Globe Telecompre-termination fee in a request for correction of contract

Y Jul 18, 2019

1st complaint
Re: Mobile No. [protected]

In April 2019, I renewed my 2-year contract effective May 16, 2019 with your company at the Alimall Globe Store availing the Huawei P30 under plan 2499. I was not provided with a copy of the contract. When I received my June bill for the period 05/11/19 to 06/10/19 amounting to Php7, 939.13 . I tried to pay online for my previous due bill for several attempts but for unknown reason my payment was unsuccessful and says that the payment cannot be processed at that moment. I reported the incident to my credit provider on the same day June 17, 2019.

The next day, my line was cut. Since I still cannot make an online payment, I went directly to Globe Store in Robinsons Place Manila. To my surprise, I was informed that my contract was for Php2, 999. Although I admit that signed the contract, but I immediately registered my protest and requested for the correction or amendment of the same since that was inadvertently signed due to so many factors. My request was not heeded and I was instructed to go to Alimall branch for the correction. (Interaction ID: [protected])

When I went to Alimall branch, I was accommodated by one of the staffs and requested for the correction of my plan from Php2999 to Php2499 BUT with a payment of pre-termination fee of Php40, 000.00. I tried to request for the waiver of the pre-termination fee but was denied. I was not even given the chance to talk to the manager because according to her it will just be in vain since they could not change the system of the company. I tried to seek help from your other agent, a certain Kenneth. According to his text message, my request is "still for approval due to its cost implication for downgrade of plan." While doing this, again my line was cut on Tuesday, June 16, 2019 despite my effort again to pay on line on June 16, 2017.

As to this writing, I was left in the dark with my request. I just want to point out that I am not pre-terminating my contract nor downgrading but only requesting for the correction of the amount of the plan from Php2999 to Php2499, which was my true intent and the cause of entering the contract. So why will I be charged with an unconscionable amount of Php40, 000. Had I was furnished with a copy of the contract, I could have noticed earlier the error I committed and immediately request for the amendment of the contract before its commencement.

2nd Complaint
Re: Account No. [protected]
Landline No. [protected]

I am also Globe Landline/Broadband subscriber. My 1-year contract was terminated in December 2018 but i continued using the same without executing another contract. On the same day, June 7, 2019, I received the bill for the period 06 May to 05 June 2019 in the amount of Php5, 741.97. Globe Robinsons Place Manila staff told me of the overposting by Globe of my January and April 2019 payments. I was so disappointed and was burdened by the amount since it will become due simultaneously with my mobile plan amounting to Php7, 939.13. I tried to ask for assistance with said broadband account, at least i could pay it in installment, my line was disconnected. Until last Saturday when I talked to one of your agents, "Mabel", in our area, AMAIA Skies, Cubao, I am contemplating of restoring or terminating my landline contract. On July 16, 2019, I tried to make an online payment again, but still unsuccessful. In fact, an email was sent to me stating that my credit card was not billed for the transaction. The next day, I paid my bill in Alimall branch and ask for the amount that I need to pay for the termination of my account, but the cashier cannot give me the amount. Instead, she instructed me to call 211. But in the meantime, I paid my due. My landline was not reconnected until 11pm, which the cashier told me to wait for at least 2 hours. I called 211 at 11pm but still my line was not reconnected until i went to office. To my dismay, I learned from Val, whom I talked to, that I am charged Php99 for every call I made because I am no longer within the contract period. What's the difference? Isn't it to your advantage that we continue our subscription even beyond our contract period? These provisions were not explained to us when we signed our contract. That's the danger of not furnishing your clients of the contract on the day it was signed.

Much to my regret, I am terminating my plan. On the other plan, and hoping for your prompt action to my request. Otherwise, I might consider pre-terminating my plan with all the experience I suffered with your company.

Globe Subscriber

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