Geeks on Site / incompetent "tech" being billed for a fix he didn't accomplish

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Do NOT use this service in Dallas. My machine would not boot to Windows, just to BIOS. Geeks On Site sent out a "tech" who immediately started fiddling with the BIOS settings, saw that the HD was not in the boot list (this means that the HD was inoperable), and - decided my machine wouldn't boot because the CMOS (internal clock) battery was dead. I'm not kidding. He insisted on sending us out for a replacement, even though I knew that incorrect time will only affect programs, which couldn't be accessed because the HD was dead. I should have known what was up when he asked me for a screwdriver to open the PC case with because he didn't have one with him.

I had expected him to boot from an external drive and try to run a repair and recovery on the HD. Didn't happen.
The "tech" talked / rambled incessantly the entire time he was here, to the point that I had to go to another part of the house to get away from the nonstop babble. I got the impression that he deals with people who know nothing at all about computers, as he continued to ramble about irrelevancies even after I told him I did software support for 15+ years.

Finally, after the CMOS battery was installed (two hours into the service call and counting), he admitted that he couldn't fix the issue, had me sign an invoice, and left. I signed the invoice just to get him to leave.

I called another computer service tech, who came in, booted the machine from his thumb drive (which I had asked the Geeks On Site "tech" to do as soon as he arrived, but he was too busy messing with the BIOS to listen), verified that the HD was fried by the simple expedient of disconnecting it from my machine's motherboard and hooking it to his laptop with an adapter.
He replaced my HD with a new SSD drive, and again (using his Win 10 bootable thumb drive) downloaded Windows 10 and used my existing Windows 7 Pro key to validate the new O/S.
Total elapsed time? Under an hour, including restoring my system / documents backups.

Now Geeks On Site is calling me and threatening to sue because I refuse to pay for their incompetent "tech"'s inability to do his job.
Good luck with that, fellas.

Jun 20, 2019
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  • Ge
      Aug 19, 2019

    Geeks on Site is a scammer company. They also scammed the time on their own technicians too. One thing you have to understand that their technicians are not their actual employees, they are 1099 contractors and they don't get pay for travel to the customer sites unless the site is above 30 miles away from technician's home. They even charged customer money for the laptop or computer which is only 2 weeks old. Any customer called for hardware support for their new laptop, they should tell customer contact the manufacturer for support if the laptop or PC is under a year old. But Geeks on site just wants your money, they don't care about that. especially the elder person. That is Geeks on site's biggest targets. How do I know because I worked for them, that why I know.

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