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I am hoping someone here will help me. I placed an order on 6/27, order number 9365268, for 2 gift cards. One in the name of Dianne Evans the other for Paul Pulcini each for $75, total of $150. I never received the cards and contacted, case #CS5047471. I was told the cards would be reissued.
The cards were reissued however once again I did not receive them. The reason they were not received was because the company, on the addresses, put Dianne‘s name with my address on one envelope and Paul's name with my address on the other. Because of this I was informed, by the Post Office, they were returned to because those names/people do not reside at my address. This, again, was an error by your company.
You can see from the original order the cards were to be mailed to my name and address. When I tried to inform you again about this on your website referencing the case number CS5047471 I received an email back saying the case was closed on 7/25/21 because I did not respond or your email. The only email I received was to comment on the results on the case. I did not realize there was a time limit and I wanted to receive the new cards before saying I was satisfied with the results and I did not receive the cards so I am not satisfied! They were returned to you due to the way they were addressed, those people do not live at my address.
Once again, please reissue the cards for 75.00 each. One with the name of Dianne Evans and the other with the name of Paul Pulcini. They should be mailed to me as follows:

Deborah Maynard
187 Pine Street
Columbia, CT 06237

I expect you to give this your prompt attention as it is now the third time they are being ordered and this is unacceptable. If you cannot do this correctly kindly just refund my money and I will purchase elsewhere.

Thank you,
Deborah Maynard

Desired outcome: I would like the gift cards I ordered and paid for delivered to my home. - Business practices need an audit

I purchased a giftcard for myself using a picture I took that has emotional value to me. The amount was fairly large, $500. This card sat in my wallet for a considerable amount of time unused. Three years passed, and I accrued $123.75 in dormancy fees and $376.25 was escheated ( reported to my state of residence as abandoned property- more on this later). graciously and immediately refunded my $123.75 in dormancy fees. I was instructed to contact my state treasury department to recover the confiscated funds, but I was informed by my state they had no record of monies belonging to me being turned over to them. I was then assigned a "level II review". It has been almost two weeks now, I have only been able to contact my reviewer once, and the regular representatives I speak to can only read case notes that the review is still in progress. I would like restitution based on: Due diligence was not done. GC.C is required by law to notify me that an escheatment is/will occur, which they did not do. This card was purchased by me, for me, so the addresses are all the same, and I am still living at that address. I am not difficult to find. The funds were not turned over to my state of residence. I have not lived in any other state for 30 years, there would be no reason to turn the funds over elsewhere. I did an online missing property search of all states, and my name appears in none of them. I would think there would be an electronic record within the business to determine exactly where these funds were sent. If they are unable to determine the funds were sent outside the company, then they are still be in possession of them, and must turn them over to the legal owner and claimant ( me)! One would think that a business would keep better records for things of this nature. Perhaps an internal or external audit needs to be done to examine the business practices of what actually becomes of money that is reported as being escheated.

Jul 19, 2016 - They stole my money!

I have ordered a gift card from website and I was sure there was enough money on my card to pay for it.
I was not able to pay for my card and contacted customer service to get some help. They said that payment did not go through because there was no money on my card! I checked my bank statement and it clearly showed that GiftCards received the money and that I did pay them. Contacted GiftCards again and it took me nowhere! They kept telling me I never paid for my order!! Scammers! I had all the proofs but they still refused to believe me!
So in the end I lost my money and did not get the card! - Don't waste your time and money - order the same product from any other company on the market

Horrible service! This is not the only site where you can find this kind of gift - personalized prepaid credit card. So give yourself a favor - order it from another seller! I planed this photo personalized card as a birthday gift for my friend's 10 years old daughter. I paid some extra for the faster delivery ( option offered by to be sure this card will arrive in advance and I will have enough time to pack and wrap everything together for a birthday girl. So I paid for 2-5 days delivery and after 11 days my card still is not here. I call there customer service several times and every time I call they promise that the card will be delivered tomorrow. I already had 3 " tomorrows" but no card. Not even sure if it will be delivered at all.Probably there is no need to mention that I've missed birthday ( of course). Company doesn't look concern about this problem and doesn't make any attempts to track my order down. Don't waste your time and money - order the same product from any other company on the market. For example, has much better reviews and looks more reliable. Good luck!

