Tree told me that Statefarm should have paid me the full $68, 000 and also that Green Tree said that the settlement doesn't say the home was totaled. Fred said that there were a lot of discrepancies in the settlement. The adjuster had said that it has to hit 80% of the value of the home to be totaled, but it looks like he based the 80% on the wrong value. He based it on the NADA value of $29, 000 and it should have been based on the declaration value of $68, 800. Well needless to say, the home has received a lot more water and wind damage since the night it was destroyed. Statefarm is supposed to get back to me after they figure out the mess. The adjuster was sent up from Ohio because of all the damage there was in the state that night. He has since been discharged and sent back to Ohio. Every time I called Green Tree, I get someone different and have to rehash the whole thing with them and it seems they all have their own opinion as to how it should be handled. In the mean time, I am left in no mans land and just wish Statefarm and Green Tree would come to some kind of a agreement and clue me in later. My bills are piling up over this whole thing and I can't pay them. Oh and to make matters worse, the home was vandalized and the insurance company had already closed my home owners policy. What should be happening here is that the home should be removed from the park for $8, 500 and they can keep the $1, 500 that was to be paid to me and apply it toward the mortgage so that they will have $30, 973.04 in total to apply toward the mortgage and then we can come to some type of settlement for the other roughly $19, 000 that I will still owe. I know one thing, I will never buy another mobile home.

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    timetotellthetruth Feb 01, 2012

    In 2004 I had to claim a chapter 7 bankrupsy due to marital issues and exempted my lhome of course as it was a newer loan. The original bank sold my loan 2 years later to Green Tree and now 8 years later they claim that I put my house under the bankrupsy. My credit since they claim that zero payments have been made (I have not missed one in 12 years) is total crap and they claim the house is under a bankrupsy. (From over 7 years ago in which it was exempt) I have found that from searching all of the bad info on green tree that they are keeping peoples credit low so they can not refinance or build new and get out from under the massive intrest rates by (A) not reporting payments to the credit beuru and (B) in my case stating that my house is under a 7 year old bankrupsy that the house was exempt from. Under my circumstances and due to my 17% debt to income ratio, perfect payments, cash in bank, stocks, etc etc... I should have a 700+ credit score but am at 580 due to their trash... I have spent years trying to build credit. I am sure they will come up with a nasty response but the fact is that I have alredy consulted an attournry and they are in the wrong... They are a give to the rich and take from the poor... Or in my case I have increased my pay to over 60k a year (Cmon it is not that bad) and they still keep my credit so low that I can not get a credit card. I make 60k... My payment is $550.00... I have no debt... I bought a car and not only paid it off but 2 years early in cash... The only reason my credit is so bad is that Green tree claims my house is under a bankrupsy from almost 8 years ago and I have not made any payments... I have bank statements, insurance, property taxes, appraisals, and the original chapter 7 documents from 2004 that say otherwise... You be the judge.

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