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R Aug 04, 2018

Having no need for the landline, I called Globe support to disconnect my landline Account no. [protected] in Feb 2018. For some reason, I found out 5 months later that the account was instead placed ONLY in 1 month suspension and Globe claimed to have resurrected the line although several tests on the landline handset made to see if the line has been actually disconnected were a constant 'register failed' message. The landline was not used at all from Feb to July.

Globe also did not send the usual monthly ONLINE bills from March to June. Since the disconnection/suspension, the first bill of P2596.44 came in July. This bill erroneously state a 'Previous bill amount of P1997.44' simply because there was no previous bill received that would inform the account holder of the claimed 'unpaid' amount. By email, Globe admitted there really was no previous bill sent but I should have paid anyway since I knew the monthly payment. That was an absurd claim in my opinion. At any rate, Globe is in a position to see if a line is actively being used or not and they are out of line to charge a customer for an 'imagined service' with corresponding VAT charges at that.

Can you please help resolve the matter. Attached is a copy of the July bill.

Globe Telecom
Globe Telecom

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