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GMAC Complaints & Reviews

Gmac / 2015 chevrolet silverado

D Richard on Sep 29, 2018

Since I have owned my truck it has made clunking noise from the rear coming from the rear leaf springs. I have taken it back 3 times to dealer and they have done everything they can to alleviate this issue. They greased them, retorqued them, even jacked the rear end up, changed the...

Gmac / title to car

Gary Lancaster on Aug 19, 2015

My mom has a 92 olds cutless ciera s. she can not drive anymore so I took over the car. I can not get a title for the car because gmac is still showing a lien on the car. it has been paid off for years. I need the lien released so I can get a title asap?

Gmac Mortgage / late mortgage

Maries mortgage on Jun 3, 2014

I stay exactly 30 days behind on my mortgage payment. I had some health issues in the past that caused me to get behind for one month. I pay my mortgage payment 30 days late every month because I don't have the $1076.00 to get caught up. Each month I am paying them $34.00 in late...

Gmac Mortgage / mortgage fraud/ falsifying documents

JoanieJo on Jul 14, 2012

We have a really unique issue with gmac, they are attempting to steal our property. We had a 30 year variable mortgage loan through security pacific bank entered october 6, 1977. It has been passed over the years to wendover bank and then to gmac mortgage. We have never remodified thi...

Gmac / Ally / insurances/escrow /servicing

advocatehelp4u on Apr 14, 2012

Attention, anyone haveing problems with gmac now ally please contact me at [email protected] I have evidence and information to give to you to help you fight this company and poss save your homes, the subject is on late insurance payments, misapplied funds, etc this is free info and...

Gmac / Alley / unjustified repo

Laimede on Mar 30, 2012

In the month of June 2011 I was out of work & behind on my truck payments. So when I returned to work in June I wired GMAC/Alley $2, 700.00 I owed then $2, 600 +/-. At this time I was all caught up on my account except for repo fees which I was told would be put on the back end of the...

Gmac Mortgage / bunch of liars!

Jody on Nov 10, 2011

After many months of being very ill and having several surgerys I finally decided to accept the $200.00 loan modification that GMAC was offering me. Since I had missed the 2 previous offers by being in the hospital I begged many of the employees at the GMAC offices in Waterloo Iowa to help...

Gmac Mortgage / bogus credits/debits

MaureenW on Sep 12, 2011

Money debited/credited to bogus categories over the years. Some of these charges have been brought to GMAC's attention repeatedly; still uncorrected. Their cryptic DOS based summary statements don't help. 02/01/02 Late Charge 194.16 03/19/02 Part Pay Susp 508.37 02/01/02 Pty Excptn...

Gmac Mortgage / gmac mortgage

arriba59 on Sep 6, 2011

Our insurance is with The Hartford; that company raised our premium from $770 to $889 per year. After contacting them I agreed to increase my deductable which resulted in a new premium of $768 per year. I then made a courtesy call to GMAC to inform them so as to try and head off a payment...

Advanced Brewing Gregory Poirson Bob Robert Kappus Coffee Espresso / threatening hostile verbal attacks and email abuse cyber bullying sales jealousy misrepresentation

listen to this on Aug 18, 2011

Coffee Machine Sellers Beware! I was Cyber bullied, verbally attacked and several attempts were made to destroy my company . The culprit is Advanced Brewing Machines, my mistake… selling Coffee machines at a lower price. The entire company from top to bottom is aware and condones the behavior.

Gmac Real Estate Timeshare Division / false advertisements


I fave this company $1000.00 marketing fee for my timeshare property. They said they had 25 business that were interested in rent my property and need to give let the money and my timeshare would be rented within a day. I tried calling the company back on several occasion to cancel my...

Gmac Mortgage / modification bank problems

calvinc on Aug 3, 2011

GMAC is not going to help anyone to modify their mortgage if they don’t have to. Look up who owns gmac. Our tax dollars own over 70% {us treasury} and we can’t get help? General Motors and Ally Bank also own part also. We can’t hurt gmac but we can stop buying GM cars and...

Gmac / deceptive business practices

la sherwood on Aug 3, 2011

GMAC is a perfect example of what is wrong with our world. They have lied, procrastinated, avoided, bullied, intimidated and seem to relish in the misery they are causing us all. I have been trying for 2 years with the help of a VA loan counselor to come to a resolution that did not include...

Gmac Mortgage / extortion

Donna Vogel on May 16, 2011

Complaints against gmac mortgage: Despite numerous faxes and phone calls from myself, my insurance agent, and the insurance company, gmac purchased a separate hazard insurance policy for my home, duplicating coverage that I had, and proved at least six times that I had. This raised my payment...

Gmac Mortgage / unprofessional customer service

E. Powers on May 13, 2011

I am in the process of a short sale and one of my mortgages is with gmac mortgage. I received a letter from them with a telephone number/individual to contact to 'discuss details'. Three weeks of daily calls to this number provided by them, to the 1-800 number plus the supervisors number...

Gmac Timeshare Division / fraud/scam

Surindar Anand on Mar 17, 2011

This person named Ms Kim Grant was calling me for months, saying that they rent timeshares, and they have events booked and they are desperately looking for rental timeshare units. She swore up and down that he GMAC Timeshare was different and your property will be rented in less than 30...

Gmac Mortgage / fraud

blkr1 on Feb 11, 2011

In july 2010 we called to ask for a reprieve from our montly mortgage payment. We were facing a financial hardship due to unexpected surgery bills and a broken down vehicle. We had never missed a payment and in fact always pay 14 payments a year vs. 12. Gmac was totally unwilling to work...

Ally Financial (Formerly Gmac) / unjustified charges

D Dondero on Feb 8, 2011

When gmac changed to ally and gm went bankrupt, there was a definite change in policy regarding lease vehicles. I have been buying and leasing vehicles from gm for 20 years. When leasing, I have always turned my vehicles in in perfect condition with never a charge for excess wear or...

Gmac / screwed me over

Rsetha on Jan 24, 2011

This was a very unethical company. These guys will suck all the money out of you. They may seem cheap, but you get what you pay for. So I struck a car and I was liable. I've been a perfect driver for nearly 5 years when I started driving, no tickets, no accidents. Nothing. One day I...

Ally Gmac / pay off

On sept. 28, 2010 I called ally/gmac and spoke to a representative to get the pay off on on my husbands truck, after placing me on hold he came back and gave me the total of $26, 187.08 he the connected me with chase so that I could pay by electronic check. I paid the amount in full plus a...