Global Auto Shoppoor quality goods, not as described

E Sep 05, 2019

I bought chrome grill slats for an Audi A5 or so I thought. Paid extra for "Made in Germany" quality. It took ages to arrive and was shipped via normal post even thought shipping of $6.95 was paid.

What arrived was the cheapest lengths of horrible plastic chrome with super low grade, foam backed adhesive. It wasn't cut to size for an Audi A5 grill it was just a few small bits and a few longer bits. I started off by sticking on the small lower pieces which almost immediately started to peel right back off again despite have given the bodywork a deep clean beforehand.

I contacted Drew in GAS and that is when I knew this was a scam. He first blamed the weather (too cold) - it was summer and plenty warm. He then told me to use my own glue which I refused to do. He then blamed my installation. He then told me the glue wasn't strong enough to defy gravity and that I have to place the strips on top of the bumps slats - yes pointing up towards the sky. At this stage his boss "Mike" came on to give me crap and argue and blame me. Trying for a Credit Card refund. Do yourself a favour and go somewhere else. I wish I had looked at all the sites like this with comments about this company before I gave away my hard earned money.

Global Auto Shop
Global Auto Shop

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