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Recently bought a new Nokia N96 from the Carphone Warehouse, who offered me Geek Squad phone insurance free for the 1st month, and then at only £10 every month after that.

I thought this was pretty good, since it covered loss and theft etc, so I went for it.

I recently went to a music festival, with my newly aquired phone, and during the first day of music, put the phone in a side pocket of my bag, which I left in the tent.

I returned in the evening to find the tent ram-sacked, with the phone gone.

So, when I returned from the festival 3 days later, I phoned up the network provider, got them to cancel the sim card etc. and that was fine. I then phoned up GEEK SQUAD to claim on the theft insurance.

I told them that I had been at the festival, without a back-up phone, and once discovered the phone missing, told the security personnel.

Geek Squad got back to me a day later to deny my claim because, and I quote "[I] did not inform [the network provider] or the police within 24 hours of finding the phone stolen".

BECAUSE I WAS AT A FESTIVAL!!! ARGH!! I told them on the phone, when I made my claim, that there WERE NO POLICE at the festival, only security personnel, and neither was there a pay phone with which I could phone the network provider's customer care (if I could have got their number, which would have been hard too). Still they refused to cough up!!

I think it's criminal how they can do this - if I was camping out in the wilderness (I know - there isn't much in England...) and lost my phone, how would I contact the network provider, or the police!?!? IT'S THE SAME AT A FESTIVAL.

So, to conclude, don't go with the Geek Squad if you want your contract to be fair, and their claims advisers to be reasonable, since they seem to be a bunch of tight minded ****s who don't care about anyone's happiness, other than their own.

(I have decided, once I have persued this with their customer services etc. that, if they still refuse, to go to the Office of Fair Trading and sue the pants off the Geek Squad, so I can chore me an even better phone :D )


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    wits-end Apr 12, 2010
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    Geek squad make victims of crime feel like criminals, I was pick pocketed on the bus and because I have had 5 claims in 10 years they wanted to interview me – this would have been fine but then it took 16 days from the report to the day they granted my insurance. During this time I had no access to any of my blackberry services and I had only owned the phone for one month, I have claimed back my access line rental on the basis of not being given a replacement phone asap and I have to wait for a min of 4 weeks for a result. I had to call geek squad to follow up on numerous occasions and it was only after a week they told me I could even have a temp phone. However, when I saw the phone it could only make calls and send texts. Car Phone warehouse has lost it’s lustre and geek squad should be closed, Life line was excellent, you delt with reps in store and they actually gave you advice. NEVER USE THEM THEY ARE OVER PRICED AND HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING FOR WHAT THE VICTIM IS/HAS GONE THROUGH!!! USE THEM AT YOUR PERIL.

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    slippz Sep 17, 2010
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    IF 24 hours was the written company policy regarding theft for your cellphone insurance, then the issue of negligence fall on you... Keep in mind: the company itself did not lose your cellphone, nor did they take it! It is not THEIR fault that any of those situations occurred... You may want to read the fine print before purchasing any future protection plans

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