Great Wolf Lodgeson injury @ waterpark & no one has contacted me

S Aug 01, 2018

My family visited Great Wolf Lodge in PA on June 13, 2018 for my son's 12th birthday. We had a wonderful time in this beautiful resort. We stayed one night and used the waterpark for both days, June 13 & 14th. On the last day my son mentioned a pain he had on the bottom of his foot, he mentioned feeling getting it hurt while in the pool with the basketball, next to the big playground area. Anyhow we left early and I thought it was just going to be a minor injury. Well I took pictures of his cut and when we arrived home, he mentioned he was in more pain. He limped for the next week and a half because if he pressed down on his foot, where his skin was coming off, it hurt him with the pressure of his foot/weight. He wouldn't wear socks and tried to avoid walking on it to avoid more pain. It took about 2 full weeks for him to not feel pain and his new skin begin to grow back.

This incident is what he kind of last remembers from our trip to Great Wolf Lodge in PA for his birthday. I spoke to some friends about what happened and they mentioned that I should reach out to the resort and let them know of what happened. On July 13, I sent an email (I have a confirmation stating they received my complaint/concern) it was an automated email and that someone would reach out to me. I didn't hear from anyone via email or phone and so a week later I called The Great Wolf Lodge in PA. and was transferred to Aquatics after I explained my situation and I left a voice mail for someone to call me back. I didn't hear from anyone and so again a week after (July 25 that week), I called again and explained that no one has reached back to me, my info was in their system because she knew my info and got my contact info. and said she would have someone call me back. I still have not heard from anyone from Great Wolf Lodge regarding this issue.

Your mission statement is: "We are Family.
At Great Wolf Lodge, family is at the center of everything we do. In fact, our Brand Promise is "We make time for your family". We live this promise by a laser focus on delivering amazing guest care at every opportunity, ensuring that our visiting families have an amazing, memorable time together. We also apply this mentality to how we work with one another. Every Great Wolf Lodge job description begins with the requirement, "Willingness to assume the most effective role". This means that no matter one's title, level or position, we all do whatever is needed to get the job done, together. At Great Wolf Lodge, we believe that it is our people that make all the difference." (Great Wolf Lodge Website)

I am very disappointed, not only that my son was injured at your water park, but that no one has valued that as an importance to even reach out via email or phone to see how my son is or to see what can be done.

I am hoping that by contacting the corporate office, someone will make right by your mission statement.

Very upset/disappointed customer,

Sara Giron

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