Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / gold card route invalid (elsiesriver - montague gardens

Golden Arrow Bus Service, South Africa

I travel travel from Elsiesriver to Montague Gardens, I get on the bus at 28th Avenue every morning, this morning however when I scanned my card it read invalid. I was rudely informed by the lady driver (did not take the bus number - it was the Netreg - Killarney Gardens bus - I know they call the driver Noma) to get off her bus as I was wasting her time when I explained my ticked was fine yesterday morning. I did not have the money to pay an extra R10 to board the bus.
Why would my ticket be valid from Owen rd - Montague Gardens One day and the next day not?
Why was there no notification anywhere informing passengers that Golden Arrow is changing the route so that we would have to pay more?
What Route do I now have to buy in order for my card to be valid?
The driver's behavior was unacceptable regarding the manner she handled the whole situation, she literally thew me a paying customer out of the bus with words and attitude.

Jun 25, 2019

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