GreenGeeksrefuses to cancel accounts

I have tried for two days to get this account canceled when it turned out that GreenGeeks has terrible customer service, cannot answer basic questions and has no way to backup website databases. They lie and then refused to cancel the account, asking me three or four times to confirm my cancellation, and then saying I was not responding when I demanded the cancellation -- which you have to submit a support ticket for. Which I did, immediately. You can't just ask their customer service.

They are complete sheisters and thieves and I suggest everyone avoid them. I had to dispute the charge with my bank. I am even thinking of suing them. They clearly refuse to cancel accounts and comply with customer wishes. You can't do anything or even ask a question and get an immediate response. Try any other host you can. It's a shame because I'd like to use an environmentally friendly host. YOUR COMPANY SUCKS. JUST PUT IT OUT OF BUSINESS.

Sep 30, 2019

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