Grabcar Malaysiagrab malaysia

A Sep 15, 2018

WYU 3608, this driver is rude.. I already book in the grabcar malaysia app to pick up at kfc, de centrum. he sent me a message that I cant understand what he trying to convey. He sent me 7/11. I wait for him. Then i call him, are you already arrive then he said yes, i wait too long..he got mad to me. I become angry. I said i didint see his car at the place i book for pickup. He said, i already sent you a message the message 7/11 seven 11. He blame me. I was getting angry. I said to him, you sent me that short message. How i able to understand. How about old woman or old man, they cant understand the way you sent a message. You should sent a message that able for peoples to understand you. I said to him, this is the way you treat customer?! You should fulfill customer need and wants! You get angry to customer, you blame customer. You change the place whenever you want, customer want you to pickup at kfc, you dont want? Seriously?!

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