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Glamour shots Avenues Jax, FLunprofessional- inappropriate

Hello, I am writing to inform you of a most unpleasant experience that we endured at the Avenues location of Glamour shots.
I took my 18 year old daughter in for her senior pictures session last night 3/27 at 5 PM. I chose Glamour shots for this occasion so that my daughter could be pampered and because of the quality of images that I have seen produced through this establishment. I dropped her off at precisely 5PM and chose to walk around the mall while she had her session. When I returned at 7PM to view the final product, I was not impressed. Her hair was a mess and the makeup was caked in her eyebrows. The images that were produced did little to complement my daughter’s beauty. My daughter was blessed with a large chest; this asset was exaggerated in some of the frames to the extent of inappropriate.

After sitting through 20 minutes of being pressured to purchase a 500 dollar package that included a disk for 250, I informed the salesman that I was not interested in a disc. He continued to insist that I spend at least 400 dollars. I informed him that I could not afford to spend that much and that my budget was around the 200 dollar mark. It was at this time that I gently voiced my concern of being displeased with the less than perfect hair and makeup. He became irate and told me that I was wasting his time. He said “ I had my wisdom tooth removed today and I still came to work.” He also commented that he was “feeling good”, earlier in the review. He continued to tell me that there was nothing wrong with the pictures, he looks at pictures all day and these are fine. He further went on to tell me that if I did not purchase any pictures that I would be charged 130 dollars for the hair and makeup and a sitting fee. It was clear that my being dissatisfied was not an option and I would pay for something.

The salesman continued to scream at me, I should have gotten up and left, but I did not want to be charged and have nothing. I asked the salesman to lower his voice and requested a different associate. He said “ That’s fine, I’m done with you anyway, I’m out.” It was at this point that he clocked out and left. His behavior was the most inappropriate unprofessional display that I have ever been subjected to endure. The photographer was completely embarrassed, apologized profusely and did his best to complete my order to my terms.

I would like to say that I did not lose any sleep over this, but that would be untrue. I woke at 5:30 this Saturday AM after not being able to fall asleep until midnight last night. I have been in customer service in the medical field for 15 years. The way I was treated is utterly unacceptable. I do think that if I were a man or if my husband had been present that the salesman would not have screamed at me the way he did.

I sent this letter to Glamour shots corporate offive only to find out that it was forwarded to the branch. It took two e-mails for the manager to call me back. Nothing was done to rectify this situation.


  • Ca
    Caseycolette Jun 21, 2011

    Heres my letter to Cady & Cady Studios this AM.
    This is the craziest thing I have dealt with on a company. I am a customer from**** **** School. My daughter attends elementary school there, for which your company came to the school, to do their pictures. Would've been great and wonderful had I not had to run around the globe 3x to get them from you. After all, you sure took the time to cash my check. Perhaps that rings bells. I have heard the whole schools pictures did not come in, but my daughters Teacher said the teachers did. How that makes any sense, I do not know. How your phone has not blown off the hook about it, I do not know. I do not know if I was the only one this happened to. I do not know how the company has not lost money on this, considering the cost of mailing out all these pictures. Our pictures were taken sometimes in April. I just received mine in the mail yesterday. I was half expecting it to be of someone else s child, considering on my THIRD phone call to your company, I had to give my child 's name, and all of our information, + the background I chose + our address. What I want to know is, , how do you not know that. How is it OK for a portrait company who only has 3 tasks./ get a good picture, develop the picture, get it to the customer. 1/3 isn't really good, you know? Why take my information, and then not use it. Why did the school not contact everyone and et everyone who ordered know. They blamed you guys. Even still, no matter whose fault it was, I shouldn't have had to chase my pictures down 5 days before the end of the school year. The school said you would mail them. I had to ask the school what happened to my pictures. I should have never HAD to ask. YOU had my info. I should've been emailed, called, and USPS mailed, or at the VERY least ONE of the THREE. You never did. I called talked to a customer service rep, who forwarded me to a "manager" a man, whom I left a message for, who didn't even show me the common courtesy of returning the call, even though I said my phone number THREE times (and slowly too). I had to call back, AGAIN, and demand my picture, this time, someone finally took my info, when I said, I wanted it free, I was told my order would include an extra 8x10. (I only ordered one in the first place) this was not OK by me by any means, I feel for all the hassle I have gone though, I should have received a whole package for free, plus a refund actually. So one, a joke! Then to not get it? A slap in the face! . But lo and behold when I got them (they actually came, almost 3 months later... might I add) there was ONLY ONE 8x10 in there. Am I shocked? Not really? Do I plan on taking this up with the BBB? (< The Better Business Bureau) Likely. Especially if I do not hear back from your company within 36 hours. Do I plan on posting this on for my 250 blog's facebook fans, plus my husband 600 friends, and my 500 friends? Total facebook out reach 1000 Likely. Do I also then plan on tweeting this to my 650 followers? Likely. Do I then also plan on posting about it on my personal review and giveaway blog? Why, yes, I do!
    (The total Social Network outreach totals +2, 000 if you didn't catch that. )
    Have a great day
    Locomotion of Expressions"

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  • No
    noneya bus1 Jun 11, 2010

    Glamour shots sucks! I can take the same quality pictures at Kmart. I should have used my judgement and really gotten a professional photographer instead of going to the Newport News location a few weeks ago. I will absolutely never go back. this post just shows the level of professionalism they have. And the cost. Not even gonna go there. Pure robbery for [censor] pics I can have done anywhere. Picture people are better than GS.

