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General Motors review: Service manager Of Doug Henry Buick GMC Goldsboro, NC

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On this day 11:12 a.m. I recieved a very disturbing phone call from The Service Manager Of DougHenry Buick OVER an obvious error within the service dept... After a one way discussion from him to me & loaded with insults, berating & demeaning comments while using profane allegories towards my character & the end I was told by him on a recorded conversation as he stated: "Don't you Come Back Here For Service You Can Take Your [censored] Somewhere Else"... I purchased 2 brand new 2023 GMC vehicles close to $140k from DougHenry Goldsboro within the last 5 months & gave excellent survey grades on my buying & delivery experience.. I purchased my wife a 2023 GMC Acadia & myself a 2023 GMC Sierra Denali SuperCrew 4x4 Pick-Up Truck... I want this issue addressed by GMC, I also made others aware within the chain of command of this incident... the details of this action stemmed from an internet oil change appt. made by me for my vehicle... after 2 days of leaving it with the service dept, upon pick-up I was charged for replacement of windshield wiper blades & air cabin filter... on a vehicle with less than 4500 miles & I was told that I had checked it online to be replaced. my point was No I didn't show me where I did & besides you guys would know that's not needed with so low a miles.. All I heard was "I Bet You This, I'm Gonna Get My Money From You" in a disdainful voice... As I was attempting to make my point about the situation I was shown no courteousy as a customer, nor professionalism from him being such a High level representative of GMC service & no HUMAN consideration whatsoever... nothing but constant berating and insults... I'm currently employed at The DougHenry Chrysler, Dodge Ram & I may lose my job there but today I was sorely & badly mistreated as a customer of The GMC Corporation... It's probably not hard to concieve that I am not a Caucasian even though the person involved in this complaint is...

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