Green Dotunable to activate card

L Nov 23, 2017

I purchased a green dot with $250.00 at a rite aid store located on ichmond ave in staten island N.Y. last friday the the 17th of November. I am beyond aggrevated as i can not activate this card. I tried on line numerous times. Response is and has been sorry please try again dot is currently not working. Something close to that. I have also called number on card asv well as quite a few different numbers that i found pin your website. All automated. This states this card must br activated on line. Im in ny to help my 90 year old mom due yup surgery. 250.00 may not be a large amount to you but out was the only money i had brought with me for cabs to and from hospital for myself as well as food.
Again I'm extemely upset. As of now i don't even know how i will get to airport to return to Florida.. Your prompt response will be extremely appreciated.
If card into its required please advise asap.

Lucille nardone urrutia

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