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  • Fr
    FrillyMilly62 Mar 02, 2010

    Wow, this string of comments is really inappropriate and unprofessional. Coming from a customer, the business owner really should keep his comments to himself if he isn't going to give us facts and only facts. As a customer, I'm not interested in back and forth bickering between management and a former employee. This argument became too personal and emotional vs. sticking to the business of it. The responses from GS show a lack of professionalism. Regardless of what a former employee says, as a business owner, it is your responsibility to be tactful in your responses. Instead, they came off as very defensive and almost unbelievable. I can't help but lean more toward believing the former employee as you did not address most of the items he brought forth. As a customer, I'm interested in the product and the service. Period. I don't care about company fueds. This is a business and it should be run like one. Name calling, mentioning employees names - it is all inappropriate. As a business owner you know that confidentiality is key. As an employer you don't cross that line - you just don't - regardless of whether or not you feel this former employee is slandering your company. Crossing that line really does harm to your business because it does not appeal to your customers. Perhaps the first complaint was truly from a customer and if that is the case, then shame on this store. Even the new manager who responded was unprofessional as well, so I'm not feeling very confident in this store's abilities. I have now decided not to go to glamour shots as I originally planned.


    A Disappointed Former GS Fan

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  • Gl
    glamhater Aug 24, 2009

    I did try to complain about the sexual harassment but because it is a franchise, corporate couldnt do anything about it. It wasn't just me that got harassed, it was the customers too. When they left the owner and manager would pull up their pics and either say they were fat and ugly or how hot they were, even with underage girls. I was very uncomfortable working there. the manager and owner were always talking about sex. The owner used to brag how he cheated on all 3 of his wives. It was a discusting place to work and thats why I quit cause i felt violated. I am in no relation to the other employee thats been saying stuff but i agree with them... dont go to glamour shots... it is a total scam and they also will sexually harass you

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  • Gl
    glamhater Aug 15, 2009

    not randy sorry

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  • Gl
    glamour1 Aug 15, 2009

    Randy you have never been a manager... you didn't work here for years...stop this nonsense. I know where you work and please don't make it any more of an issue than it is. I hope you are making some money you have a baby on the way and I've seen how you live. ENOUGH

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  • Gl
    glamhater Aug 14, 2009

    oh trust me, I am working and making more money then I ever made there, probably making even more then you, if you are the new manager... because he does not pay management fairly at all. If you are washing the backdrops... then that is good and at least something has improved since I left.
    If you really know the man like you say you do, then you're too scared to say what you really think of him. Because no one that knows him likes him. Glamour Shots is not even a real photography job. You're right I am bored, thats how this whole thing started... I was surfing complaints board and saw the complaint from the customer and it brought me back to all the hundreds of customers who complained to me about that man when I worked there.
    Just wanted to state my point that GS is overpriced with bad customer service and horrible working conditions. So if people on here were to read this, they could be informed and go to a real quality studio and still pay less. Oh and the reason I don't put my name out there is because I know this man and I know he will do nothing but call and harass me and threaten me with empty threats

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  • Gl
    glamour1 Aug 14, 2009

    I am currently an Employee at Glamour Shots and I just wanted to express my disgust with the slanderous remarks these "former employee's" are making. If you had sexual harassment issues you should have filed complaints, which no one ever did. The only thing I can assume is that the above statements are lies. I have known this man, the owner, for a long time and these statements are NOT TRUE. I work with him EVERYDAY and never once has he been innappropriate with me (and I'd like to think Im extemlly good looking). As far as the hygene of the backdrops... I personally take them home at least twice a month and wash them. And the ones I cant wash at home I send out to the dry cleaner ( I have reciepts to prove it). This is a childish game of badmouthing people. If you no longer work here ...LET IT GO. Move on. If you had all these issues you should have DONE SOMETHING instead you hide behind a screen name making anonymous statements because you are bored. GO TO WORK.

