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R Oct 07, 2019


Good day!

I would like to seek for your assistance in resolving my current issue with GCASH/GCREDIT transaction back in August 18, 2019. I have 2 reference numbers regarding this concern, once was created last 8/19/19 ref # 6298103 and ref # 6510270 follow up request on Sept. 6, 2019. It's been over a month already and have not gotten any resolution from them. They keep saying that they are still awaiting response from their Support Team.

8/18/19 - Received payment reminder from GCREDIT amounting to P720.36 due 8/21/2019
8/19/19 - I paid P2, 439.76 to settle my due amount P720.36 and the excess (P1, 719.40) to cover and replenish my GCREDIT limit back to P3, 000. I expected for my credit limit to refresh to P3, 000 however, I received text notification saying that my remaining GCREDIT limit was P560.24. This was the same amount showing in my GCASH App. My excess payment was incorrectly posted as an amount I owed them. I right away sent an email to GCREDIT ([email protected]) regarding the issue along with all the screenshots I have at that time. They replied to my email on 8/19/19, 8/20/19, 8/21/19, 8/26/19, 9/18/19. However, they have not provided any resolution apart from saying that they were still waiting from their support team.
9/6/19 - I called their Hotline to follow up but was only given another ticket 6510270. Still no resolution. Same day they sent payment reminder via text and email saying that P2, 616.86 is due 9/21/19
9/17/19 - made partial payments for those amount I actually owe P500
9/18/19 - They sent me payment reminder saying that P2, 116.86 is due 9/21/19. This is still inclusive of my dispute of P1, 719.40.
9/19/19- Made another partial payment for those transaction I incurred amounting to P1, 382.20
9/21/19 - At 6:09AM they sent another reminder for the amount due of P734.66. I intentionally did not plan to pay this since I have an ongoing dispute amounting to P1, 719.40.
9/21/19 - At 10:26PM, they sent me a text message automatically deducting P734.66 without my authorization from my GCASH balance.

I have made multiple follow up with them, 1 month has passed and am not getting any progress or resolution even.

I would highly appreciate if you could look into this and help speed up/ resolve my case.

Thank you in advance.

Richery Catacutan

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