Geicounethical behavior, I was falsely accused for an accident where I innocent and was a victim of road rage and hit and run.

S Aug 07, 2018

I do not have a claim number as I am in between homes and having to stay in hotels. On the phone you used my birthday which is October 8, 2018. The police that arrived at the accident refused to go back to where this road raged lady hit me (she admits in her statement that I had honked at her (I had honked/ tapped very lightly to get her to go while it was clearly safe to cross a very busy street, and because she was busy on her cell phone and cars were backing up, and we needed to cross the 6 lanes, I did not tailgate her or come close to her and was absolutely respectful.) She was obviously unfoundedly angry. As I moved forward in the left lane and realized I needed to get in the right to get on the on ramp, I put my blinker on and there was easily plenty of room to get over safely. As I was moving to get behind a dump truck, all of the sudden I was hit at my right front and then I instantly saw that she was not pulling over and stopping, I was trying to grab my phone to call the police before she got on the interstate and get her car tag number when she finally stopped. The police man at the scene got out of his car once to speak to each of us and at the end when I politely asked the officer to go back to where she hit me, he refused to go back to where she actually impacted and hit me and just said ' "look lady, you both have Geico and it is a no fault state so it wont be an issue". Ironically, he does show ONLY her side of the story in the report graphically and not mine, although he told me nobody was at fault but i again asked him to please go back to the place where she hit me because I KNEW FOR A FACT IT WAS NOT MY FAULT.
Obviously if it was my fault, why would she take off and keep going and leave the place where she hit me? The firefighters and the EMTS present were very supportive of me and told me to take pictures going back to where we impacted. The EMTs and Firefighters both said that people fake injury on a weekly basis just to make it look like it wasn't there fault.
The combination of errors due to the policeman and the biased behavior of your adjuster, Christina are unacceptable and illegal. It is still wrong but at least you could go with the police report. There were no witnesses, so Christina said it was her word against mine. why would you believe a lady that obviously was angry and left the scene?
Please send me any and all paperwork pertaining to this accident, as it appears I will need to get an attorney if you don't rectify this horrific injustice.
PS. Sorry my description is a little hard to follow my explanation

  • Updated by Sarah Cullis · Aug 07, 2018

    You asked me to confirm the company I was filing the complaint with. It is Geico

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