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pain patches/diet

For all of you people thinking everyone involved in this company is "in on scamming you" think again. A lot of these call reps are lead to believe they really are helping people and working for a reputable company. They do what their told to do in order to get a paycheck. And another thing, if some of you would read or pay attention during the billing disclosure, you wouldn't have a problem!!

herbal groups diet max patches

I've tried this product for a week I've seen the results and also there is bruising around the area where I...

ask for sample they sent several

Ask for sample they needed a credit card for the postage.they sent several bottles. I have e-mailed them...


I ordered a free trial offer and paid shipping for $5.99. Weeks later I received six bottles and my credit card was charged $99.87. I tried to reach them by email and they no longer receive emails. I called customer service and music plays for 15 minutes and the call just ends. Then they automatically charge your credit card and continue to send you these products every 2 months. So now I have to cancel my card. This is a scam!

The website does not work and the phone number keeps disconnecting

I ordered a FREE sample of this product- Intra Cleanse which stated you had to pay shipping and handling and you would receive a FREE sample of this cleansing product. Once received, it states on the information insert that if you do not return the unused portion within two weeks your account will be charged $88.73!! The website does not work and the phone number keeps disconnecting. I did reach an operator and she put me on hold, then the line was conveniently disconnected. I WILL be getting to the bottom this even if I have to contact a lawyer.

  • Pa
    Papadopolis Oct 06, 2015

    This is a west coast company, call during their business hours and you will reach someone! I have had 100% success with Herbal Groups and more people need to understand the terms as well as exercise and diet to improve their results!

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Naturally Young Intra Cleanse

I also was mislead by this company's add for a "Risk Free" trial. I expected to pay the shipping charges to sample this product, then discovered I would be billed $88.73 for the product. Many of us apparently missed this information in the fine print of the Terms & Conditions. I am not interested in doing business with a company whose business practice is to catch people unaware. My experience, so far, has been better than some. I had only the shipping charges (That I had agreed to) on my credit card statement. I did not open the product. I emailed Paul Avila @herbalgroups.com. I also called Customer Service at [protected]. I received immediate response and was assured from both places that I could return the product, and would not be billed. I will watch closely to be sure it will happen this way. (Paul Avila made an offer for me to try the product, at NO cost, then just reorder if I chose to. I was not interested.) Since Mr. Avila wrote eloquently that Herbal Groups is a reputable company, I wrote back that I could not trust a company that would use these promotion practices. Perhaps it would help if they received many such responses from potential customers.

  • Ri
    Richard E Lugent Jan 10, 2009

    I should of come on this site first and seen all the complaints before I ordered. I received my shipment yesterday with two extra bottles in it of which they plan to charge me at the end of 14 days. I called twice yesterday and left my number for a return call and received no response. As with the others I agree this was a spam and we are getting taken. However I used my credit card and I will see if I can get these charges stopped before they occurr. Again the American public gets taken for a ride.

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  • Su
    susan garten Jan 13, 2009

    thought i was getting a product for the cost of shipping and handling only. but sent me several products, and a letter saying they will bill me in two weeks! for items i did not request. I simply want to return and the $88.73 returned to my account .thank you susan garten.

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  • Ni
    Nicole Jan 27, 2009

    If you send your product within the 15 days (including from the date shipped) back to the addresses on the packing slip they will cancel your order and you will not be charged the 89 dollars or whatever the case is. I had the same problem but caught their trick before I was ever charged. I hope this helps.

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  • Ma
    Marlene Deslauriers Mar 04, 2009

    Ordered free sample from ad off internet in conjunction with acai berry ad as seen on Oprah. Received free sample but then a couple days later my account was charged for the product. Tried to call several times and email as well but can't get through either way so they keep billing my account and sending me more product. Left a voicemail message for them and mailing back product to them.

