GrabCar / GrabTaxialmost three days in a row, I average 3 cancellations from grab drivers

M Aug 01, 2018

Since Monday, 7/30/2018, when I tried to booked from my home in Cebu, my booking is accepted then after a few minutes its cancelled, up until today, I average 3 cancellations in the morning which has caused an inconvenience in my work schedule. I've even tried to use the pin location together with a message to the driver to guide them to my exact location but to no avail. I think for courtesy purposes, the driver should at least let us know the reason for their cancellation, its becoming frustrating now, booking a grab ride is like getting a taxi now, it seems the drivers are choosing what is convenient for them. I'm just very disappointed, I've been a grab rider for years now and it seems the getting a grab ride is a mission.

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