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I was gifted some visa gift cards from this company and they were in an envelope. It was 8 cards with $50 a piece on them, totaling $400 (don't know why that was that chosen denominations but that's what it was) I saved them for a rainy day. I went to activate them--they weren't even ever activated-- and my balance on each was $0. The cards saved for a rainy day were stored in an envelope. In small print on the BACK of the paper holding the card, that's within an envelope, it states that there is a $4.95 "monthly maintenance fee" charged each month after a year. How would I have known that? So, I guess the gift cards were purchased months prior to me receiving, and then I sat on them to save them, and therefore they are zero. Also, they run out faster monthly with 8 @ $50 each then 1 @ $400 each. So I thought I had $400 and I have $0. The bank made $400. I called and explained the situation and tried to get it fixed. Stating they were never even activated and these were given as a gift and I don't know what competitor does this, that's why I saved them. But they wouldn't help. Really disappointed. Bad business model. Sketchy banks being sketchy.

Update by LaurenRC
Jul 06, 2023 7:16 pm EDT

You sent me a DM that’s literally what I posted above in the complaint. Why would you contact me and waste my time further by asking me for more information when after I provide it, you just regurgitated what I outlined in the complaint?

Blackhawk Network Holdings
Jul 06, 2023 6:18 pm EDT

Thank you for contacting We apologize if your experience was not 100% positive.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate your comments and suggestions, as we are always looking to improve upon the gift card experience, we have contacted you via DM to learn more about the experience.

You can also contact us at 877.944.3822.


Jose G.