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I sent away for the intra cleanse system for $5.95, when I received the product there were 4 bottles in total in the envelope and I was informed that I would be charged for the products in 2 weeks if I did not send the bottles back to them within the 2 weeks... problem was I received them 2 weeks after ordering them. I tried calling numerous times, left my name and number several times, sat on hold this last time for over 30 minutes before someone picked up and when I stated that I would like my money back and that their products were on the way back to them, the man on the other line told me we " have a bad connection" and the line went dead. This is the biggest scam and I am now determined to get my money back no matter how.

  • Co
    Complaints Feb 09, 2009

    Not only did the same thing happened to me as previous writer but in addition...my step 2 bottle still had the plastic wrap losely wrapped around the top but once opened it did not have the inner seal. Red flag went up and for some reason I decided to count out the number of capsule and was short ten. In short, not only did they scam me out of close to $90.00 but gave me an opened bottle and was short of capsules. Going to complaints.com and everywhere else I can place this complaints.

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  • Me
    melba fry Feb 22, 2009

    My bottle only came with 59 capsules and without a seal.

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  • Sc
    SC USA Mar 04, 2009

    The same thing happened to me. I ordered the Intra Cleanse product. It was a FREE TRIAL OFFER. Just pay $5.95 for S/H, Which I did. Then I get this Naturally Young product which came in 3 different bottles. I am sending them back and I refuse to pay anything else.
    SC USA

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  • Hd
    H. D. D. Apr 02, 2011

    I have never ordered anything from this company, on 4/1/2011 they called me at 10:pm (their time) stating I had ordered a male enhancement product. I'm 27yrs old I don't need that yet and did not order it, they did have my name and phone number correct. I stated again I never ordered from them, the caller told me I must have forgotten. Again I'm 27 I don't forget and would remember ordering this type of product. She went on with her spiel while I was asking her why she was calling and where she got my number. She seemed to get flustered and hung up. I will be checking my cc# to make sure they don't charge anything I never ordered or received. My phone ID gave the number as (201) 383-4870. I called them back, they did not answer.

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  • Du
    duggydoo May 09, 2012

    I just had the same thing happen to me, after a few calls that I didn't answer, I decided to call the number 973 area code, they said they were the herbal group and I was interested in male enhancement. After I asked if they were based in New Jersey the girl hung up, again I called back and told them I was just called, apparently they have a small group of people working for them, the male who answered told me they didn't call and he then promptly hung up. My only concern is charges on a credit card, if they got my phone number and name why couldn't they get my credit card number. Did you the 27 yr od get charged. thanks

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intra cleanse kit

30 day risk free trial of intra cleanse kit...sent 60 day and included letter stating there would be a charge...

False advertising

Another frustrated person who fell into this ridiculous scam!! I've tried calling to cancel my "free"...

Inra Cleanse free trial

I ordered a free trial offer and paid shipping for $5.99. Weeks later I received six bottles and my credit card was charged $99.87. I tried to reach them by email and they no longer receive emails. I called customer service and music plays for 15 minutes and the call just ends. Then they automatically charge your credit card and continue to send you these products every 2 months. So now I have to cancel my card. This is a scam!

  • Ma
    MaryT Jan 06, 2009

    I also fell victim to this scam. The advertisement was posted on my browser page by a woman who testified that the intracleanse product was beneficial. She also testified to the fact that it worked well in conjunction with the Acai Berry pills. Both were offerred as a full size sample of the product for free with only shipping charges required. When I received the products, there were no invoice numbers or any information with my name on it. And, of course, the letter stated that I will have to pay >$88.00 for what I received and that I will be receiving the products every 2 weeks. I tried to speak to someone and was disconnected three times. I was given strange names by the people I did speak with. I hope this fraudulence can be attended to asap since so many of us already have been involved.

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  • Ja
    jackie Jan 18, 2009

    I also was caught up in the scam. I received the intra cleanse with some free 'stuff' and only had to pay shipping. I did read on the website to cancel within 14 days, which I planned on doing. The phone numbers that I had were never available when I attempted to call and cancel. It either sais system busy or we're so busy with calls leave a name and number. I emailed them and received a response immediately stating thanks for contacting us we'll get back to you in 3-4 days, still nothing. I was charged the fee after 14 days and was able to get a phone number off my credit card statement (not toll free). they said send back the unused and we will credit your account. That hasn't happened yet. Hopefully there will be enough complaints to look into this scam.

