Glamour ShotsDeceptive sales practices!

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I took my 13yr old daughter to glamor shots on 12/15/07 to have photos taken for her to give for christmas. I was told it would cost $200.00 to do the styling and take the photos. I was told I would then begin to pick from the photos packages starting at $195.00. After spending about 4 hrs there taking pics. The salesman sat and we looked at the photos while the rest of staff stood behind us & commented on how beautiful the photos were, how my daughter should be a model etc.etc. Then the salesman gives us a price of $5000.00 for the whole package. After trying to get him to reduce the price for over an hour, the lowest I could get him down to was $2900.00. I then told him I had to think about it. I was told, do to memory space on the computer the photos would be deleted if we left. I was never allowed to see a printed price sheet. I was never told I could purchase pictures at any cheaper price. I ended up, after about 5hrs putting a $3000.00 charge on my credit card. I realize I was dumb, but I feel this is a dishonest & deceitful company. I will probably end up pursuing this matter in court


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    Kimberly Shea Sep 12, 2014
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    ent: Saturday, August 23, 2014 11:32 PM
    To: gsservice
    Subject: Online Customer Service Review

    Kimberly Shea Today 08/23/2014 at 10;30am I had a appointment with my five sons. We arrived at 10;19 sharp we were told we would get started at 10;30 sharp . sometime about 10;35 we started going over paper work for me to fill out . I was already aware of prices because we did talk about that over the phone except each picture went up to $99.00 a sheet instead of $69.00. After the paper work we waited for almost 45 minutes before we got started we were asked our colors and how many changes we had . I had two outfits the guys one. when it was time to change i was told where the bathroom was i could change in there so i took my clothes in the public rest room changed so we could get started my son changed on of his shirts in the waiting room where you first come in. After our first set of pictures the guys were told they could use the dressing room to change their shirts. I had to go back to the unlocked unsecured public bathroom. after our pictures we gathered our stuff and waited to see our pictures. while waiting a woman came in for her appointment she was Immediately TAKEN TO A DRESSING ROOM TO PUT HER STUFF AND WENT INTO HAIR AND MAKE UP!!! While waiting for our pictures we were given books of other people to look at . My son hands me the book he was given and said " Mom I don't want to see these half naked people I feel like i am looking at PORN" Ok i is aid. While viewing our pictures in most of the pictures the guys are really dark and we had a WHITE back drop!!1 I told her i was wearing all weight!!! I feel like we were fit in and never really had an appointment i am extremely unhappy about the way we were treated. Photography is a hobby of mine i own several cameral with filters and the different lens, I have never had to lighten people when your lighting is set right.I feel that if you want someone to pay the same money as everyone else for your product than you treat everyone the same. Jonathan wanted to have a group of his friends at glamour shots but that will not happen. i hope you will look at the proofs our our pictures and see for yourself and know why we did not make an additional purchase.
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    Me My Sons and I were at Glamour Shots @ Shoppes at Cross Keys - NOW OPEN 611 Berlin Cross Keys Road Suite B218 Sicklersville, NJ 08081 Phone: [protected]
    Aug 25
    gsservice Glamour Shots Customer Support has received your e-mail request. A Support Representative will respond to your request shortly. Thank you, GS Customer Support
    I did not hear from anyone!!

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  • Vv
    Vvictoria2000 Apr 17, 2013


    I went there on 04/15/2013 for pictures based on a livingsocial coupon I purchased that would give me $100 off my pictures. When I finished taking the pictures I was seated with a salesperson who asks me what I am looking to get I told her it depends on the price. She asked me to pick out the pictures that I liked once done she told me it would cost $1550.00, I couldn't believe it. I had to keep reducing my pictures to the point of choosing 10 pictures, the salesperson told me they could do 8 pictures at $700 or she I could cut it down to 3 pictures at $500. I got upset and told them I couldn't do this anymore after being there for 3 hours with my kids, they had me pay $100 to hold my pictures they kept calling me and said they can't refund my money to me. I will be filing a complaint against them.

    Don't go there. I wish I checked this beforehand.