Hello. I'm sorry that you experience problems with I work for the company and can assure you that we take every issue seriously. I would be happy to help make this right. Please feel free to email me at mark <at> with your order information and how I can reach you. Thanks and I apologize again for your inconvenience.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - Never sent card that they charged me for.

I placed an order to have a pre-paid Visa sent to my daughter. This is the email they sent me after my purchase: [Thank you for placing an order with We have received your order and because of the nature of our product (high risk of fraud), we review each order with our screening system before it can be processed. Most orders that are not high risk are processed immediately. After your order has been reviewed and processed you will be sent another e-mail. If your order is higher risk, the order may be delayed.]

I never heard from them again. The following week, my daughter called to tell me that it never came in the mail. I looked up my invoice number on the return email and found the following information: Order Date: 11/10/2010
Status: Processed
Processed Date: 11/10/2010
Your package is being mailed by USPS First Class. The ship date for the package is (11/11/10 [Thu]) and the estimated arrival date will be (11/23/10 [Tue]).

Today is 11/30/10 - still no gift card. I emailed them today. The instant reply thanked me for my feedback. I certainly hope that a real person will read the email and get back to me.


I received a gift card from a friend in August purchased from Giftcards provided an account number but no cvv code. They say its some type of technical problem - they have been unable to resolve for 4 months. I'm out $250. gave me a Reference # INC1353743. They need to provide cvv and validate card.

my son was given a giftcard as a gift when he was 2. the card didn't expire until 2017, however we went to activate it and all funds were depleted with inactivity fees. They pocketed the ENTIRE gift card amount. I would urge anyone thinking of using them to give cash, a check or buy a giftcard from ANY OTHER establishment. This people are criminal! is Visa, MasterCard and Discover certified. They are held to the highest regulatory standards in the industry. When a card is sent out to a recipient, it comes complete with all Terms and Conditions attached. The fees associated with the cards are very clearly defined. They are provided with the card. strives to educate all recipients with all of the information they would need to ensure they can use the card and the entire value of that card. For whatever reason, if a recipient chooses to ignore all of the information provided by, they can't be held accountable for that. is legally allowed to start charging inactivity fees from the 1st full month after the card is issued. They don't. They waive all inactivity fees for a full 12 months. They don't start charging those fees until the completion of the 13th month after the card is issued. They do this as a courtesy. The fees that they charge are also charged by 100% of prepaid giftcard providers. operates ethically. They are held to the highest regulatory standards. To suggest they operate in anything other than an ethical manner is at least untrue and more likely dishonest.

Dec 10, 2010

Updating, since I don't see an edit button - My daughter called and has received the card. Thanks.

Dec 09, 2010

I sent an email to you several days ago. I haven't any type of response.

I spoke to David D. on 12/1/10 and he said he would have the card reprinted and resent. The status of my order still looks exactly the same as it did when I posted the above. I never received the confirmation of sent email that I was supposed to get the first time, or the supposedly second time that it was sent out.

Hello Mpu

I am the VP of Sales for I apologize that you are frustrated and wanted to take a moment to first provide you and overview of our fulfillment process and see if I can help.

We actually produce and ship all gift cards sold on at our headquarters here in Pittsburgh. As a Visa, MasterCard, and Discover approved production center, we must follow very strict guidelines to ensure what is ordered is actually produced & sent. There is a very low likelihood that your order was not sent. It sounds like you sent the card with USPS shipping selected? If that is the case, unfortunately there is no tracking number that the US Mail provides. We would have put your billing address in the return address field in the event the USPS deemed the shipping address to be undeliverable, however we can't determine if the USPS may have lost your delivery, are just backed up b/c of the holidays, or it was delivered and accidentally thrown away as junk mail.

If you could email me your invoice number I'll take a look into it ASAP and reissue the card. My email address is mark {at}

Mark R.