Godaddy.combilling fraud

B billing fraud and questionable business practices.

I got billed for renewal of hosting for two years. I had few problems with my bill.
1. I had chosen manual billing before the actual billing date and removed my credit card information (which had expired anyway) from their database.
2. My credit card information (before removing it) had expired 07/09. They should not have been able to bill me, as stated on a several earlier e-mails: "IMPORTANT: If the credit card we have on file for you has expired or been closed, we will not be able to automatically renew your product(s)"
3. Even the amount of the bill was incorrect. information under my automatic renewal, which I had checked few days earlier, indicated much lower price than what I was billed.

...So billed me even though they shouldn't have. billed me even though they shouldn't have been able to. billed me for a much higher amount than my automatic renewal originally indicated...

I complained to about the incorrect bill and got a detailed instructions how to get a refund. Following these detailed instructions led me to delete my whole hosting account, including the incorrect 2 year renewal and my other later manual renewal. I basically lost all data on my site (last back-up december 2007). After I had just realized what I had done, following their detailed instruction, I called them and they told me that they can get my data back for 150 dollar fee.

... to put it mildly, I was less than happy with

P.S. To all customers: Please, double check your bills, especially any automatic renewal bills. There is a good chance is over charging you. And think twice if you want to give your credit card information to a company that is able to charge even expired credit cards.

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