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  • Ev
    Eviee Jan 13, 2013

    Sorry to say like all of you I had the same experience. I am more than embarrassed to admit how much I spent. I think I got a little more out of them than you guys because I was just as tough right back at them. I think the girls (3) of them were a little intimidated at me when I told them that I knew what they were up to because I had been offered a job a Glamour Shots and did the training but turned down the job so their jaws dropped. But... I still ended up paying way too much. lol I laugh at myself and how quick I picked up on their ### and gave it back to them. They are awful! THEY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!! They have been this way for centuries. I don't get it why this company still exists. For those out their who are considering the other Portrait place for families, their little ploy is that you will not get crystal clear pics. They blur them on purpose. They show you one thing on the computer and when it's printed out they are blurred. Supposedly so that you can't get a good scan out of it. Do they not know the photo programs that are out there? I was able to get awesome pics but I did pay for all the samples of my dogs :) They are more comprobable but try to hire a personal professional photographer. You can find excellent ones at photo schools. Really. They are more creative and are looking to make a buck so it's a win win. Word of mouth doesn't hurt. But ANY photo studio will try to screw you. GLAMOUR SHOTS takes the cake however!

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  • Fo
    fotopro Apr 20, 2011

    $150 for a wedding photographer?
    How much did you pay for the cake? The venue? Your dress? The reception? Your honeymoon? And, except for the dress, none of them will last as long as photos from a PROFESSIONAL!
    You got exactly what you paid for.

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  • Pi
    picturemafia Apr 03, 2011

    I can not believe these stories, I had the same experience with my 5 year old child. Here is how the scam works. They encourage you to bring multiple outfits/props, therefore making selection of photos more difficult and confusing. This is a classic bait and switch operation, the mafia is cheaper. They show you a package for a child they starts at $99.95 for 1 8X10, 2 5X7's, and 8 wallets, they will NOT break this into different poses NOR will they give you rights to a digital image, NOR will they switch out wallets for any other size of photos (how many wallets could anyone need?) of your photos unless you are willing to pay nearly $3, 000. I am not kidding. They start quoting you prices in the $3, 000 range on pictures of a child, that barely need retouching and have a few digital coloring effects. I ended up paying $200 for a dress and one cute change of outfit and $900 to Glamour Shots. FOR: 4 poses out of 80 and a slide show that is USELESS other than for a memory, you can not print photos off of this CD. It is more like a wedding momento so you can be reminded of all the photos you couldn't get the 'picture mafia' to unlock with thousands of dollars. To walk out of that place with anything that is framed is about $700 plus tax. They use high pressure sales tactics, tell you that the company will erase your digital images within 48 hours if you do not sign right there and then (after you are exhausted after the whole picture taking process) and have a mystical pricing system that is not written for you to see anywhere. It reminds me of used auto sales, vacuum, and snake oil classic rip off scams. I will end up with a few sheets of unframed pictures in an envelope for my $1000 that I didn't have. I can't imagine how they get any repeat business. They better stick to very elite areas. I even noticed on their web site a new spring special for $9 for a 5X7 and mini wallets. HAAAAAA... BAIT AND SWITCH!!! They offer you finance agreements for no interest for 6 months on ripping you off. I did get some nice pictures of my beautiful daughter; but with technology advancing daily, other outlets can do this kind of work. If you have $3, 000 laying around the house, hire your own personal photographer already!!! PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!! HIGH PRESSURE, RIP YOU OFF FOR MASSIVE AMOUNTS OR MONEY USING YOUR LOVE OF YOUR OWN CHILD TO DO IT! 1. slick bait and switch 2. emotional slide show to sentimental music 3. huge price quote to see how far they can push you 4. offers of mounted prints for $700 and up 5. a slide show with no copyright value 6. their hair and make-up 'artists' have no qualifications or stylist/make-up licence ( I can't imagine their make-up is hygienic), a classic example of a very, very unscrupulous practice. You are a pretty low business if you use the love of a child and other emotional components to rip off people for in the thousands of dollars. You end up walking out with a a bunch of loose photos that cost you a mortgage payment.

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  • Jo
    josiem Jan 02, 2011

    Same thing - only wish I would have done some checking prior to going. We had used Glamour shots in the past and that was expensive but they treated us nice - this time around I felt dirty leaving the place. I'm still trying to figure out why I actually paid over $2, 000.00 for a couple of digital images. I would like to know if anyone has taken these folks to court? Don't anyone use them ever...period.

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  • Pa
    PARIS9804 May 12, 2010

    dont go there please...avoid them like a plague seriously...they'll really rip you off. i was there today( i wish i had seen this site before going there). its too damn expensive for nothing n they treat their customers like crap..well they did that to me. i paid 750 for pics that looked like crap. am never going there AGAIN.