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  • Di
    Dinah Jan 24, 2009

    I saw a debit on my statement and also fell victim to this scam. However, I did receive a person on the line and he said that he would have his people credit my card. I normally will not do ads like this but sure did make the mistake of doing this time..

    Learned my lesson!!!

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  • Sh
    Shannon Feb 02, 2009

    I wished I wouldve found these reviews before I ordered. SCAM. I did actually get to talk to a person, but it was a foreigner and I couldnt understand him hardly at all. Get an English speaking person to answer the phone! UHHG. From what I made out I will have to PAY to ship this crap back, or I will be billed $88. I think i'm going to the bank to cancel my debit card, because I have a feeling that they will bill me anyway. I'm so mad. From now on if Walmart doesnt have it, I wont buy it. No more internet orders. I feel really taken advantage of.
    I also have a feeling that this is just a laxative that I couldve got at any store.
    When I placed my order there was no mention of ever having to pay for my free bottle. Only shipping. When I went to their website today it no longer says that!
    I can see how you could lose weight just ordering this, all the hassle will defintly make you lose your appetite.


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  • Cr
    crystal Feb 23, 2009

    I also was scammed i sent in for the free trial and paid ship & handeling and was charged 88.73 to my acount, and sent stuff that i did not order. I guess i wont be just loseing weight, i also lose a whole crap load of money!


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misrepresented product

I ordered a FREE sample of this product- Intra Cleanse which stated you had to pay shipping and handling and...

took money from my account

i ordered a colon cleanser shipping charges only were to be charged. i got things i did not order and before...

false advertising

I ordered the free trial offer. I received in the mail six bottles of intra cleanse. Little did i know there...

False Advertising

False Advertising. I agreed to try a FREE bottle of Intra Cleanse Step one and I agreed to pay to shipping...

Rip Off- Supposed to be free trial- charged $99.86 plus shipping

Placed an order with Herbal Groups Inc. after seeing an add on nation wide TV for diet products. The add stated that it was a free trial but I was charged $99.86 before I had a chance to return the product. I have reviewed this company on Google and have found numerous complaints similar to my experience. When I tried to call Herbal Groups about sending the order back I was treated to a free ten miute piano concert and then a disconnect that hung up my phone, tried three different times and got the same results. I used a credit card to pay for the shipment and was told by my bank that nothing could be done about the charges but, in order to prevent further charges, was advised to cancel my card and I did so. This company should be put out of business by the California Attorney General and be made to make restitution to all that ordered their trial product.

  • Ci
    cindy Dec 23, 2008

    I was sent products that I never ordered the add said that it ws a free trial, but it is not free.

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  • El
    Elaine Edson Dec 26, 2008

    I agree with this complaint from woodbury Tenn. Herbal Groups, Inc is a scam. They say the product is free to try for 30 days but they charge you $99.89 before the 30 days are up and you do not get a chance to send the product back at no charge if it does'nt work for you. Which by the way it does not work. I have tryed to get in touch with them at the #they give you if you have a complaint but can never get through to them. I want to say that if they take any more of my money out of my credit card I will sue them for out and out theif.

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  • Ca
    catcz Feb 19, 2009

    I ordered 1 product of Intra Cleanse, and sent it back a week later. I called them and they said I would continue to be billed the $88.73 every month. So far they have gotten into my account and taken 4-5 dollars out every week or so. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE, THEY ARE SCAMMERS. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!!!

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  • Dj
    DJWise Mar 16, 2012

    I just want to thank the people who posted their complaints online, they saved me from a great headache and possibly saved me a bundle of money. I just got a call from "Herbal Group", I have no idea how they got my # but they gave me the line about just paying S&H at the low price of $9.95 this low price, from what I'm reading could have cost me hundreds. Thank You all again!!!

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