Grabcar Malaysiathe attitude of grab driver wxr9328

J Sep 10, 2018

On 10/9/18 @ 20.19pm

i booked the grab service but unfortunately this driver didnt turn up, i text him but he says he was there...upon checking with hotel attendant they claim that their hotel is new building hence some of the driver might misleading to other building. i try to text him again claim that im still waiting him here but he asked me as a customer to approach him (whereby he stop his car). as a customer i dont think i would happy to get such service, i immediately cancel the booking...he called me twice and scolded me ! is this the training as a grab service offer? if u cant get your customer, and you still call to scold customer and capable push all your responsibility? i just want to cut short my time and reach my destination sooner possible am i did something wrong till need to get that punishment? please take this seriously and hope to get an explaination from your good office.



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