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I rented a car via and selected an agent called 121carehire which sent me to Green Motion in Heathrow. My experience was as follows:-

1. No bus to pick you up from the airport and ended up on a 40 minute to a Holiday Inn some considerable distance from the airport!!! Definitely not an Airport Car rental service!!

2. I have always taken the basic insurance package from every car hire company and have always opted fro the excess option which for the level of car I hire is generally 1, 000.00 pounds sterling when renting in the UK.

3. It was only when coming to sign the Green Motion agreement that I noticed that the excess of 1, 000.00 pounds sterling did NOT cover windows, lights, underside of vehicle, roof of vehicle and wheels... I was told it only covered the body work to the side, front and back of the vehicle so presumably did not include the engine. or interior This was the first time I have ever come across this in some 30 years of renting vehicles!!!

4. To get the level of cover I normally enjoy with the 1, 000.00 excess from any mainstream car hire company I would have to pay Green Motion an additional 30.00 pounds sterling per day which was more than 60% of my daily hire.

5. I was told that if I was involved in an accident that I could very well end up paying for the entire vehicle if it was written off even if I was not at fault. For example if I was struck by a driver who did not have insurance. Bearing in mind that there are almost 1.5 million drivers on UK roads that are uninsured then this become a very realistic risk.

6. The office did not have a copy of their insurance cover and was unable to reassure me about the level of insurance cover in the event that my family or I were injured.

It should be noted that non of the above was in the terms and conditions that I reviewed when I accepted the 121carhire quote.

This company claims to be "Green" and environmental which is absolute rubbish... they are not and hide behind the statement that there cars have low emission which is a UK Government requirement anyway!

At the earliest opportunity I called the Green Motion customer service people and frankly wasted 40 minutes of my time. I ended up returning th vehicle and renting through a reputable company. This cost me over 50% of my rental cost which was for 19 days in total and I only had the vehicle for 3 days so I accepted a major financial hit.

For me it was worth the loss of money purely for the peace of mind not to worry about the poor insurance cover and policies of this company.

I had no problem with the staff who were nice people however even they were embarrassed by the company's attempts to upcharge on every possible opportunity. I was not the only one who was misled as a gentleman from Dubai also has the same problem and when I returned the vehicle another Lady was shocked that she was not covered by insurance as she had been led to believe when she booked the car on the internet.

This is a blatant attempt to increase the car hire charge by over 50% and as such this makes them far more expensive than the reputable companies such as Avis, Hertz, Thrifty, National, Enterprise and Europe Car... Avoid this company as their tactics are very underhand, sneaky and duplicitous!!!

One final point is that we were planning to take the vehicle to France for a few days however the charge levied by Green Motion was over double that charged by the mainstream companies including an outrageous daily insurance charge... if your agent suggest this company then cancel the booking immediately if you wish to save an aggravating and worrying experience!!!


  • Ma
    Maxence Cupper May 21, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Never rent a car there. They will find non existing or hidden scratches and charge you from 200£ to 800£ for that. As the problems are hidden, they won't repair and do the exact same with next customers. We're queuing with other people having the exact same problem...

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  • Ri
    Ripdoffagain Mar 21, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    NEVER RENT GREENMOTION! I was scammed by them too, twice. Stupid me for returning, as they blamed the 3rd party rental service for the first scam. Second was that they did not recognise my BC, Canada legal driver's licence, and so if I was to rent the car (already paid 80 GBP), then I had to take their extra insurance amounting to 224 GBP, and extra 280% surprise. I already have full comprehensive insurance thru my Canadian insurance, but not acceptable. After a long transatlantic flight, I felt I had no other choice. I asked to talk to the manager, but the manager said he doesn't have time to talk with me, director actually sitting in the other room, watching thru the window, making poor business decisions.

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  • Ch
    Christosmalaka Dec 11, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Terrible from beginning to end, and defrauded me of over 350 GB pounds. Do not use at any cost !!! This should be zero stars.
    A real litany of terrible service, flippant staff who don’t know the meaning of customer service, and blatant dishonesty. They should be prosecuted.
    On arrival to the office after 24 hour flight, we had to wait 2 hours, then pay for an upgrade as they didn’t have the automatic in the cheaper class we booked, but just the prestige model. They kept saying a car would be coming in a few minutes, but it never did. Eventually they insisted we pay extra to upgrade, after 2 hours of waiting before they would release an automatic car.
    The man went around the car pointing out the dents and scratches, including a large scratch in the back bumper. He said he had noted it on the diagram but stupidly after 24 hours flying and 2 hours waiting in the office we didn’t check the diagram in our hurry to get out of the office.
    They wrote down the wrong postcode for the satnav to return the car, taking us to their old office which no longer exists.
    On returning the car, a big bouncer type employee who would have been an asset to the Russian mafia told us the scratch was new and that we would have to pay 355 pounds to have it fixed. He also said, or grunted, that there were 2 other new scratches but the man at the desk admitted those were there before,
    We had to wait at the counter 45 minutes to be served, and then longer for the shuttle meaning we were running late for the flight home and had no time to argue. They knew and we knew they were ripping us off and there was nothing we could do about it. He was serving me for 45 minutes and couldn't even look me in the eye.
    My young daughter waited in the office with me over that time and when we left she said she was shocked by the “mean” way the other employees treated other customers they dealt with over that time.
    I had excess insurance so will not be paying for the damage myself, so have no reason to make this up.
    Avoid, avoid, avoid. The worst car rental company I have ever dealt with. I honestly believe their business model is based on reliable and consistent criminal fraud.

