Gehan Homesfailure to provide services promised at one year inspection resulting in major issue


It started in my sons bathroom upstairs. We started seeing mold spots. We had been noticing and complaining to Gehan ever since we bought the house that the upstairs was super humid despite us keeping it quite cool in the house. When we had our one year inspection, we had a lot of customer services issues with contractors not showing when we had taken off work, painters painting a different color on the wall, etc... so finally, Don the superintendent came out. I showed him Daniel's bathroom. This was all at the one year mark and we just made 3 years here.

Don said he would have someone out to check it and would take care of it. That never happened. My husband bleached the ceiling and got the mold spots off. We have been watching and slowly spots are starting to come through. We Run the vents in the kids bathroom More than should be necessary but it does seem to help.

For the past few months I have been smelling this smell when I come in the house. I told Donnie it smelled moldy. We had someone come out at our expense this weekend and sure enough there is mold in the air ducts and it is around that area in Daniels bathroom and has gotten into the air ducts and vents. I have concerns about it being in the walls as well.

We paid to have the mold treated because I certainly can't depend on Gehan, but it will come back if proper ventilation is not installed and I'm still not sure if it could be in the walls.

I am wanting to be reimbursed for the mold treatment. I have the receipts as well as pics and video taken of what they found. I also want attic fans installed, insulation sprayed thicker/better for the humidity, and UV lights installed in duct work to stop mold from returning.

And I do not want Don back in my house.

I'm just really frustrated with the overall experience with Gehan but the fact that I pointed this out to Don two years ago and nothing was done, I'm really aggravated.

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