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I had similar problem to those already posted. Unfortunately I had ordered the two 'free' trials for Green Tea Purity and Power Colon Cleanse. Did not realise these pills were to be sent back within 14 days, however, as they were sent from China it was past the 14 day deadline before I actually received it, although I have only received ONE 'free' sample of the Power Colon Cleanse and none of the Green Tea. However I have been billed £50.04 TWICE from the Green Tea company and the same from Power Colon Cleanse and have received no more items. Tried sorting it out with bank but I have to send every bit of correspondence to them to try and sort out and they will have to get the 'companies' to prove that I knew I was setting up a subscription. It's a nightmare, cus Im already £150+ out of pocket for nothing! I have rang the Customer Support number where the girl (obviously a call centre) told me it was definitely now cancelled, however she could not tell me why I was billed twice for items not received, or indeed what the return address would be if I DID receive any items and needed to return them! I feel so stupid as what was supposed to be a free trial has cost a packet!!! I have cancelled my credit card this morning but was told by my Card Services that they cannot guarantee that they will not get money from the new card as they do not know what way the thing was set up in the first place. My bank are trying to resolve this matter for me, but im not hopeful to get a refund!

Let me know if anyone has had a positive outcome following one of these scams!




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      Jan 26, 2009
    Green Colon Tea - Unauthorized billing
    Green Colon Tea
    United States

    I canceled my membership and the company still took $90 out of my account on Oct. 29, 2008 and sent their product.When I called to complain 2 days later they gave me a 7-10 business days time frame after I gave them the tracking number from the post office that I had sent the product back. I called again early Dec. 2008 and was told it would be credited on 12/19/08, that they were having computer problems. I called again on 12/29/08 and was told it would be credited in 4-5 business days because they had a high volume of requests for credit. I got the street address today and I am going to write a letter but I think I have been scammed!

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      Jul 08, 2009

    Just like the last post I too ordered the 'free trial' of both the gree tea & colon cleanse pills only to find myself in the same situation. I have just been charged a 2nd time for both products which I also have not received. I have just cancelled my subscription on line, but after reading the last post I am now very concerned that this will not be done and further amounts will be taken. I have been scammed for just over £220 so far and have also been told by my bank that I have to take this up with the company, if not successfull then I can write to my bank to see what they can do. Does anyone know how to find out if legal action can be taken agains these companies?

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      Jul 09, 2009


    im on the same boat as you, as by today have you managed to sort anything out by any chance as im trying to and no joy with the emails and not much from my bank too. please could post me any news that i could find usefull many thanks

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      Jul 13, 2009

    I got scammed as well. I cancelled my credit card and have filed forms with my bank. The return address that the power colon cleanse was sent from is:

    Choi Factory
    N0. 26 De Heng Road
    Chaozhou Guangdong China

    I am going to check with the post office tomorrow to see if there is anything they can do or any advise they can give me.

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