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  • Hl
    H.Leo Apr 17, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Upon car collection, staff Costa pointed out a little dent on the side and a scratch. Costa told me a scratch 1.5mm deep is considered a damage. I was immediately thankful that he had done so. What I didn't know is that he did not indicate that scratch in the form he asked me to sign. I had trusted him and signed in good faith.

    On returning the car, another staff Aniesh (not sure about his name) scrutinised that car under direct sun ray, saw that scratch and accused me of causing it. I denied it. I reasoned by relating about the "1.5mm-deep scratch" conversation I had with Costa. When we asked Costa, Costa denied and claimed that I had scrutinised the car for "30 minutes" that it was fine without scratch before driving away. This is untrue. I did not scrutinise the car. Absolutely not for 30min. My whatsapp conversations revealed I was rushing for my family at the airport and gave them a ten minute waiting gap upon car collection.

    Under duress
    I had no choice but to pay for the charge under duress as I had a plane to catch and time was running out. I am such an easy target.

    Unjustifiable terms
    For that frivolous faint scratch, I am charged me 324 pounds! Is this amount justifiable?

    Business Model?
    What kind of a policy is this for a car company wishing to build itself on good long term reputation?

    Why would Costa not indicate the scratch on my form and why would he lie?

    Philosophically, there's no reasonable explanation except that fraud or ill-will is intended

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  • Bw
    BWong99 Jun 26, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    WORST car rental EVER! Same surcharge, lies, dishonest problems happened to us 2 weeks ago. We are also stuck with claims from pre-existing damages totaling 800 pounds after we paid many $$$$ for insurance for driving in France, upgrade to diesel car, etc. DO NOT ever rent from Green Motion or ACE (on Expedia website). Do your research on Green Motion on Tripadvisor. Also read this website -

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  • Su
    SUKHBIR SINGHnyc Mar 21, 2015

    Same happened to me two days ago. This is the worst car rental place on earth.

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  • My
    mythoswarrior Nov 05, 2014

    I agree with this complaint! Green Motion at Heathrow is the worst company I have EVER done business with and will work hard to protect others from their rude, lying employees--who of course, refused to give me their names or their business cards when telling me they were going to charge me for damage. I have pictures of the car where they claim their is damage and you can't see anything!

    LIE #1: I hired them through Expedia they go by Ace Car Rental. Of course I didn't know that until I was looking for Green Motion at the airport and NONE of the shuttle drivers had any clue who Ace was but one of them was nice enough to lend me his mobile so I could call the company. You can imagine my surprise when "Green Motion" answers and says that no, their listing in Expedia is wrong, they don't have a shuttle from the airport. We have to take public transport and pay for it but they will reimburse us when we get there.

    That right there adds up to THREE LIES so far. I double checked my Expedia booking and yes indeed, it did say "shuttle from airport." The third lie is because they refused to reimburse us when we got there and claimed it would be a complicated process of going through the neighboring hotel to buy shuttle tickets for the way home that we could then get reimbursed!!!

    Let's just skip to rental drop off (1.5 days later): they told us that they were going to charge us (which amounted in SIX SEPARATE CHARGES $47.11 USD, $503.97 USD, $503.97 USD, $251.99 USD, $251.99 USD, $251.99 USD totaling $1611.02 PLUS all the foreign transaction fees for all these charges AND the bus fair that they claim to reimburse but blatantly denied!) HOW HAS THIS COMPANY NOT BEEN SHUT DOWN ALREADY?

    Oh I forgot to mention they said they were going to charge us for a mark we couldn't even see (so we have pictures to prove it) AND, that they claimed in an email, that they had no responsibility to fix. I'm not even mentioning all the small issues like the fact that the car wasn't ready, or that there was trash from previous renter, etc.

    If anyone is debating spending the 5 extra dollars to rent from the next cheapest company I'd pay you directly so you don't have to go through what my husband and I have.