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  • Jg
    jgrz00 Aug 19, 2009

    OMG i had the same experience me and my girlfriend went to take some pictures basically we were just going to take some xmas cards. Well im not going to lie the make up they did on her made her look amazing and i was like mesmerized and so we took a bunch of pictures then came back to see them we planned to spend about 50 bucks since that was the special for the xmas cards. They told us to pick the pictures we loved the most and so we did ended up with a bunch of pics then with 2 of their employees in the room telling us how good the pictures looked and what not they said it would be $4000 to which i felt my heart stop. I could not believe the price i mean its not like i was buying one of those huge wall framed pictures or anything. It was a horrible experience feeling the pressure from the ladies and me just looking at my girlfriend like what the hell just happened it felt like when u walk into a room open the door and bam someone hits you in the face. we tried to buy the cheapest thing but even then that was $500 for this 3 piece picture for the wall. We also wanted to get like the proofs of those pictures since we did fall in love with them but no we couldnt unless we bought someone worth more than $150 which is not much but all we would of gotten was this really small booklet with proofs. We ended up just getting the xmas cards which did end up coming up to $100 more than we were expecting to pay. I do feel we were deceived by their "special pricing" and once you get there you feel so pressured by the sales people. The prices on the pictures are just insane i dont know what kind of person would actually buy them at that price i guess its fine if you have money to burn on pictures or if you are a wealthy model or something but for regular people who want nice pictures its just ridiculous. I would not recommend Glamour shots to anyone. I had one of the worst experiences i felt like i was being deceived the whole time and then pressured to buy their overpriced packages and to make things worse the pictures got deleted so there is no way to ever buy them anymore. -n1kon (excuse my grammar i talk on the internet too much i forgot how to properly write)

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  • Ge
    getinthebible Aug 02, 2009

    I was considering Glamor Shots for some promotional photos... I appreciate your comments about their dishonest business practice. They are scratched off the list.


    Glenn [email protected]

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  • Jr
    JRML photography Apr 02, 2008
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    i agree as a photographer...i never went there but i have been to many different places like that. they are trained to say those things about you while your getting your picture taken like "oh, your so beautiful!" because it will make you feel better about yourself and you will pose eaiser for them. being a photographer is very hard! and sometimes we get people who dont look so good and thats the hardest part! :) so making them think that takes alot off our chests!

    that is totally wrong of them! those prices are outstanding! i couldnt even afford one single photograph! i can do sooo much better than they can and im a professional photo editor/manipulator i can do the same exact things they can in photoshop! and i only charge up to 100.00 for a portrait package!

    thats crazy! :P you can check out my website if you like...most are just art not photography but you can see what i can do if you ever need a photographer! i can fix your old photographs and snap shots through the internet with paypal as well! just send them to [email protected] for 5.00 a piece or 10 for 10.00

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  • Va
    vanessa Jan 23, 2008
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    Basically had the same experience at Glamour Shots in Tempe, AZ (AZ Mills). I am a starving student. Received $70 gift card for photo shoot as a Christmas present. Was looking forward to it. I bought the outfits to wear. They didn't mention the $200 package until right before the shoot, but gave no details about it. Another potential customer came in asking about prices. They told her their best deal is the $200 package, but gave no details. They rushed through my photo shoot, put me in poses I didn't care for, and didn't do a very good job on my makeup. When it came time to view my photos, they started at prices between $1500 and $2000. They told me that the $200 package is for only one pose and does not include touch up of the photo. After telling them we needed to get the price down, they had me get rid of some pictures and came up with a package over $700. It was still too high. I ended up with a package around $500. They acted as though they were giving me a deal. All the while the staff was perky telling me how beautiful my pics were, complimenting myself and my mother, etc. Starting with the most expensive packages, they made it sound like that was the only package where I could have multiple photos and would include the photo touch up. Yet, when I would tell them I needed to get the price down, they suddenly were able to come up with another package. I cried all the way home. I called them before I even got home and told them I really couldn't afford that much money right now and could I cancel or get a different package. The manager called back and said there was nothing he could do. I signed a contract and all sales are final.

    I want to get the word out on these people. They are very deceptive in their advertising. They apparently get enough information about their clients to gage their income level to know how high to start out with the "packages". In response to the post by Michael Marcario, they apparently flat out lied to him. I am proof that they can go lower in price. I got 4 poses, various sizes including an 8x10, a DVD of all my images, and all the pics in that little binded booklet. Not worth $500, but I feel a bit better after hearing what you went through.
    My advise...don't ever give someone you love ANYTHING from Glamour Shots unless you are willing to overpay for their pictures or you want them to learn an expensive lesson about high pressure sales.

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