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Good day,

On February 5 th 2022 I placed an order same day delivery early in the morning. Once the order was placed my card was charged, the first order I placed I just got an email saying, “no in stock and the company will replace with something else”. They did not reach out or even contact to give an option they just sent a different birthday cake on their own accord

The second package I order a gift basket never arrived, I have been trying to get in contact via fb messenger and WhatsApp service and this has proved unsuccessful, I then received an email saying the order was damaged in transit and will be delivered on Monday 7 th 2022, the order never arrived, I have again tried to get in contact via fb and WhatsApp but it is an absolute horror it does not exist.

Additionally I have reached out via their email and the responder in completely ignoring my request for a refund stating the courier has already left, etc etc this company is a scam their US contact number is out of order.

I should have read up more prior but they were the first to pop up on a google search, the service of this company and inability to contact leads me to believe this company is a scheme and a scam and should not be allowed to continue to provide this type of dishonest service to people

It is the absolute worst

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