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  • Gr
    GreenMotionUK Jul 18, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have read this comment with interest. As the manager of the Heathrow location who spoke with you regarding the insurance and the return of the vehicle I feel I should post a direct reply regarding this. I will aim to address each point in turn as precisely as possible. The intention of the post is certainly not to engage in a tit-for-tat exchange but to try to offer some balance for other readers.
    1 – The use of the Hotel Hoppa bus is no secret. All booking partners and direct clients are made aware of our collection procedure on the booking voucher. We recognise the complexity of some booking systems makes it hard for some distributors to fully display the collection details prior to the booking confirmation though. We aim to adhere to the ACRISS definition of a rental location. Using these definitions we are classed as ‘SAON = Take Airport Bus/Shuttle to Car Rental Locations on Airport Grounds *Not Car Rental Shuttle*’. We are not classed as an off airport location. will show an off airport location as having no bus to the location and/or being more than 8kms away. As you may be aware Green Motion is an environmentally minded company offering low emission vehicles for clients. We utilise the Hotel Hoppa service at Heathrow for 2 keys reasons - it enables us to reduce the number of miles our vehicles cover by somewhere between 80 to 100 thousands miles a year at Heathrow Airport alone. Further, the Hoppa service is scheduled and therefore clients can enjoy a timetabled service. A service that if operated directly would also increase our clients rental costs. Our competitors offer services using their own buses, increasing costs and pollution at Heathrow with airport/premium location charges potentially being applied to cover these transfer costs.
    2 – Does not require a reply.
    3 – I have followed the booking route you took via the website named. When viewing a price there is a link to Terms and Conditions. From here it clearly states the following ‘You may be held responsible for damage to or loss of tyres, windscreens, glass and undercarriage. Please check with the car rental agent on arrival.’
    Selecting other vehicle quotes shows very similar wording elsewhere.
    4 – You did book a high value vehicle. The Risk Reduction option is priced in line with the risk borne by us as the vehicle operator. It is not meant to be based on the value of the booking in any way. Further, I have referred to my notes during our call. I worked out the cost of the reduction product and it is actually £30 for the first 7 days and then £15 thereafter. At the time we worked it out to the penny for the balance of your rental.
    5 – You are protected from third party costs as long as we can recover our costs from a third party. This is the same elsewhere for example (and using the first of our competitors you list below) Avis clearly state that if they ‘can recover these costs from a responsible third party, we’ll reimburse you’. The same as us.
    6 – I have apologised for this already. We have a copy of our insurance certificate displayed in the back office. It is very rare for a client to want to inspect it but it is there. The impression I had when we discussed this was that you understood your position.
    I would invite any reader to follow the booking path you took. I believe that the points raised about insurance excess are covered by clicking on the Terms link.
    I think I have addressed part of our green business model. We have won numerous awards for the green efforts of our business. I am not aware of any specific UK Government requirement regarding low emissions (except where there is an obvious fiscal penalty such as road tax or congestion charging) but am happy to be educated here.
    I called you back every time requested and you had my office number. If you were delayed previously then I apologise. When we spoke, we discussed in great detail your situation, working through the various costs and options. It was your decision to return the car based on our discussions. I also explained that we offer a no-refund policy for unused rental days. However, you have omitted to say that you were offered (and accepted) a refund of 60% of your unused days. Substantially ahead of ‘normal’ policy and in your case over £300.
    I am pleased you found the staff nice. When it comes to the insurance excess, we as the operators have a difficult position. If we offer the products then we can seem like a hard sell company. If we do not, and some damage occurs, then we can seem mercenary if we charge for damage caused to a car through no fault of our client. If clients have issues regarding insurance then I and other managers are always available to clarify any points.
    I am truly sorry you feel the way you do. There is no deliberate attempt to deceive anyone. The reduction products are there for good reason and are appropriately priced against the level of risk they pose to us. They are of course optional. If we were as deceitful and underhand as suggested, then would we have offered over £300 in refunds against unused days.
    Finally, in the booking process it clearly states that travel to France and Ireland are only allowed but there will be a fee levied. Again, we make no secret about this and the fees are clearly detailed on the Green Motion website.
    I am aware this reply could be read badly. I am merely trying to offer some balance to this post and hope anyone reading this will recognise that fact. To the original poster, you have my details and if you wish to discuss your experience further then I would be happy to talk further.

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  • Gi
    Gian_543 Jan 14, 2017

    @GreenMotionUK Same company, same troubles! My girlfriend and I hired a car for a weekend... When returning the car the staff indicated a tiny little scratch on the front door (less than 5mm long and 1 wide). I accepted to pay for it and they tried to charge us 460 pounds for the damage! You could barely see the scratch!!! 460 pounds!!! I then asked to take pictures of it and to talk to the manager and only after debating for over an hour and actually taking the pictures the member of the staff MAGICALLY said that the damage could actually be considered only 110 pounds... Is this fair? Is this a professional way of dealing with clients? Is it normal that the first results in a "Greenmotion" google search are web pages full of customers complaining against your bad services including even an article on the Telegraph? So don't hide behind a message of excuses and start being more professional and serious about what you do. You won't even need to defend your poor reputation...

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