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  • Go
    goddess81 Aug 13, 2009

    its all true i worked their as a makeup artist they really are unsanitary and mean to customers they have no customer service skills at all. also sexually harass their clients i was once told the only thing i was good at was laying on my back and spreading my legs

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  • Gl
    glamhater Aug 12, 2009

    oh, and notice none of the allegations were denied (except the quality of the lab)

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  • Gs
    gssucks Aug 12, 2009

    It doesn't matter who I am, myself and every employee you've ever had feel the same way. Serving your country with honor has nothing to do with the fact that you threaten to go after me for slander or some other ridiculous thing which you have no grounds to do.
    Yes, the pictures are of good quality, kodak lab.. all that.. however they are ridiculously overpriced. I know how much you pay for them. I know you only pay like 3 dollars for glamour touch and then turn around and charge your customers 75 dollars for it. You do offer decent products but so does everyone else for half the price. The way you treat customers like money bags and your employees like slaves is disgusting. Trust me, I'm not the only one bad mouthing you.
    You do samples of glamour touch in photoshop to show customers, yes this is true. But everyone knows how to use photo shop these days. its not some state of the art thing that you have patented.
    I don't really care about glamour shots, I just saw alot of customers who were good and hardworking people get ripped off and treated like garbage there and it sickened me. No matter what you try to say to defend yourself, the truth always prevails!

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  • Gl
    glamour1 Aug 12, 2009

    It is amazing, you state that you worked for GS for years, and know you say all this nasty things about us. You were the one in charge of the store if that is who you are. You were replaced by your assistant, and since than we have had less than 3 complaints. Fear not we will not close down because of your bad mouthing us. We offer a great product, our photos are developed at a Kodak certified lab, our digital retouch is also done at the lab. If you well remember we do samples to show our clients what it would look like. If you are so courageous why not put your name so that everyone can see who you are, after all you mentioned the owner by name. It is true that in this great country of ours we have the right to FREE SPEACH, but is to tell the truth, I know what it means, I served my country with honor for 20 years, so please do not tell me about free speech.

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  • Gl
    glamhater Aug 12, 2009

    HaHaHa good luck. If I had serious mental health and hygene issues then why did you keep me around so long? You always have something negative to say about your previous employees who left because Glamour Shots was so unprofessional and such a scam to the customers. Its not slanderous statements when its the truth... its called freedom of speech and in THIS COUNTRY we have it! I won't retract the last comment... infact, I'll add to it
    - Glamour Shots corporation is a good business (besides being seriously over priced) However GS at the avenues is a franchise run by a money hungry old man with serious issues.
    - employees never stick around long because they are yelled at, underpaid, lied to, exploited, and in some cases sexually harassed.
    - the owner's goal is to suck every last drop of money out of the customer's pocket... trying to make them pay for $75 dollar a face for "glamour touch" This is a SCAM... it is done in photoshop in under five minutes and not even the most professional of photographers will charge you that much just to touch up your face. They try to make people feel like they need it by preying on their insecurities... like "look at that wrinkle, your teeth need to be whitened, we can take 20 pounds off, etc..." They even try to make BABIES get glamour touch
    - there are so many better professional photographers in the area whose work is a million times better and charge way less. Check out the PPA (professional photographers association of america)
    - they are not a good business over all. Their studio is unclean. For example the "sheet shots" where the women are naked wearing nothing but the red sheet... in the years I worked there, I never saw that sheet or backdrops washed once
    - the owner makes fun of the customers behind their backs, calling them things like [censored]s, fat, the n word, etc... he is very racist and sexist... also has a thing against Jews and Muslims
    - Believe me, I am not the only former employee with a grudge against them. No employee I know left on good terms. It is only a matter of time before this store goes out of business, so please don't support it people. Support your local professional photographers or respected studios like cady and cady or olan mills.

    So go ahead Al... "pursue me" all you want. This is a public complaints board and I have the right to my opinion, free speech, and to warn people. And I encourage anyone else who reads this thread to post their horror stories about glamour shots at the avenues, because there are plenty!

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  • Gl
    glamour1 Aug 12, 2009

    We are currently pursuing the employee above for slanderous statements and violation of his non-compete. The former employee had SERIOUS mental health issue and hygene issue. We recommend that they retract that last comment.

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  • Bo
    booboo123 Jul 28, 2009

    I don't doubt this at all. I worked at that store for a long time and both the employee's and customers were treated like total crap. I have seen many instances where customers ran out crying. When they tell you that you have to pay 130 if you don't buy any pictures... it's not true! Read the papers you signed, it says nothing about this. GS is ridiculously overpriced and you can hire a PROFESSIONAL photographer (and not some amatuer they hired with no prior experience) for 200 dollars, get a CD of all your shots... and not be pressured into getting "glamour touch" which is a total scam also!

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  • Gl
    glamourshots Jun 25, 2009

    That is NOT HOW this situation happened...We rectified the situation immedeately by removing the person in question from out staff. The Woman who wrote that response was so terrible to her daughter that her daughter ran out of the store crying and that is when the salesman acted inappropriatly.

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