Geo Holidays - Timesharelack of accomodation


January 2012 Jockey club . Las Vegas .
We purchased a package from a sales manager "Sonny" (after the rep failed to sell us a timeshare" . The finance manager called Kermit did the paperwork.
He promised us a timeshare for 4950 points (normal deal is to purchase 20, 000 points and spend 20, 000 on 1 holiday) if we rang Geo within 30 days of the holiday date for any location (usa, Europe, etc) at any date. sounds good ..but ...
We did this and the telephone operator said sorry no holidays for this period in spain or Portugal. The brochures (Geo & RCI are full of apartment blocks but none available. The operator said sorry ..nothing ..bye bye. this took 2.5 hours from Belfast We rang another number and another number. no good. finally got a "director" who has not bothered replying to our telephone and e-mail requests for an apartment.
I suggest that anybody looking at this timeshare option think twice or 3 times before handing over their money . we got lots and lots of documents./contracts which look good but so far appear to be worthless.
I wonder if Geo holidays actually provide holidays. we shall see.
Mike (Belfast, N.Ireland)

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